The Unwanted Prince

The Unwanted Prince

By:  Nicole_99  Ongoing
Language: English
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A woman runs, holding onto her torso as she keeps glancing behind her. Tears spilling from her already wet cheeks. She catches her breath and screams as the hurt in her chest tore her up internally. "Why... why?!" She cries as her clenched fist hits her broken heart. Her lover tried to rid her of their unborn baby. She was hurt. She felt betrayed. She grew to hate him with all of her being. Still, memories of the love they shared still plagued her. How could she possibly still trust him? And yet, despite her anxiousness, she still held onto a small scale sliver of hope. All she could do now, was to leave him and keep their child safe. *** 16 years passed and there stood a young boy with silver hair and bright amethyst coloured eyes. He smiles at the horizon, staring at the capital city of the country of Enoch. Finally, he was old enough to venture out into the great city. Said to be the largest and most prosperous of the kingdom. He holds firmly onto the hope of an exciting journey as he kissed his mother goodbye. Thinking of all the warning she gave him before his journey could begin. Once in the city, his life changed forever and his perilous struggles began.

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Julia Nora
keep going please, can't wait for the next chapter~ by the way, if you have any social media that I can reach out, please kindly let me know. thank you :)
2021-07-15 12:38:04
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Blue Diamond
this is an amazing book ... author please keep it up ❤
2021-07-15 04:36:01
user avatar
Blue Diamond
very interesting .. truly good story line ... i just started it now ❤
2021-07-14 03:32:28
106 Chapters
A Heartbreaking Memory
A woman lies in bed, snuggling close to her lover. She had luscious brown locks and eyes of sparkling amethyst. She sighed as her lover kissed her forehead and stroked her long hair.The woman's lover had silver hair that made him look ethereal in the soft glow of the moonlight. He looked at her lovingly with his piercing sapphire eyes, as he kissed the tip of her hair before pulling her into his strong arms."I wish everyday could be this way... Don't you?" the woman asked as she lightly stroked her lover's hair, smiling to herself. "I do... But everything will be different soon... There's much to do before I can bring you back with me..." the man said as he rubbed the woman's back softly, his voice a soft murmur.The couple snuggled for a few moments before the man sat up in bed, finding his garments. "I'm sorry my stay was short today. I'll visit you soon... I promise." the man said as he gave one last glan
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A Pleasant Surprise
Diane stayed cooped in her small cottage on the plot of land her father left her before he died. She sobbed and sobbed until she could cry no longer.Days passed from the last time she saw Xander. She knew that he would have had to leave her; but she always wished it wasn't that soon. She stopped in her strides and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes were red and puffy whilst her lips chapped and dry from the lack of water she drank.Diane stared blankly at her reflection as she noticed the day was yet again gone in the blink of an eye. "... I... knew this would happen but..." she muttered to herself as she curled into a ball on her bed; thinking back to the day when she last saw Xander.***A month passed and Diane was getting used to the loneliness yet again, regaining her confidence and stepping out of the comfort of her own home. She smiled solemnly as she swept her porch, mindlessly going through t
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A Resentful Betrayal
Xander did not visit for another two months. Not that it was unexpected but Diane felt lonely. Besides the silence, she could always feel a pair of eyes on her even when no one was around.By now Diane's morning sickness had intensified and a small bump has formed on her torso. She had decided to remove her corset and encourage the growth of her child whilst enjoying her day to day activities.As she was about to head into town, a familiar head of silver appeared shimmering in the distance. Oh! Xander... Diane sighed internally as she smiled, straightening her hair and patting the dust off her dress.As Xander approached, he smiled at her before gently caressing her hair. "It took me longer than expected... but I snuck out to see you..." he said, taking a lock of Diane's hair into his hands before kissing it. "... Oh, Xander... That is fine. I'm just so glad you came." Diane smiled as she embraced him, breathi
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A Fresh Start
"The capital city! WOOHOOO!!!! I'M COMING FOR YOU!" a boy yelled out as he clapped his hands together in a way that could amplify his voice as he shouted from the top of a cliff. "Mikhail! That's dangerous! Your mom is going to kill me if you're not careful!" a girl yelled back at the boy as she ran towards him."I'll be fine. As long as you don't--" Mikhail replied turning around only to be tackled by the girl. "Woah!" Mikhail exclaimed as he lost his balance, slipping off the edge of the cliff. The girl cried out in shock as she clasped her hands against her mouth. "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!" the boy yelled out as he slid to the bottom of the cliff, staring up at the peak.***"That should be more than enough. I think you're just doing that to tease her." another boy said as he stared at Mikhail, holding a rake as he stood lopsided to one side.Mikhail star
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An Unexpected Event
