Chapter 8

Alexis didn't pay attention to the hydrangea bushes carefully maintained in the garden spaced or the orchids that bloomed along the side of the path she stood on. She didn't notice the captivating Bleeding-heart tree that they passed, nor the stray peonies that popped up here and there like a wonderful surprise.

No, she was busy mulling about the Emperors sudden change of behaviour. If the gentle man who cheered her up really existed or maybe the cold, arogant and condescending Emperor was just trying to trick her?

She shook her head after a long while with a sigh.

'Let's not think about that bipolar mess and focus on discovering those bad rumours.'

"How long before we actually manage to see some humans?" Alexis turned to the short green man beside her. Now that she put her mind to it, he was slightly taller than the dwarfs.

'Must be the ogre blood.'

"Oh, well if we carry on walking we should run into some. Humans really like their flowers, you see." He seemed uncomfortable.

"Flowers?" Alexis questioned and then noticed her colourful surroundings and squealed, "Oh my God! This is beautiful!"

"I told you so." Agathus seemed slightly more comfortable as he laughed at the girl who seemed mad with curiosity.

"I've never seen freesia's in real life before!" Her voice was now high pitched like an excited child.

Agathus noticed a familiar figure glancing at them through heavily tinted glass, a few stories up in the looming castle. It was mostly thanks to his ogre blood he could notice this and it made him smile when the blonde man realised he'd been seen and scurried away.

Alexis was so busy rushing around the garden she hadn't realised she wasn't alone anymore.

"My, what's a commoner doing, ravaging the garden like this?" A beautiful voice, with a not so beautiful tone, spoke behind Alexis, shocking her into standing upright and facing the woman.

Green, Blue and Pink.

They were the first thing she noticed and blatantly stared at. Three women, standing before her in rich Victorian style dresses that were of the highest material, clearly, but Alexis didn't notice them but rather, the hair on these people.

The woman who spoke to her had pink hair and eyebrows and beside her, was a woman exactly the same except green and another with blue. 

"Who are you? We shall have you thrown out if you don't answer!" The blue haired woman intervened, disgust etched across her beautiful features.

They were all beautiful and seemed to be having a tea party. Alexis managed to do some quick thinking and made herself a pseudo identity.

"I'm so sorry Madams. I'm a new employee you see and i was captivated by the roses and lost my way" she pretended to be embarrassed.

"Ah, then off with you. Shoo! you stink of commoner scent" the green haired woman spoke.

"Ah, but If it's alright can I ask you beautiful ladies some questions I've been meaning to ask? I haven't found any intelligent looking people yet and you ladies seem to be the only ones." Flattery did get you places. 

The pink haired woman laughed and spoke.

"You have a good eye, ask away then, hurry."

"I've heard some rumours about the emperor I'd wish to confirm, would you know of them?" Alexis smiled so hard her cheeks hurt.

"Oh who doesn't, everyone knows the rumours about that filthy half-breed and it's all true!"

"That's right! That half-breeds sits without a single worth on the throne unlike our Prince Dwayne who deserves every right!"

'Half-breed?' Alexis frowned understanding they didn't like him, but why? Not bothering to question about this Prince Dwayne, she carries the flow to her advantage.

"I heard he's violent?" She spoke as if unsure.

"Violent as one can be! Do you know the countless amount of heads he's slaughtered!"

"The priests even say he can't enter the church!"

"No, Marlene! That's because of his filthy blood" the green haired woman shouted at the blue one.

"Oh, that's right..."

"He killed a lot of people? Where?" Alexis asked.

"Why in the war, of course, you daft girl!" The green haired woman shouted.

"Isn't that where you're supposed to kill people?..." Alexis frowned, 'why was he getting shamed for defending his country? There must be something else!'

"Isn't he a bit arrogant?" She asked and was met with silence.

The women shook their head.

"No he's rather stoic." Said Marlene.

"I'd say docile," said the pink haired woman.

"Not with that face." The green haired woman snapped.

'Someone didn't like him.'

"So he's quiet?" Alexis asked,a bit stunned.

The women nodded.

"Oh so this so where my beautiful girls where hiding!" An old voice croaked, interrupting Alexis' investigation.

"Your highness!" The women shouted in union.

Alexis realised she should leave now and did so, but not before catching sight of a  perverted old man who openly groped the ladies in a hug.

She crinkled her face, writing him off as an important rich man, because otherwise, what would he be?

"Who the heck's that pervert?" She muttered as she left.

"That would be the previous emperor, Daron." A familiar gender-less voice spoke spooking Alexis.

"Agathus! Where were you?" She gasped in surprise.

"I'm sorry Miss, I'm not all too comfortable around humans" he seemed uncomfortable once again.

"No it's better you didn't show up, those women were pretty nasty. Now, let's go back to the castle. I'm drained."

"Of course, this way" the trust-worthy man lead her away in silence and she was left to her chattering thoughts.

'He's violent because he fought in war. That wasn't something she could fix. He's quiet in public, so nobody hates him for his awful personality. And then there was that other thing, a half-breed? Like Agathus?'

Her head started to hurt. And her stomach rumbled. 

‘I’m hungry and I have a headache’ and for Alexis that was the worst time to trigger her.

"I'm surprised you haven't tried to escape miss. Can I ask why?" The green man spoke out amidst their walk, with only the most beautiful flowers listening.

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