The World isn't as Ugly nor Beautiful as You Think

The World isn't as Ugly nor Beautiful as You Think

By:  desope  Ongoing
Language: English
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When I have a pen in my hand and paper before me, I think I want to write something to cast every despair in my pathetic life away. I have a figure of a depressed guy whose fate is too much: saving the world. He is not stupid nor even smart, he is not ugly nor even good looking. He is just a nijikon (A person who loves an anime character more than the real one) like me. He once thought to give up on life, but an event changes his life. I'm sure you guys start guessing how the story goes, but too bad, this one is different than the others.

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Julia Nora
this book makes me want to read more. please keep updating, author-nim. by the way, do you have any socmed that I can reach out?
2021-07-19 16:45:33
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
The synopsis looks intriguing, I can't wait to read it because I'm sure it's going to be amazing. The title really drew me in. I'm excited to start reading ♥️
2021-03-06 18:24:59
73 Chapters
Have you ever dreamed of a hero?What does he look like?Is he strong?Is he muscular?Is he strong?Is he good looking?Does he have great bravery?Does he show his underwear off?Most of us must have the same vision of such a weird hero eh? But, this book won"t tell such a guy.But, I have a figure of a hero on my mind. He"s not too strong not even good-looking, he"s not stupid not even smart. Seriously, he"s the protagonist of this simple story, and just in case, I'll take a part in this story as well to make sure the protagonist won"t mess the story up as I concern."Hey, you idiot! Hurry up! I've prepared myself for a long time, you moron!" Someone exclaimed behind me.Oh, that"s the protagonist. Well, please enjoy this simple story. Have fun reading. Oh, for your information, at glance, you will be confused why I use present tense on this story, normally a narrative will use past tense instead of the
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“What?! What do you mean?!” Alfi asked in shock.“You are Alfa! The protector of the world I have been looking for!” Kartika explained.Alfi is confused about what the hell is going on. Then he unbuttons his jacket and takes it off. Now he just wears a plain white T-shirt (Don”t worry, he still wears his jeans.)He tries to take a breath for a while and asks the bowing Kartika. “What do you mean? Please tell me!”“Raise your head Kartika, please tell me what happened!” He added.Kartika gets up and back to her seat before him. Kartika still doesn’t believe what she has seen back there. She grabs the cup before her and has a drink trying to calm her down.“Well...” She said putting the cup back. “There”s a prophecy from the ancestors, once, back to the centuries and a dozen years ago....”"Curse you, stupid author." Alfi thought irritated.
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A Reason?
“Is that so?” Taye insulted Alfi.Alfi is staring at him in anger.“Megumi, do me a favor, will you?” Alfi said firmly.“With pleasure dear” Megumi answered.“Shut up!” Taye said. “Colok Api! (Fire Stick)” He exclaimed launching some wood sticks that have been covered by fire from his palm.Alfi bends his big arm, his Iru absorbs all of the sticks and lets them enter it.“If it”s all about imagining things...” Alfi said. “Then...” He said swinging his arm launching those fiery wooden sticks which have been powered by his Iru back to Taye. “I will take it seriously!” He said firmly.“Do you think such a trick will do?!” Taye asked arrogantly swinging his satay fan to stop those empowered fiery wooden sticks.All of them are getting slower.But...“Pelontar Gelombang Kejut (Shockwave Bullet)!&rdquo
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“Anyway,” Alfi said. “Do you know how strong the opponent whom we will fight against is?” He asked.“Yes,” replied taking the box which she found on the last battle out from her pocket. “This Driver shows the information about our next opponent. (Let’s just go with ‘driver’ OK?)” She added.“Really? Tell me!” Alfi asked.“Alright. Height: 165 cm, weight: 56 Kg, zodiac: Virgo, favorite food: seblak basah (spicy and salty deep-fried chips, really famous in Indonesia).” Kartika explained.“Cut the crap! I don”t need such information!!” Alfi exclaimed irritated.Kartika laughs out loud and in amazement, she says, “Why so serious? Just chill out! I wonder why it shows such information as well.”“Huh, it does?!” Alfi asked in amazement.“Yup.” Kartika replied checking her driver (since Taye is dead
