The Villainess With No Happy Endings

The Villainess With No Happy Endings

By:  iika  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aurelia Giliam is her name now, what her original was she can’t remember. Her past life comes back to her in a painful headache. She somehow got into the body of the villainess of an otome game she enjoyed playing. This villainess caused trouble left and right for the heroine. But in the end, she always ends up getting abandoned by her family and dying in the end with no one to mourn her death. Now she was this villainess. What shitty luck.This Novel may have some subject that may trigger some people so be cautiousCover made with Picrew -

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Sweet Memories
really nice but it needs to be updated in time to actually be enjoyable!
2021-09-10 10:06:55
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Jess Westmoreland
So far really enjoying this novel! At about chapter 10 and looking forward to see what happens next.
2021-03-30 12:21:29
default avatar
i like it so far! i wanna see where it goes!
2021-02-21 16:28:52
user avatar
I love it! I really want to read more. But the coins are too expensive XC Now I have to wait.... 😭 Keep up the good work author! I support you and your work with all my might! Good luck! And know that there is someone that enjoys your story 😊🥰 Love it!
2020-12-11 12:23:59
user avatar
binubuksan nito ang mga sugat na minsan ng naghilom sa loob ng mahabang panagon.血で血を流したり泣いたりしても、人生は決して楽ではありません。人生には容赦がありません。
2021-08-31 11:56:08
user avatar
Hey! when are you going to update the story?
2021-07-09 02:26:26
default avatar
Maria Catherine
seems like the book is unfinished. been too long since the last update
2021-05-02 06:13:08
34 Chapters
Chapter One – Somehow I Became The Villainess
I could feel my head hurting as I sat up in my bed. My throat felt painful and really dry. For some reason, my eyes felt puffy, as if I was crying. I lifted the covers that were covering me off and put my feet to the ground. As soon as I did that I collapsed onto the floor.  My body felt so weak and my stomach was hurting so much like I haven’t eaten in a while. I was so confused about what was happening. From the corner of my eye, I saw a mirror showing a small figure.  I turned around to face the mirror fully and felt even more confused. The mirror showed a girl in a nightgown, who looked to be ten years old and skinny to the point her cheeks were sunken in. I realize that I had long curly brown hair that reached my lower back. My skin was dark but seemed rather pale as if I haven’t seen the sun in a while.  What drew me in was my dark and seemingly empty brown eyes. It reminds me of my own e
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Chapter Two – The Broken Family
I was laying back onto the hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling, with a dull expression on my face. Mae was still gone and I was growing bored of just waiting. I was going to try to get up from the bed when I heard footsteps coming towards my room.  I looked at the door, expecting Mae to come through the door, but was proven wrong when I realized it was “my father” and “my older brother”. They didn’t have any expression on their face as they stared at me. I just gave them an empty stare back, not caring enough to speak to them. “My older brother”, Erik Giliam, was a serious-looking, glasses-wearing boy. He was two years older than me. Even though he hasn't grown completely yet, he is still a pretty-looking boy. His light green eyes stood out on his tan skin. His brown hair was neatly combed and style adding onto his serious-looking nature.  “My father”, M
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Chapter Three – The Childhood Friend
“Aurelia! I was so worried when I heard you were sent to the hospital! Are you okay? Are you still in pain?” Eli was getting too close to me with that snot covered face so I, not hiding it, move away from him with a disgusted and annoyed expression. Even though his face was so gross looking to me right now I could see how he was “attractive” to Aurelia in the first place.  With a face that still had baby fat, I could see deep blue eyes that I am surprised someone so young has. His light caramel skin went well with his light blonde hair. As I keep on looking at him I notice that his feet were off the ground as he fully lay on my bed. I could see he was currently wearing a white floral dress with white ribbons holding his hair up into pigtails.  He gave off an expression of an innocent child who could never hurt anyone. I narrow my eyes at the thought, feeling my heart tighten as I continue to look at Eli. I c
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Chapter Four – A Child Prodigy
I spent the last few days at my house relaxing and waiting for my body to be at one hundred percent. While I was relaxing I was, unfortunately, visited by my “precious” childhood friend. He would bring me different types of gifts to help me get better.   The servants in my house found it cute how considerate he was being but I could only see him in a negative light. I will never fully trust him. I won’t trust anyone who is involved in a way with my death in the game. I have to be careful around them.    After a few days of me not doing anything, my 'father' sent me my usual tutor to make sure I was being kept up to pace with everything. From Aurelia's memories, she didn’t enjoy studying at all. She could never be good enough in her 'father's' eyes. Only her 'brother' was the perfect child so she always hid away from her tutor and never did her work.   Seeing as I
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Chapter Five – The Figure
