The rejected Alpha and the witch

The rejected Alpha and the witch

By:  Chidot  Ongoing
Language: English
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Czar was rejected by his pack as the new Alpha because of the circumstances surrounding his birth.  The only option available to him to become the pack leader was to retrieve an emerald gem from the devil's bridge, a realm between life and death. and only the blood of a dragon can give access to the realm. Mara a witch runs away from her pack when she was framed up by a jealous enchantress, she must find a way to prove her innocence. She makes a pact with Czar to help him recover the gem and he would grant her anything she desires even his soul

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Muleba Makukula
amazing story.
2021-09-02 05:29:19
26 Chapters
THE NEXT ALPHA   **************** Narrators pov ****************   "You want to make a nobody the Alpha of our pack, that would never happen under our watch Balthazar," Demetrius said pacing the hall where all the decisions concerning their pack were made.    Alpha Balthazar just stared at his Beta, he was supposed to be his right-wing man, his friend. But he was the one leading the opposition against his son taking over from him.   "What do you have against my son, He has always proven his loyalty to the mountain pride pack. My son has paid his due and has outdone his peers in ensuring that that we thrive as a pack. The other day he single
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MINE*******************Balthazar's POV******************* "Penny for your thoughts." I heard Phoebe say. She was already so close to me and I didn't notice "Phoebe!, I didn't hear you come in," I replied and gave her a weak smile. "You have always been able to catch my scent miles away; are you okay." She sounded concerned.  "Seat with me." I gestured towards an empty seat beside me. "Now tell me how was your day." "Same as always, today was a bit slow though."  
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COURTING PHOEBE   ********************** NARRATORS POV ********************** It wasn’t easy for Balthazar to win over Phoebe's heart, but it was worth all his time and effort when he did it.  As they started dating, they noticed they both didnt share much in common. Balthazar loved the outdoor activities, he loved to shift in the early hours of the morning for his usual morning run in the woods. An activity he picked up when he first shifted at the age of 13, he was among the first among his peers to shift and he found great peace when he ran wild in the forest soaking in the fresh air, an activity he continued to enjoy alone before his beta joined him as soon as he could shift too.
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 ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY**********************NARRATORS POV**********************“I have been meaning to tell you something for a while now.” balthazar smiled his eyes glowing. “What is it my friend,” Demetris replied. His eyes and nose crinkled, obviously, Balthazar still found him important.  “I am in love.” “Hmmm, how long have you known her .” “Almost a month now.” Turning sharply  his friend
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THE ROGUE AND THE HUMAN ***********************NARRATORS POV**********************lonely, bewildered. Julia hid among the trees, the night was upon her and her chasers were getting closer. She regretted leaving home out of anger. Her mother had warned her to stop making a hasty decision especially when she was angry, just like she had done today.She had been so angry with her stepfather for blaming and shouting at her for what was no fault of hers, with anger she left home and decided to take a short walk in the woods and maybe a quick swim in the lake. All had been going according to plan; not until she heard the long loud howling of what she believed werewolves; she panicked and ran; in her confusion and has
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HIS TRUTH***********************NARRATORS POV***********************It’s almost a month now since I woke up from my coma according to Justine I was unconscious for two weeks. The problem now is that I can’t remember a thing about my past, even my name.  Justine told me I said my name was Julia when I woke up briefly after two weeks with my memory intact after that day, I had complete memory loss. I’ve tried to adjust to life in the woods, at first he wouldn’t let me do any work in the house and avoided me as much as he could.  After I complained about going crazy staying idle, he allowed me to do some choice, soft wor
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LOSSThe excruciating pain that Phoebe felt around her waist after her wedding was indescribable. Balthazar became worried and afraid that he might lose his wife. The pain made her sweat profusely and she began to emit a bad odor, this made them more afraid and they consulted with the pack's doctor who ran some tests on  Phoebe and his diagnosis made them tear up. “There is a poisonous substance in her system and the only herb that can counter the poison can kill the baby.” Dr. zain said.“What baby.” “Your wife is a few weeks pregnant, I doubt she is aware of this.” the doctor replied. Balthazar's body shook with sobs, “mother goddess, pro
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  “I can’t believe we are going to be parents soon.” he gently rubbed his open palms over her bulging stomach. “It looks like the moon,” Justine said laughing. “Stop trolling me,” Julia growled, she loved him so much. He had shaved his beards which he kept as a sign of respect when he mourned his first wife but since falling in love again he knew it was time to let go of his pain and embrace the happiness and joy that found him. “Thank you,” Justine became suddenly serious. The intensity in his eyes made his pupils dilate and change color. This used to scare her but not anymore. “Why are you thanking me.” she removed the stubborn strand of hair that fell over his face.&
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BROKEN ************Julia’s pov************I woke up disoriented, the room I found myself in looked strange. Lifting myself with my elbows, I looked around the room. The smell of fresh air filled the room from the open windows which were beautifully decorated with flowery white drapes. As I tried to recollect my thoughts I heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming towards me and panicked. ‘You are awake.” the lady said to me, clutching my hands gently. She had the sweetest voice and kindest eyes, her red hair made her eyes appear huge. I only stared at he
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The search
THE SEARCH****************Narrator’s pov****************Balthazar, his beta Demetrius, and some warriors in the pack all headed out to the woods following the direction Julia gave him earlier. He had a nagging fear that her husband was already dead but he intended to be sure and also search out for the rogue wolves and ensure that they are punished.They all left at dawn, with their spears in hand and some food provisions and canteens of water. Balthazar didn't expect to stay more than a day in the woods if things went well. The journey to Just
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