The lost alpha princess

The lost alpha princess

By:  Jl10  Ongoing
Language: English
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Scarlet knight is a seventeen year old werewolf and just moved into a new pack called the Blood Moon where the royal family was murdered by a Alpha rouge named Connor. Derek Kane is the Alpha of a new Blood Moon pack and was happy to have new pack members. But one day he finds out there is a traitor amongst them and now they are both faced with life and death and one move can end end their lives.

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Myths from Alpha and Luna

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M.J. Brundu
its a good story. alot of spelling errors. needs more in depth explanation on things. story ended too quickly. could have been a way longer book! good effort! p.s. their adopted daughter should have turned out to be Elijah's mate! could do a book 2 about that! just a suggestion! :)
2021-11-21 12:59:23
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Heather Dotson
It was a good book I loved every bite of it.
2021-07-11 10:34:51
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Kelly Wernowski
love the story line it a fantastic way to start the first book very impressive congratulations can't wait to see more
2020-12-29 10:34:08
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hey guys this is my first book ever to wright so please be mindful thank you and i hope you injoy
2020-12-17 09:20:06
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Emmanuelle Godefroy
Nice story, but a bit disappointed by the end which is wrapped up very rapidly
2021-07-28 16:32:14
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Jamie Niemeyer
loved the story. it does have a few grammar and spelling errors.
2021-01-25 02:25:27
user avatar
Cornelia Smart
I Love reading, a lot of spelling errors
2022-02-17 01:47:31
15 Chapters
INTRO Scarlet:"Scarlet come on we need to go or we will miss our flight!" "Coming mom I'm just grabbing my suitcase!"Well this is it I'm finally leaving for America mom just got a job at some company which means that I have to move from Australia to America witch I don't mind well kind of. "Ok I'm coming now mom!""Oh about time" mom laughed "really mom I'm not that slow reamber I'm the fastest one in the pack" I smiled at her.We are moving to a new pack house in the blue mountains I'm excited but also nervous I've heard stories about that pack about how ruthless alpha can be. His name is Derek Kane and he is the new alpha of the blood moon pack. ok so let me intoduce my self my name is Scarlet Knight I'm a seventeen year old who is a wherwolf and I ended up shifting early at the age of fifteen witch you are not meant to shift untill at the age of eighteen. When I first saw my wolf she was stu
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Derek:For some reason my wolf Haze has been going nut's all morning and he wont tell me why he just keeps telling me that something good is going to happen. I told my bata Mark who has been my best friend since we where born to hurry up and finshed the preparations for our new pack members Allison and my farther have been friends for thirty three years Allison her husbend Micheal and their daughter Scarlet are moving into the pack house today.All of a sudden there was a knock on my office door."Come in" and in comes my bata Mark"Alpha they have arrived""Fuck they ant meant to be hear for at least four more hours"Shit shit shit i told him to warn me a hour before hand fuck!I have'nt even showered from training yet fuck. I'm twentey year's of age and I still have'nt found my mate yet its getting on my nerves and that what I have been sitting hear thinking about I need to find her i need to find my mate. It has been two years since I shi
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DEREK:As soon as we where setteled unpacking her stuff I just could'nt take my eye's off of her the way how perfectley her body was cerved her hair wraping around her waist. My wolf Haze was telling me not to mark her yet for some god know's reason."Haze what has gotten into you? You are acting strange and plus why the fuck cant I mark her?"Haze just snickerd and went into the back of my mind "You're a dick Haze"And then I was brought back from my little convo with Haze by Scarlet clearing her throat."So why am I hear in your room Alpha I know we are mates and as you said that you want to mark me but I will not let that happen as I'm only seventeen and my eighteenth is in two weeks and thats when you want me to deside? NO sorry but no I'm not going to be having fucking sex when I'm ment to go out and drink and and and it's just not going to happen!"God she looks so cute when her cheeks are flushed with rage but I was starting to get pissed w
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DEREK:When I herd the screams of my mate I ran and tried to find her"GOD This would be so much easier if i MARKED HER WHY DID YOU STOP ME HAZE""HEY DONT FUCKING YELL AT ME YOU STUPID HUMAN. Wait you dont sence it do you? You fucking moron she is a royal wolf. Her wolf is royal and so is her bloodline.""What if she is royal then how is her family not as I would have senced it wait unless she is not there daughter?"I was then pulled out of my thoughts by the smell of blood and the smell of a did rogues get onto the terrortiey?I ran untill I came across a clearing and there was Scarlett covered in blood and the rogue dead by her feet.She was in her wolf from and she was pure white and was way bigger then haze. She shifted back and collapsed i quickly mind linked Gill to get the pack hospital ready as their Luna is injured then I linked mark and told him to do some research on Scarlett and her family with no questions ask
