Tied To The My Ex's Hot Uncle

Tied To The My Ex's Hot Uncle

By:  Kaein Rexy  Updated just now
Language: English
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The love she made was sincere, but she was only regarded as a tool and inferior, discarded rudely. While she was down, she made a pact with a cold man. "You have become mine. Obey everything I say, Noella." Enrick held the tip of my hair. He kissed it with a savage look in his eyes. "To me, this is an entertaining little show. Are you going to give me even greater pleasure?" The smile he showed always made my body move. Can I really not run away like he wants?

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115 Chapters
A Colapsing World
Noela's POVI could see him looking at me coldly. His eyes were so sharp, like someone who hated me and didn't expect me to be here. I think Darren was acting like that because of the woman beside him. The reddish-haired woman took my boyfriend's hand in hers."Who is she, darling?" The woman casually asked Darren who I was.My eyes alternately looked at the two of them, in my mind continuing to question who the woman was. However, without me needing to ask, Darren said her name clearly. "She's the woman I told you about, Emma."I saw a smile develop on Emma's lips, especially when she had found out about me. Without any shame, they were making out right in front of my eyes.What a disgusting sight! I never thought that Darren would cheat on me. In the midst of this silence, Darren suddenly let out a voice with a firm tone. "Let's end this relationship right now."That sentence surprised me. Darren decided to end our relationship in front of another woman's affair. It instantly made m
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Please, Help me.
Noella's POVI walked towards the hospital with my body shaking. My mind couldn't rest because I hadn't gotten the money for Uncle Martin's surgery yet. I tried to contact my friends and some office colleagues. However, all failed. None of them wanted to give me a loan."Hello, can you lend me some money? I'll return it soon. I need the money for it." My words were interrupted by the rejection from the other side of the phone."No-no, I can't lend you money. I know how much you make being an ordinary employee. Don't call me to borrow money. Go find someone else." This was the last call I made to borrow money. Again, my loan was denied because my job was that of an ordinary office worker with a modest salary.I was getting more and more confused about how to save Uncle Martin. This was all because my job position was always considered the lowest by my friends and colleagues.I was still strolling, and even though my body felt weak, I still had to see how Uncle Martin was doing in the h
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Mr. Enrick looked at me. His lips seemed moving, like he wanted to say something to me. Sure enough, just as I was waiting for an answer. Mr. Enrick asked, "Do you want to be my slave?"I didn't think long. I nodded my head slowly in response. However, Mr. Enrick was not predictable. A second later, he said again, "There are already many servants here. I don't need you as an extra."Mr. Enrick seemed to approach me with a scary look on his face. I could feel his anger at my words. I felt the atmosphere become tense, and suddenly, he said again. "Realize your place."My body trembled at his words. A second later, I tried to raise my voice. "I can do anything for you, sir. I can also be a spy and find the person spreading rumors about you. Or, I could also clear your name by pretending to be your lover."I could feel the pressure from the look in his eyes. A long time ago, I had seen Mr. Enrick come into contact with a woman. Then he cleaned the part of his body that had just come into
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Do What I Say
Noella's POVMy body feels tired. Two days have passed. Although my heart still hurts from Darren's treatment, it's all covered by what happened to Uncle Martin. I'm still accompanying Uncle Martin, who hasn't regained consciousness, hoping that he will open his eyes soon so that my anxiety will end, but until now, there has been no sign of opening his eyes.My anxiety has lessened since the doctor successfully performed surgery on Uncle Martin. Still, I couldn't be satisfied if Uncle hadn't awakened. The doctor had said that uncle would wake up within one to two days. When the second day was almost over, I was impatient."Uncle, can't you open your eyes now? I'm so worried about you. Please wake up." I could only pray and keep watching the progress of my uncle's condition from the screen that kept beeping, indicating that his heartbeat was still there.As I was about to speak again, I felt my uncle's hand move at my touch. Slowly, I saw his eyes move, and I could see them open. Uncle
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Isn't Love Enough?
