The lost Goddess and her mysterious Alpha

The lost Goddess and her mysterious Alpha

By:  lovelyfan  Completed
Language: English
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“Hmm... Rhea, is it? Nice name.” I froze as I heard the husky voice, and I felt tremors running down my spine. I slowly raised my head and met the bluest eyes I had ever seen... Bluer than the ocean… So blue that they seemed to twinkle like twin pools of sapphire. I ran my eyes over his entire figure. He was wearing a suit but didn’t look like the typical businessmen. For one thing, he was not clean shaved, and had a five o’clock shadow on his face. And I couldn’t figure out if his hair was stylishly messed up, or he just didn’t bother to do anything with it at all. Either way, it looked good. Too good! And those lips.. I was brought out of my fantasies when those oh so kissable lips turned up into a smirk. Uh huh! I bit my lips, trying to bring myself out of the lust-filled haze I was falling into. There was just something about him, something so magnetic that I was losing all control of my thoughts. There seemed to be an aura of power and danger surrounding him. If I didn’t know any better, the one word I would say was ‘otherworldly’... but I knew better and just stopped myself in time from uttering the words ‘What are you?’. ------------------- From the day she woke up without memories two years ago, Rhea had always thought she was a normal human girl. What happens when she realises she was never a human, but a goddess? Suddenly her once boring life becomes all too exciting when she finds herself in the middle of Gods, demons, and a mysterious wolf protector. Add a handsome stranger whom she can’t seem to get her mind away from, Rhea is in for a lot more than she bargained for...

