The Witch's Wolf

The Witch's Wolf

By:  Insect  Completed
Language: English
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Shapeshifters, werewolves, lycans, vampires, and witches. Eloise had always felt her life was pointless. She'd been born into servitude and could only see her eighteenth birthday as a way to escape. Little did she know her life would very rapidly change and she would be caught up in a web of lies. Her life only becomes more complicated when she shifts for the first time and realizes she is mated to two very dangerous men. Gerwulf Krause, the ruthless rogue Alpha. Julian Aubert, a pure blood vampire and son of the vampire king. As the web of lies starts to slowly untangle she's left in a hard situation full of difficult decisions and one question on her mind. Will she be able to have both or will one leave?

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A great read! I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to starting the second one :)
2023-02-05 02:56:43
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Michaela Boaz
Who is Silas’s mother at the end of the book???
2023-01-31 22:40:57
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2022-09-28 06:24:56
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I enjoyed reading this......️
2022-08-05 22:22:38
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Donna Wyatt
loved this story canr wait yk read love the hellhound
2022-01-20 09:24:21
user avatar
Jessica Lorrie Bai
love it so far
2021-09-10 17:04:10
51 Chapters
5 Years Earlier  "Are you sure we won't get caught?" Eloise nervously asked, looking around the empty attic as if somebody would emerge from the shadows at any moment. Gerwulf smiled at her, his honey eyes calming her childish fears instantly.  "Of course we won't. Everybody should be on the lower floors," Gerwulf snickered to himself, elbowing her gently as he took her hand. He lead her across the room to their secret hideout, a door hidden behind years of clutter that had been forgotten by previous alphas. Eloise helped as they quietly pushed the old door open.  Eloise watched in amazement as Gerwulf waved his hand, all the candles they had managed to sneak over the years instantly lit. Chalk drawings and books littered the room, showing the progress of their friendship. This was their safe space to speak freely and for Gerwulf to practice his magic.  
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Ch. 1
My alarm sounded loudly, reminding me of my obligations in the day. I sighed hard, snaking my hands from the blanket and grabbing my phone to turn it off. "Eloise you need to wake up. You know Delmar hates being left waiting," my mother's voice warned from the other side of the door. She was right, he had quite the temper.  I swung my legs over the side of the bed and rubbed my eyes sleepily as I walked to the tiny worn down closet. People in my faction didn't have much. We didn't have the space or money for many possessions. I reached in pulling out a grey shirt and faded denim skinny jeans I'd owned for a few years now. Another yawn escaped my lips as I laced up my worn out black boots.  "Eloise!" My mom yelled, causing me to roll my eyes as I quickly went to the mirror and started to brush my hair. It was barely to my shoulders. After.... him , Luna Hylda and Alpha Finn cut it off. They used it as a way to shame
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Ch. 2
The rest of the school day had flown by, and I had retrieved Delmar front the entrance leading him back to the pack house. He threw his backpack at me as we entered his room. I barely caught it and gently placed it onto the hook next to the closet.  "Your birthday will be here soon, right?" He suddenly spoke and I froze in place looking at him warily as he sat on his bed. "Yes master... in four days," I almost whispered, unsure why he was bringing it up.  His lips twitched in a smirk almost as he relaxed back onto the plush mattress and propped his head up," any ideas who your mate might be?" I felt my body stiffen as he reached out, trailing fingers onto my lower back and landed at my ass giving a quick squeeze. I had become numb to his advances. He was truly a pig. Things had only gotten worse since last year when he'd come of age and had no luck finding his mate. It was never easier knowing if he truly wanted to
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Ch. 3
"Eloise," a ghastly voice whispered into my mind. My eyes shot open, staring at Julian who was now knelt next to my bed. "Hey there sunshine. Hurry up and take this pill before your mom wakes up." I opened my mouth to protest but he just tossed it into my mouth and covered it with his hand. I swallowed it beginning to cough and watched as Julian turned into a big cloud of smoke. Tiny little squeaks erupted as a milky white bat stared at me, it's piercing golden eyes letting me know he'd transformed to hide. He quickly crawled to my hand, impatiently nudging me as he tried to gain entrance to the blankets to hide. My eyes softened as I instead picked him up, my cutesy voice coming out," look at you! You're so... so adorable! With those big goofy ears and pretty fuzzy fuzz." I let out a few awws, pinching and poking at his cute little face. Julian began to squeak at me in protest, surely cursing my existence if I had been
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Ch. 4