Mikhail skipped joyfully as he hummed to himself. I'm finally heading to the city! This will be so much fun! Mikhail thought to himself before noticing the two familiar faces on both of his sides."Agh! Lucas! Cathy! Wha- why?!" Mikhail exclaimed, surprised as he jumped back. "What do you mean why? We're just heading out to the city today. Isn't that such a lucky coincidence?" Lucas said as his eyes gleamed mischievously.  "Yes. It's a lucky coincidence. I'm heading there to purchase some bread and Lucas is going to buy some axes." Cathy said smoothly. "Wha? Don't we have those in our villa-" Mikhail said staring at them suspiciously before Lucas pushed him from behind towards the village's exit.***The road to the capital city was full of greenery. It was a pretty far distance to walk so Lucas had stopped by his house to grab his family's cart, pulled by his bel
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The Journey Back Home
"...""...""...""..."The silence that hung in the air was intense, hence, Mikhail didn't dare say a thing. The man also kept quiet as if observing something he had never seen before.The two stared at each other for a long while before the otherworldly man decided to break the silence. "You... is this your first time here?" the man asked, making Mikhail snap out of his trance."Whe-... Oh! Ye-yes. Yes! It is!" Mikhail fumbled on his words as his face flushed from embarrassment. The man continued to stare at Mikhail in silence."I see... Then... I presume you do not know me." the man said as he smiled at Mikhail, cocking his head to one side inquisitively."Er... no... I don't..." Mikhail replied. Confused at this question. Am I supposed to know him...? But I can tell he is a big shot from the way he holds himself and controls such a big army... Mikhail thought to himself as he s
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Reunion At Dawn
"Sigh... Goodbye Archen Menoch! I'll be back soon!" Mikhail yelled out from a top the hill Aria showed him yesterday.To think I could only enjoy the capital city for 3 days and 2 nights... Mikhail thought as he lugged his suitcase down the long staircase.***Upon reaching the bottom of the flight of stairs, Mikhail was out of breath and panting. Sweat dripping down his chin as he wiped off the sweat collecting on his forehead with his arm."I don't believe even walking down... Hah... haah... Is this tiring... Is Aria right? Am I that unhealthy?" Mikhail muttered to himself as he tried catching his breath.As he finally caught his breath and calmed down, he took in his surrounding. The beautiful river flowing in the middle, separating the marketplace and the residential area as it flowed gently down a canal with a firm foundation.Mikhail then took the long path home as he walked t
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A Peaceful Moment
"... Xander... how...?" Mikhail's mother asked with a shaky voice as her hands trembled. She looked so fragile almost as if she could break if you were to touch her."... Diane... I... the method was a tad unsavoury but I just... wanted to see you... and... this young man." Xander said as he pulled his gaze from Diane to her son briefly before turning his heated gaze back to her."... ... S... sit down, Your Grace..." Diane said as she instructed Mikhail to pull the chair for Xander. Mikhail quickly wrapped the fragments of the vase in a cloth and tossed them into the bin before rushing towards the dining table.***The trio sat around a small dining table in their quaint home as the awkward silence filled the room. Mikhail looked at his mother then to the man. Both were seated rather rigidly and said nothing to each other."Err... Well, it's nice meeting you. It's a surprise seeing you here right a
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A Distant Memory : Part I
A young man dashed through an alley as men clad in casual wear frantically chased after him. Their faces twisted in anxiousness as they sped down the narrow passage of bricked walls."Please slow down, Your Ma--- Young Master!" one of the man yelled out as he avoided a pedestrian who was walking through the alley, quickly apologising before turning his gaze back to the young man."Why should I? I'm running away aren't I?" the young man yelled back excitedly as he jumped onto the brick railing, quickly making his way across the busy paved road bustling with crowds of people."Young mas---" the voice of the man running after the young man trailed off, drowned off by the sound of the street vendors and customers who were haggling.The young man let out a sigh of relief as he looked left and right, reassuring himself that he had finally lost them.I finally managed to get out of that stuffy palace. Then
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A Distant Memory : Part II
"You work as a florist? How old are you? You don't look old enough to work." the young man asked as he looked at the girl who just grabbed the flowers out of his hands. Her expression unfazed even by his question, acting as if she had never heard him."Are you ignoring me? Seriously...? I!... I came all this way to... see you..." the young man exclaimed exasperatedly as he stared at the girl in a heated manner, heaving as he tried to calm himself down.The girl turned her beautiful violet eyes to his clear sapphire eyes as she studied his face. She cocks her head to the side as the corners of her lips lifted into a sweet smile."Heh... Hihihihi!" the girl burst out into a fit of giggles as she stared at the young man. His face now twisted with a look of confusion as he stared back at her with his bejewelled sapphire eyes."Diane. I'm Diane Orvielle." the girl said as she stretched out her hand towards the young man,
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