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Amy G
Fun book that was an easy read.
2023-06-08 23:05:52
default avatar
Lindsey Steinbach
LOVED this book! & the writing! I actually laughed a lot through this book, so thank you for that. The characters were easy to love also.
2023-02-14 00:57:45
default avatar
Natalie Fenn
Bit of a long winded read, lots of filler sentences, only at chapter 15 and already changed from a wolf to a tiger, either needs to re-edit the book and fix mistakes or remove from warewolf genre not worth the money spent so far, but will give it couple more chapters to see where it goes
2022-09-21 19:11:59
user avatar
Linda Garza
great book
2021-08-14 00:21:21
user avatar
Sandie Cheney
I loved this book. I think I could reread this in a month or so.
2021-08-08 08:26:53
default avatar
Angel Umali
I enjoyed reading this ❤️. A good start. The first book. And more to come...
2021-03-10 02:21:57
user avatar
lesley bailey
Loved reading every minute of this book.. Just couldn't put it down.. Thank you #lovelyfan for creating this book.. 😁.. X
2021-02-10 00:04:10
user avatar
Angel Ray
loving this
2021-01-23 16:11:55
user avatar
Winona Hall
Wonderful cover
2020-12-29 21:22:02
default avatar
Love it can’t wait for another book maybe a follow up on the daughter or continue of the couple. Thank you! Especially during this crappy time!!!
2020-12-18 00:57:50
user avatar
Hello all! This book is now complete!
2020-12-01 01:31:03
user avatar
Silver wolf ?
Omg I love the ending!! 😍 except the morning breath part 😛
2020-11-30 22:40:20
default avatar
good read. cant wait for more
2020-11-24 05:08:49
user avatar
exciting to read her adventures!
2020-11-24 00:46:19
user avatar
Love the blurb
2020-11-22 22:59:43
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93 Chapters
 Rhea’s POVI felt something crawling up my hands. It was irritating to tell the least, and I swatted at it. I opened my eyes angrily once I felt that I could not go back to sleep and looked for the culprit. I screamed like a little girl when I saw that it was a rat.I crawled backwards and after a moment of staring at me with its beady eyes, the little monster scrambled away. I sighed in relief and then paused. Wait, what was that foul smell? I sniffed myself and found that I didn’t smell that bad, well, maybe a little, but nothing like the offensive smell that was assaulting my olfactory senses at the moment.Wait, where was I again?It was dark and squinting my eyes; I looked around. I was shocked when I saw that I was in an alley near a dumpster.What was I doing here? How did I end up sleepi
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 Rhea’s POVThe day after I woke up without any memories, I started working as a waitress in the club. I was willing to accept lower wages since I didn’t provide any credentials, but the owner was very sympathetic of my situation and offered to put me in the same pay grade as others as long as I was good in the job. The other waitresses were very friendly, and they volunteered to train me. For the first few days, I was hopeful that my memory would come back any moment. But soon, I realized that it was not going to happen. Frankly, I didn’t care because this life was good. Strangely, I had a fear that it wouldn’t be entirely good for me if I remembered my past life. This fresh start may be just what I really needed. Sometimes, forgetting was a boon, and I felt that this new life was a boon to me.The days went
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After my shift ended, I checked on Joanna. She seemed a little shaken up, but otherwise fine. Then, she left with Claire, another waitress who lived in the same block as her. After they left, I bid farewell to Sara, who stayed later than everyone else as usual. Besides being the bartender, she handled the closing too, so she was the last to leave after closing the bar.I took the can of pepper spray in my hands from my bag and started walking towards my home. As I walked, I thought of what happened earlier in the club. I didn’t know if it was just the lights playing tricks on my eyes or if I really saw the black mist flying from my hands into Eric’s mouth. But then again, no one else seemed to see it, and nobody seemed to think of Eric’s condition as anything else other than the aftereffects of his drinking. So, maybe it was just that and I didn’t have to worry about any sudden supernatural powers.. I laughed to myself. I was being ridiculous. If I could just wish and get things done,
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  The next day, I woke up with the feeling that something huge was about to happen. Sometimes, I got such vague feelings and often they became true. Since I already thought myself to be weird enough without adding such freaky feelings, I had learned to ignore them. So, I brushed off my feelings and got about the day as I normally do. When it was time to leave to the club, I brought Morris to Mrs. Blake’s house. She welcomed him with a warm smile and started cooing at him in a baby voice while he settled into her arms with a proud demeanor, welcoming her attention. Well, he had turned into a pampered prince by now. Mrs. Blake took well into her cat sitter duty than I expected. I left them both to their business with a smile and left her house. On reaching the club, I was greeted with the sight of my coworkers buzzing around like bees. It appeared as if we hav
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Rhea's POVHis sapphire blue eyes were glowing with passion as he beckoned me over. I walked over to him like a marionette puppet whose strings were being pulled. Without even pausing to think, I walked over to him. His crooked smile was doing things to my insides. It felt as if someone was doing acrobatics in my stomach. It was not just some butterflies fluttering over there for sure.My breathing grew heavy as I reached him, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his lips. From the moment I met him, I wanted to taste those lips and see if they were as soft as they looked. Now that I was this close to him, I couldn’t help but lean towards him slowly while I drowned in those gorgeous blue eyes. Our lips were about to meet when I woke up with a start as I felt someone scratching my belly. I opened my eyes to see Morris standing on the bed and pawing at me to get my attention. Once he was sure that I was awake, he jumped from the bed and wa
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Rhea's POVI stared in fascination at the gorgeous chick in front of me. She had her long auburn hair in a braid and her strange but pretty silver eyes were narrowed in my direction.What fascinated me the most was not her looks, but the fact that she was wearing a knee-length black and silver tunic and a black leather armour vest. She carried a bow and arrows too. Everything looked real and if they were props, they were damn good ones.Overall, she looked as if she has appeared straight from the cover of a fantasy book.  And she popped up in the middle of my living room?I liked to read fantasy books, and maybe recently I read books with characters like these. I racked my brain to find if I had ready any with gorgeous huntress heroines but couldn’t remember any.I blinked again and pinched myself. I had a helluva fine imagination, but it was time to wake up from this crazy dream. I yelped when I felt the pain from the pinch.  Okay,
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Rhea's POV The next day, I woke up feeling tired. I couldn’t sleep till late into the night because of the excitement I felt. When I finally slept, I kept dreaming about Gods and powers. As I thought of the events of the last night, I chose the path of denial. I decided that I should just blame my overactive imagination. Accepting myself as crazy was better than the alternative that was believing that mythical beings that should have stayed in just books and films existed in real life. I could live as a crazy human, but I didn’t want to be a Goddess. I mean, I was the least Goddess like woman among all the ladies I had known in the last two years. I admit, I was pretty enough to be one though. I laughed at my own joke and rolled my eyes. This was what would happen when you are alone with just your own company for too long. You would talk to yourself and laugh at your own jokes. Not to forget, you would start imagining Goddess friends popping up in you
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Rhea’s POV I stood still as I pondered the options I had. I could either run screaming for my life as any sane person in my situation would do, or I could try the martial arts I learned to fight them. As it had already been established that I was not a sane person, I chose to try and fight them. But before that, I gave one last chance to my theory of denial. Slowly, I pinched myself to see if I was really awake. I flinched when I felt the pain. I guess I shouldn’t have pinched that hard. I rubbed my hand as I stared at the shadow creatures. As a last resort, I closed my eyes and stood for a moment before opening my eyes. I blinked when I saw that the creatures were still there and they were closer than before. Well, it was worth a try. I sighed as I realised that there was no way out of the mess other than trying to fight. I wouldn’t go down without a fight. If these things thought that they had an easy prey, they are going to realise the hard way that they had it wrong. I dropped
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Rhea’s POV I reached my apartment, but I couldn't remember walking home. My body must have been on autopilot mode while my thoughts wandered over. I had a bath in hot water and felt my tense muscles relax. My body was aching and even after the bath, I felt as if I came from a war zone. Well, I kind of did. After I settled on the couch with Morris, and got a moment to breathe freely, the events of the night registered in my mind. Until then, it was as if I was having an out of the body experience and I was watching it all happening to someone else. Now, in the safety of my home, with my trusted companion, it was settling in that I really had fought demonic creatures, and a wolf, of all things, came to my rescue. Not to forget the demonic creature I had a date with! And most importantly, I used powers? In the heat of the moment, while fighting for my life, it felt like a good thing when I suddenly manifested the ability to throw black mist and fling dem
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 Rhea's POVThe next morning, I woke up feeling tired. I was so confused and stressed by the events of the day that I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. It was late in the night when I finally fell asleep, and even then; it was a restless sleep filled with dreams. I couldn’t remember the exact details of the dream other than the fact that it seemed to be otherworldly. I had been having such dreams from as far as I could remember, but I never paid much heed to it thinking they were just dreams. Now, I was not so sure. I had the feeling that there was more to it. Maybe they were glimpses of my forgotten past. Maybe I was really a Goddess in that world...I felt the beginning of a headache and got up from the bed with a yawn. I guessed that I would have to get used to sleepless nights at the rate things were going. I really needed a cup of coffee before I could act like a human rather than the zombie I was feeling like. I start
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