It was in the middle of the night and my only light source was a candle that I found in the house. I was sitting in the middle of my bedroom with my black book in front of me. I tried to once again open it but stopped once I realized it wasn’t going to budge.   “Okay... From the books I read on magic and dark magic if I want to get started with it I have to give up something of myself… It must be talking about blood since I don’t know what else I could give up from myself.” I lift a needle that I stole from Mae sewing kit and stab myself in the finger with it.   I held the finger dripping with blood over my black blood and let my blood fall onto it. My blood landed on the book and I looked at it with focused eyes, waiting for something to happen. I was getting irritated when nothing happened after a few minutes and was going to get off the ground when the candle in front of me went out.
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Chapter Six – A Family Dinner
I was standing in front of my huge closet that was in my bedroom. I had a frown on my face when I saw all the bright-looking dresses. I went further into this closet hoping I could at least find something that was dark. I was going to give up hope and grab a random dress from the closet when I saw something that stuck out from the colorful dresses.   Getting the dark clothing from the line of clothes I held it in front of me. It was a black dress with white lines near the end of the dress. I felt satisfied with what I was holding and took it out of the closet with me so I could wear it for dinner.   After I was done picking out my outfit I decided to go back to the black book that my teacher gave me and try to see if I could teach myself a spell. I held the book in my hand for a few seconds before finally opening it. I could feel a small smile on my face when the book opened easily.  When I looke
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Chapter Seven – Villainess Ability
I spent two months in my house slowly expanding my knowledge of the world.  My magic was getting better but it wasn’t perfect. I could still hear that voice appear in my head often but I always manage to push them back down.   I was currently having a lesson with my tutor who was impressed with how much I improve over the two months since I got into this body. He was currently teaching me stuff that was more suited for children who were older than me.   “I am impressed with how you are progressing in your studies. Your magic is above average as well. I wonder if you were able to do this before, why didn’t you?” My tutor was currently looking through assignments he gave me with pleased eyes. I felt satisfied that he was impressed with how I was doing. But it wasn’t enough. Everything had to be better than everyone.   “I was too focused on getting atten
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Chapter Eight – Rival At First Sight
Eli became even clinger after my ‘birthday party’. It is weird to have him always hugging my arm, hugging my waist, and just hugging all over. Is he trying to do something? Also, I am not liking that intense look in his eyes whenever he thinks I am not looking at him.    He would always invite me over to his home so that I could watch him dress up in his clothing. He would even make me choose what he should wear telling me, “I want to dress in a way that you enjoy. Your opinion matters to me after all.”   It didn’t help that he blushed when he said that to me. I don’t know what is happening to him at all. I mean as long as he isn’t trying to mess with me I will, unfortunately, allow this to continue but I am going to figure out a way for him not to always be in my personal space. It gets uncomfortable if he is always close to me.   After my &lsq
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Chapter Nine – My Dog Servant
I was in my house library studying and taking notes of things I didn’t understand so I could ask my tutor to explain it to me when we came at the usual time. I increased my studying time after I met that prick, Colton.   I had to take a deep breath as I remembered him and made sure to get my emotions under control. I don’t want to lose to that dick. I have to keep my studying up so he will not catch up with me. I would rather bite my tongue off than lose to that stuck up dick.   As I was reading through a book on the history of how magic came to be I heard the door to the library open. I didn’t bother looking up, assuming it was one of my servants here to leave me a little snack. After a few minutes of silence, I realized that the person who came into the room didn’t leave and I could feel them looking at me with intense eyes.   Looking up from my book with a little b
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Chapter Ten – A Troublesome Person
I had a cold look on my face as I looked at my ‘father’ who was talking to a group of important-looking nobles. I was at a table with other children who were my age but none of them dare speak to me, too scared by the cold look I was giving.   A cup was placed in front of me and the cold look on my face slowly went away. I look over my shoulder to see Sybil standing behind me with a professional look on his face. Even if I was pissed at my current situation I felt pleased that at least I had one person I could trust with me.    I was currently at a tea party but this wasn’t just any tea party, it was a tea party for children my age to hopefully get engaged to someone from an important family. When my ‘father’ visited me one day and told me I was invited to one I felt like I was going to lose control of my magic due to how angry I felt.   He is already power
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