My eyes were fixated on my hand as I worked to gather the few things my parents kept secret in their bedroom. I was a very feeble person, hurting me wasn't hard to do. However, I was quite confused by the way that Julian had reacted," what... uh why did you bite me like that?" He sat on a small chair in their room,"the scent of your blood called to me. It tasted like the sweetest of candies... Eloise are both of your parents werewolves? Is there anybody in your bloodline that has mixed origins?" Julian's face grew serious and I shook my head quickly," no, my family has been indentured servants for generations. I don't know much about my first ancestors here, only that they owe a debt my family will never be able to repay. Whatever they did was so bad that the Alpha and Luna aren't even allowed to speak of it." He studied me hard before gracefully getting to his feet and pulling me closer to him again," you know a vampire
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Ch. 5
The medic left to give us privacy to catch up. I happily ate. We shared the cake as I felt too full to finish it. It had been so long since I'd seen my friend that I was overcome with happiness. I had spoken more to him in the last few hours than I had in years. Gerwulf told me of the creation of the Ash Walker pack and how he'd struggled in the beginning. His pack had been mainly composed of rogues he felt he'd trusted in the beginning. Now they had a beautiful town, and he'd begun expanding the territory. I didn't have to be told to know that meant he'd absorbed the packs he'd defeated. I knew he would change either from being an alpha or living a rogue life but a part of me hoped he'd always be a gentle soul. My skin started to itch and I became uncomfortable. It felt like I couldn't sit still at all. Gerwulf glanced down at his watch, letting me know it was closing in on midnight. He gently scooped me up, and hastily walked through the c
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Ch. 6
'What?!' I screamed at my wolf. Surely there was no way. 'Mate! He is also mate!' Praline began loudly howling. Yeah, it made things make much more sense... but she had to be wrong. Everybody around me spoke to him trying to get him to calm down, all attempts in vain. Even the voice of Gerwulf did nothing. He ran to the front where we were standing barrelling himself against it over and over again. Julian's shaking figure breathed deeply. His warm breath looking like smoke in the cool night air. His yellow eyes glowed like a demon as he stared at me. I whimpered, feeling my heart rate speed up at his intense stare. 'Touch him. It will comfort him' my wolf urged. I slowly reached out a shaking hand. Gerwulf was far too distracted to notice as he was barking orders to the guards to sedate him. As soon as my palm touched his cheek his body r
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Ch. 7
Julian was the first to move, turning his head as if he wanted to kiss me again but I quickly moved my face to the other side. This was the worst place possible for something like that. "What.... in the... fuck?" Simon was the first to speak up. Confusion was etched into everybody's faces as they watched Julian return affection being turned into a giant kitten again. His loud purring erupted and I smiled as I went along with it scratching behind his ears and making baby sounds at him. Vance began uncontrollably laughing, and not long after Dietrich followed. Simon dared to get closer as he pulled out his phone all to happy to record Julian's purely blissfully smiling face and cat like purring. "Julian weren't you just calling yourself a killing machine last week?" Beth managed to speak between laughs, holding onto her pregnant belly as she wiped tears away. I just smiled more, re
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Ch. 8
We'd talked for hours, the night droning on as the TV in the background barely even mattered anymore. Halfway through whatever movie was playing we had stopped paying attention. Instead I had my hot blooded Alpha on top of me hungrily kissing away at my neck. I was a mess of moans and panting. Never in my life had I felt this absolutely stuck with a feeling of desire. His lips were warm against my skin as he sucked and nipped teasing me where I knew his mark would go. He'd made it very clear his intentions of mating as soon as we could. I sucked in a ragged breath feeling his hands travel down my body as he tried his best to remove what little clothing I had decided was good enough for bed. He ripped my panties and pajama bottoms off in one swipe, only caring to push the top up and completely expose my chest before his hand made warm circles on my skin dipping lower and lower towards my womanhood. "Please be gentle with
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Ch. 9
I had hurt him, he felt it all. My parents always told me it was an agonizing feeling for any mated and marked wolf to feel their other being unfaithful. Gerwulf's face was filled with anger, trying to disguise the hurt that he was feeling. The flood gates opened and I put my head into my hands, not wanting to cry while I looked at him," I couldn't... I couldn't push him away. It's like my mind wanted to but my body was physically incapable." Anger slipped through my voice. Gerwulf's eyes turned black slowly and he turned his back to me beginning to pace. His arms and hands kept moving, sometimes rubbing his hands through his hair and other times pulling it. He was fighting with his wolf, whatever was being said was angering them both. It seemed even years later his wolf was powerful enough to slip through and take over. I watched for a few minutes as he paced the room, becoming more sporadic. It was
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