The Werewolf Kings Mistress

The Werewolf Kings Mistress

By:  Lyndsey  Ongoing
Language: English
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THIS STORY IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL THE BEAUTIFUL SILENCE AND HIS YOUNG LUNA (EXCLUSIVELY ON DREAME) ARE COMPLETE The world of werewolves must remain a secret at all costs. After a great war that almost led to their extinction, human mates were outlawed. Things were peaceful for a time...until they weren't. King Regan Conway is a descendant of the first king. The one who led the werewolves to victory over the humans. He helps to enforce the wolf laws and keep their world a secret. So what happens when he has a moment of weakness and makes a grave mistake? Dominique Lang was your typical woman until she met Regan. Then her life turned upside down and she was thrusted into a world of secrecy. Will she be able to stick with Regan through it all or will she be able to turn her back?

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9 Chapters
Chapter One
Regans POV "Your majesty" a palace omega said bowing their head as they pulled out my chair. I took my seat at the head of the table as the omega pushed it in. Another omega set a plate of food before me on the table as I took the napkin and placed it on my lap. "Good evening dear" My wife and Queen, Claire, said taking her seat at the opposite end of the table. Her black hair was in loose waves that flowed past her shoulders. Her red dress was cut low so it showed off her cleavage. "Good evening" I replied back. Did I love my wife? No, it was a marriage picked out by my parents. When I turned eighteen my parents gave me five years to meet my mate. However luck was not on my side so when the five years were up they selected my wife. Now Claire and I had been married for seven years. She was an excellent queen though and our people loved her. She supported me and took charge when needed. I respected her greatly. 
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Chapter Two
Regans POV I kept my face schooled as I ignored the sparks. It wouldn't do for Claire to figure out who Dominique was. "My name is Regan. This lovely woman is my wife Claire" I said putting my hand behind her back. "Great to meet you both" She said. The bouncer let us all in and we made our way to the VIP table. There were a group of people already there. "Nic!" One of the men yelled and pulled her into a hug. I could feel the rage from my wolf and I took a deep breath trying to calm him. My mate was human, I would never be allowed to have her. I soon realized my anger was misplaced when the man who hugged my mate then kissed his boyfriend, or lover, I'm not sure. "Who is this lovely couple?" Someone else from the table asked. "This is Regan and Claire. There was some sort of mix up with their table so I invited them to join us" She said with a shrug and took a seat. We followed suit and I found myself seated right beside D
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Chapter Three
Dominiques POV We didn't even make it full into my apartment before Regan's lips were at my neck. It felt like heavenly as he kicked my door shut. Regan quickly spun me around so my front was pressed against him. I could smell the champagne on his breath as he brushed against my lips. His lips possessed mine like no one had ever done before. His tongue danced in my mouth expertly as he pulled me impossibly close. As we continued kissing his hand gripped my dress at my lower back. My lungs started to burn as I ran out of air. I pulled back a little bit gasping for air. Regan didn't stop though. His lips moved along my jaw to my ear where he pulled the lobe between his teeth. This caused me to moan and him to growl. "Let's go to my bed room" I said in a sex induced haze. I gripped his hand and we went to my bedroom. Once we reached the room Regan went over to my bed and sat on the edge. He held his hand o
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Chapter Four
Dominiques POV   I smelled the bouquet of flowers one more time before I grabbed my car keys. I slipped on my flats and headed out the door for the open house. I made sure to dress nicely but while still appealing to my students. My dress was a nice minty green color which covered my entire chest. It fastened behind my neck like a halter top and flowed out from under my bust. I paired it with a white thin sweater to cover my arms. My black flats matched perfectly with my purse also. I left my face bare of any make up and pulled my long black locks into a neat pony tail.   After about a twenty minute drive I reached the school. I looked at the brick building and started getting nervous. "You will be fine" I said to myself taking a deep breath. I got out of the car and went to my trunk to grab my box of supplies and decorations for tonight. It was pretty heavy and I stumbled trying to balance the box while getting my keys to
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Chapter Five