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DEREK:Oh my fucking god she let me mark her witch she was againt since we first met and she wanted to join me in the shower. It's been a long and stressful night and and plus finding out that scarlet is a royal is kind of strange. I have to inform her about her history about how she maybe the lost princess and how her mother and farther may not be her perants.when I woke up scarlet was still asleep so I mind linked the the chef to cook us some brekfast witch was some fruit,panacakes,muffins,pasites and a cup of hot mint choclette.   As soon as the food arived I placed it on my outdoor villa and went to go and wake up scarlet."baby its time to wake up" I said while kissing her cheek then moving to her marking spot and then with a moan she then grabbed my neck and pulled me down to kiss her"mmmm morning babe"oh that morning husky voice makes me aroused and im pretty sure she can sence it."would you like to join me in th
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DEREK:After our little sexy time i went back to the office and told mark to bring me all if the files on the royal familey that used to live hear eighteen years ago. I do have to admit she dose look so much like queen jasmine and king micheal she has the queens bild and eyes and the kings raven hair but the thing is i dont understand how they keepet this from her. How did they keep her hidden from the roges after the fight and how did they get away with it?all of a sudden there was a knock on my office door and I knew that it was mark with the paperwork. "Come in mark" When Mark entered I could tell that he is worried about something."Alpha I have some desurbing news Luna's perants are gone but they left this note would you like me to give it to the luna?" "WHAT find them and no I will give the note to her my self now go and send out our worriers and trackers and find them and when thay do the are to be put in the dungons is that und
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CONNER:"HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN HOW IS SHE ALIVE WE KILLED THEM ALL OF THEM THERE WAS NO ROYALS LEFT HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN!"I can see allison and her pethic husband wimpering in fear as they are chained to the floor"WHAT DID YOU DO!?""We wanted to protect her as our wolfs felt a conection to the child and raised her as our own she is now eighteen and mated to the alpha of the blood moon pack. She is strong and fast do you rember when you sent roy to the blood moon to spy?"What is she trying to tell me I just noded my head in agreence."Scarlet was the one who killed him""WHAT THAT LITTLE BITCH KILL MY BROTHER!""You are the one who sent him to the blood moon pack"And with that i had enough with a wave of my hand i made it clear to my bata to kell them and despose of thair bodies."I want you to find her and bring her to me she will be my luna and my slave now  HURRY UP AND
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SCARLET:When training was finshed i went for another shower and texted mira to meet me in me mess hall"Hey i need to go to the pack docter to get a check up im not feeling good and cant keep food down but i want you to keep this on the down low for now ok please""yeah babes i can do that lets go"as soon as we got there Gill was waiting for us and diercted us to a closed room."what seems to be the problem my luna?""Gill i need you to keep this quiet for now but i think im pregnaet""Umm im sorry luna but i aready informed the alpha that you are hear when you walked in he will be hear in a second""Shit he is going to be worried out of his mind"then i hurd Derek come in. Shit he is pissed."Baby why didnt you tell me you where coming down hear whats wrong are you ok?"oh my god"Derek sit down and relax i need to tell you something"when he sat down and took a couple of breaths he then as
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DEREK:I woke up this moring and told mark that I'm going for a run. About a two miles in I was atacked by a rogue and again some how it got passed the gards."Why are you hear what do want!""You know why we are hear I want her for myself I need her power and i will get what I want even if it means I have to kill you so just hand her over to me!""Ahh so you must be connor the one who killed my mates perants?""That would be correct so you do know me now GIVE HER TO ME"He came at me and slashed my chest i let out a scream of pain and let Haze take over to shift. I then smelt my mate coming and quickly linked her to stay away and not to fight as she will indanger our pup."Derek mira and her worriers are hear with me tell me where you are""I'm at the east end of the forrest you stay there and make sure mira stays there with you please i dont want you to get hurt baby please""Ok I have informed them th
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DEREK:I just finshed getting ready and I'm now waiting for the ceremoney to start. With mark by my side as my best man and loyal friend even with what happened with his mate lucy he is still by my side. As soon as the music started I saw my mate in the most eligent dress with a sweetheart neck line and a low laced back with dimond wolf on the side and a wolf necklace. She is being walked down my farther and I can see my harsh farther shead a few tears and same with my mate starting to cry. I looked at mate in admazement she is absultley gourgous even with tears slowley running down her flushed cheeks then I herd the priest seat everone."We are gathered hear today to join two people on this lovely afternoon our Alpha Derek James Kane and our Luna Scarlet May Knight will you please both join hands and Alpha please repeat after me"As soon as our hands joined sparkes flew all over my body and I'm trying not cry or show that I'm about to."I Derek James Kane ta
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