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Please Give Women Some Respects
Kartika is shocked seeing Alfi like that, so is Herman.“Alfi! Please! Do something!” Kartika yelled at him in panic.Alfi remains silent. No matter how hard Kartika yells at him, he doesn’t move for an inch. Deep down in his heart, he wants to protect them both and fight Anggun, but his body refuses to do so.Megumi looks shocked seeing Alfi on such a blue face.“Alfi! Don”t tell me....” When Megumi is going to continue her talk, suddenly Kartika gets hit by Anggun”s Hantaman Vital (Vital Hits).Those diamond shards directly hit Kartika”s vital points like heads, knees, arms, epigastrium, tummy, and heart that Cakra vanished back to her pendant since it”s a really strong blow that Kartika can”t use her Iru nor even stand up.“Kartika!” Alfi exclaimed in panic.“Hantaman Vital (Vital Hits)!” Anggun exclaimed taking the chance to attack Alfi.Meg
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Running...Alfi is running...He is running as he can even though he is extremely exhausted.“Mom!”“Dad!”“Bunga!” (Literally meaning: flower)“Anto!”Alfi keeps running and yelling like that that he gets tripped and dropped.Alfi tries to stand up, but he just can”t. He can”t move his legs. Alfi looks so paranoid that he drips his tears.“Damn!” Alfi yells hitting the ground with all of his might.Alfi starts crying.“Where are you guys?! Why did you leave me?! What is my fault?!!” Alfi shouted crying.Suddenly, there is a black mist falls from the sky and surrounds him. Alfi can”t breathe. With the power he has left, he tries to turn his head to the sky since he hears a voice that he knows well.“Alfi...” That”s what he hears.Alfi looks dying now, he tries to keep his eyes ope
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Herman is in the training room shooting his nails to those wooden puppets which move fast and randomly from every direction.Herman keeps shooting his nails, but none of his nails hits one of those puppets. Herman looks upset because he feels that he is useless for his friends
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My Friend
Silence.It”s total silence.None of them moves for an inch.Roni”s body is lying there.Kiki suddenly reminds the moment they met for the first time.They met when they were in primary school. Kiki, at that time, was an introvert who was always bullied. One day, Kiki was sitting on his chair to avoid any eye contact afraid of being bullied. And then, a boy walked towards him.“Hi, Kiki!” He greeted Kiki.Kiki didn’t reply to the boy, he just glanced at the boy and bowed his head back to his La-la-land.“My name is Roni. Let”s play!” He asked Kiki.Kiki raised his head and turn his head to Roni.“You want to be my friend?” He asked anxiously.Roni smiled at him and gave him a hand.“Of course, friends must care for each other, right? I don”t have any friends, just like you. Therefore, let”s befriend! I don”t want to s
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Situ Buleud has turned into a vast lake. Alfi and friends are standing on Alfi”s magic curtain which has turned itself into a surfer board.“Kartika! Herman!” Alfi said holding their waists tightly. “Let”s jump!” He added jumping with them.Alfi takes his magic curtain and throws it back, it flies in and out of the water consecutively to form some isles around Kiki. It keeps forming isles so Alfi and friends can have some space to move to defeat Kiki.Alfi and friends land on one of the isles. Kartika goes as far as to strangle Alfi strongly.“You perv! How dare you touch my waist like that!!” Kartika enraged“Hey, I am trying to think about how to defeat him. And this is the only way I can do.” Alfi answered out of breath.“Creating isles as platforms? You are so smart, Alfi!” Herman said amazed.“You should have told me to jump! Don”t just touch and
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Dark...Silence...Those mysterious 6 are taking a seat around that wide hexagonal table.“We’ve lost 3 persons.” The blue one said.“We have to do something! I just can’t take such disgrace!” The red one said mad.“And their new member, Herman has succeeded to summon his Ribo. And he’s getting stronger that he can break Kiki’s thick skin.” The yellow one said.The green one looks tingling.“What’s wrong?” The blue one who sits next to him asked.“Nothing.” The green one replied."So you’re in eh? I’m looking forward to it!" He said in his mind.“Well, let’s continue shall we?” The yellow one said. “Alfa currently has mastered the third holy weapon, Duy-Duy and we can’t let him master any weapons any more than this. Otherwise, he will be a big threat to us.” He added.&ld
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