EYES: Chronicles of a teenage seer

EYES: Chronicles of a teenage seer

By:  Ibisiki Ibifuro  Ongoing
Language: English
3 ratings
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Her life was quiet, reserved and boring and she planned so much to keep it that way until she agrees to read the future of the heir of the biggest gang in Alberta; Beck and her life is turned into a roller coaster of events with the a whole gang on her tail and her life on the line but Beck has sworn to protect her with his life.

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Ibifuro Ibisiki
it's a good book. I really enjoyed it.
2020-09-27 23:21:10
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Ella Peoples
I hate unfinished books. This is a good one but I'll probably never finish it cause I lose interest cause it takes forever for them to continue.
2021-10-03 00:04:38
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Ella Peoples
Just when it's getting really good you hit us hard in the gut!!! OMG! when will it continue?????
2021-09-08 10:19:26
21 Chapters
I was not your usual sixteen-year-old. I am Nigerian Canadian, my both parents are Nigerian, I have been here all her life so I’m Canadian. Grabbed my glasses; they are my eyes, because I cannot see without them. I got into a boring tee-shirt that said VISION and a pair of skinny jeans, I put her frizzy afro curls in a messy bun and so much booby pins to actually make it look really good. Bag, sneakers, books, car keys, out of the house, I said in my head as I grabbed each thing. My
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The moment I came into the parking lot, TB came out of the car, he came towards me.When he was close his eyes were on my eyes which must be red because of the tears. ‘Did he hit you’.‘No’, I replied and kept walking. TB was hot on my trail, he was wondering why I was crying and he wanted answers which I was going to give him, I mean I trust him more than anything in my life
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I was bothered, I wouldn’t survive the noise, the crowded place. How I’m I going to survive going to a party tonight?!‘Hi’, I said and Mom looked up from her computer screen.‘This cant be good?’, she said and I nodded. Mom and I did have talks once in a while, it was hard to forgive her after I spent my summer in a mental facility two years ago but I let go of it. I sat down on her chair in the dimly lit home office just next to the library, the room used to be dad’s room till mom burnt al his clothes and
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When I tried to run, I ran into a girl at my front door. She was wearing dark shades so it was impossible to see her eyes but I knew she was looking down at me.‘I mean, Beckie could have done better’, she said with a sneer. I tried to break loose of her grip but she was stronger than she looked.‘Hi I am sierra’, she said in that not so friendly tone.
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Hey, its been two nights and my life has already taken a drastic turn. Well, remember when I said I would never attend a party?. Well, I did and then I nearly got killed by two people and  they think I am Beck’s hyna that’s some kinda gangster word for girlfriend and now they want to kill me to get to him. Well, that’s pretty much it I guessA knock on my window and I looked up to see Beck. I walked to my  door first and looked out into the hallway.
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‘You would betray me like this like, he killed the girl that I loved’, TB said, he was standing awkwardly at the door.‘Have you noticed that you do the same thing to me every time you talk to anyone at school. They all make fun of me and they are your friends doesn’t that mean the same thing?’, I asked him.‘It’s different, he killed Maggie!’‘No
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Then I ran into the crowded hallways. I walked to my locker to get my books out and when my locker opened a note fell out. This had never happened in all my sixteen years of being a teenage girl. I picked the paper up and looked around to make sure no one saw that. I opened it and the word spilled out of them in my head, I felt dizzy reading, I was so scared I couldn’t lose Rivers like that, I needed to go to Beck and fast. I ran to class and fell into the empty seat in between Beck and one of his friends from earlier.
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NINEI was in the edge of the cliff near our school. It was a wonderful view and I was terrified of height.  I cant lie to you all Alberta was an extremely beautiful city from this view I was almost inlove with it. It felt good to have River in my hand again, she was so scared and clinged my jeans through out the drive to school. “She really missed you”, Beck stated the obvious as he sat beside me at the edge and handed me a bottle of my starbucks coffee.
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 It felt so good to shower the next day and it was just because of the call Beck and I had, I suddenly felt like Cinderella and I was singing all about love on repeat in the shower, my shampoo bottle was my microphone and I had such a lovely and attentive audience, my conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and toothbrush pay so much attention. OMG, I was losing my mind but I was not complaining. I might like someone. Like I have a freaking crush, now I knew and understood how the girls in the movies felt. Like my speaker knew the mood I was in right at that moment, it started blasting Sweet addiction by the queen, Billie Elish. This was the best bath I had ever had, I’m talking since the day I was born, I mean it didn’t feel half this good to have all the blood and mucus from the womb be washed off my skin this good and boy was I
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 I tried to reverse the car but there was another car there. Mom looked terrified. I immediately locked all the doors and waited for my brain to tell me the next thing to do because I sure was running out of ideas.“I know you love this car Mom but we need to make it out alive so we can drive it tomorrow”, I move at full speed and I hit the car behind and then the one in front and then the one behind, this car was going to the repairs for months and then I hit the car in front and the one behind till there was enough space for me to turn the wheels and drive the hell out of there at full speed to Dollarama. I burst into laughter.
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