Regans POV I needed to leave before my wolf became too attached. I wrote my note for her stupidly, I knew this couldn't happen again. When her door closed behind me softly I put my head against the door and closed my eyes. I'm sorry I apologized to my wolf because I knew this would hurt him. "I, King Regan Conway, reject you, Dominique Leigh as my mate and queen" I whispered and sucked in a breath when I felt the pain of the rejection. I closed my eyes and brought the pair of underwear I had stolen from her drawer to my nose. I took in her scent and felt the pain recede a little. With great effort I pulled myself away from the door as my wolf howled in pain. I called for a car from the palace and they came to pick me up. "Your majesty" the driver said with a low bow. I waved him off and slide into the back seat. I just stared at the building my mate was in. When the driver pulled away I turned to watch it
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Chapter Six
Dominiques POV   "I wasn't expecting you" I said as we walked into my house. I had figured he was like every other man. Just wanted a one night stand and that was it, especially since he was married. "I just had to see you" Regan said. He pulled me flush agsinst him and placed his nose at my neck, breathing me in. I took everything I had not to moan feeling him against me. "What about your wife?" I asked him, definitely dampening the mood. I felt him sigh against my skin and he stepped away.   "She doesn't have to know" Regan said staring into my eyes. It felt like he was looking into my soul. Seeing every doubt, every insecurity, every worry. "I don't know Regan. I was a little hesitant the first time. However when you said she was okay with I thought fuck it" I told him as his face went back to my neck. "I don't feel comfortable going behind another womans back like this" I said trying to get out of his arms.  
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Chapter Seven
Dominiques POV I woke up the next morning exhausted. I barely slept after Regan left, I just tossed and turned. I finally threw the covers off of my legs and shuffled my way into the kitchen. I made a pot of coffee and some breakfast. I leaned against the counter as I stared at my dining room table. The same table that Regan went down on me, the same table where we fucked me...then left. I really needed to cut this thing off before I got hurt. Even though I had only seen him twice, I felt strange with him. Like even though we had only met twice it felt like I knew him. I shook my head with a sigh and brushed off the crumbs from my toast. I need to get out today, that should help take my mind off of him. I pulled out my phone and scrolled throug my news feed for a little bit looking for something to do. Luckily I stumbled upon an article for an art show in town "Perfect" I said to myself before finishing my coffee. 
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Chapter Eight
Dominiques POV   I hung the painting in my room just like I had told Cyrus. I stared at the painting admiring it with a smile. It was really sweet of him to make this for me. It was odd because it looked so familiar for some reason. I noticed that during the night the eyes glowed which was cool yet very creepy as well. I'd have to ask Cyrus how he did it the next time I saw him. I went to the kitchen and made myself some dinner and nestled into my couch for the night.   I put on a romantic comedy movie with my food and a glass of wine. I had just gotten to the part that always make me cry when there was a knock on my door. I wasn't expecting anyone so I was weary of answering it. I took a tissue and wiped my eyes before looking through the peephole. "Shit" I muttered to myself seeing Regan standing there.   I pulled my bathrobe tighter around me as I opened the door. "Hey I didn't know you were coming over" I sa
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With a Heavy Heart
Hello to all of my amazing readers! First off I want to thank each and every one o you who have supported all of my stories and have stuck around for so long. You have no idea how much your support has meant to me through my time as an author truly. I am greatful to each and every person who has spent money through this app to read my work and left comments (even negative ones). To know that there are people who were actually interested in what I had written still blows my mind. As you know I haven't updated this story in a while. First I was stuck in a week or week and a half long bought of depression. I've struggled with that and anxiety ever since I was in high school, I just didn't know what it was at the time. I have been on medication which helps however I just get into this little rough patches where I just don't want to do anything. Not clean my house, cook any food, not write, nothing. It sucks a lot to be honest. Then I was so happ
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