Noella's POVI froze for a while. The presence of two people I didn't expect was before my eyes. I didn't expect Darren to be one of Mr. Enrick's family. I could also see that Emma was there to keep him company, and that couple was the reason I was here.With my hand still wrapped around Mr. Enrick's arm, I stepped with him to get closer to his extended family. Mr. Enrick pulled out a chair for me, and I sat amongst them all, feeling very uncomfortable. Darren and Emma's presence made things awkward for me, especially what they had done before.Despite the discomfort, I tried to do it professionally. I didn't want Mr. Enrick to be disappointed with me just because this was all an act.Slowly, everyone there started talking to each other. Even now, they were heard talking and starting a conversation to ask about my status to Mr. Enrick. "Tell me, who is she, and where is she from?"I swallowed slowly at that question, and then Mr. Enrick, without hesitation, answered, "Noella is my fia
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Noella's POVWhat kind of tension I felt with this family? It was like shackling myself and not letting Mr. Enrick breathe freely while in this place. This is the first time I've seen a wealthy family impose their lives on another family as if they only value dignity and status as a conglomerate."Gosh, it's like I can hardly breathe here. Are they going to continue arguing about the life Mr. Enrick took again?" I was so anxious in my heart, thinking about what else they would say after this.The atmosphere was so tense a few minutes ago. I, who had been silent since their exchange of words, now began to feel claustrophobic and wanted a breath of fresh air. I also said to Mr. Enrick, "Sorry, I'll excuse myself to go to the toilet."I looked at Mr. Enrick as if he understood my current state. Then, my gaze wandered towards the family, and Darren's mother gave me a sharp look. So were Darren and Emma, who couldn't accept my presence among them in the first place."Alright, come back whe
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Noella's POvI confirmed to Darren that he didn't know who I was. It makes me so upset that Darren doesn't even consider me. It was evident after he ignored me in favour of another woman-Emma-who was now beside him. Emma was lucky enough to be introduced to Darren's extended family.Unfortunately, here, Darren can't judge a woman by his heart. He and his family are all about wealth and power for survival. Surely, Darren wouldn't choose me and take advantage of me being so gullible with the word love."You don't know who I am, Darren. What do you think I am all this time together? You have such a short mind about me and your uncle. So what if I have a relationship with him? He's much better than you." My last words did not end our encounter. Darren is still in front of me right now. He gets more and more angry every time she hears me speak in response. Maybe he was surprised that I had always kept quiet and not fought him.Darren's temper flared again. He was about to speak, but seeing
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I'll Becareful
Noella's POVMr. Enrick's appearance between me and Darren was surprising. Maybe I've been here too long. If it weren't for Darren, Mr Enrick certainly wouldn't have followed me here. It's just that there's a sudden feeling of dread rising within me.Mr Enrick looked ordinary at the moment, but his aura was dominating. In fact, Darren had been silent ever since Mr. Enrick had asked his question. While I was afraid that any of my attitudes or movements would be wrong. That would definitely allow Mr. Enrick to make a lot of unexpected decisions, like asking for back the money I had used for Uncle Martin, perhaps.I hope what's in my mind doesn't actually happen. I must be feeling very sorry for ignoring Darren a moment ago. I should have left here long ago and not cared about anything Darren had to say.Until I finally heard Mr. Enrick ask Darren again, "Aren't you going to answer my question?"I could see the distress on Darren's face. The atmosphere dominated by Mr. Enrick did make Dar
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Why Is He Doing This
Noella's PovAfter the previous series of events, my body began to feel tired. Even though I felt weak and powerless, I had to go to work to keep earning money. I thought so much last night I almost couldn't sleep because of this. What a complicated life full of obstacles.I went to work as usual, heading to the office where Mr. Enrick was my boss. Although I wasn't directly in the secretarial department, my job was in a division directly under the CEO's secretary. I just hoped that my work would be just as fine as it had been in the past when Mr. Enrick and I had not been in direct contact.As soon as I arrived at the office, my eyes darted around. I was on guard not to meet Mr. Enrick first today. Until I was surprised by one of my coworkers who greeted me. Her name was Mina, she had short shoulder-length hair, and she was quite an attractive woman. That's why I made friends with Mina. "Noella, are you sick? You look tired and have bags under your eyes."Mina always pays attention t
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Let Them Know
Noella's POVOn the way, we were silent. There was no sound other than the engine of the moving car. I, who was confused and scared from the start, didn't dare to ask even though the direction of the destination was taking me.In the end, I could only stare out the window, enjoying the view of the tall buildings lined up neatly. Now and then, I noticed the drivers and pedestrians busy with their business.Until Mr. Enrick's car entered the area of a famous luxury restaurant in this city, I never thought I would eat at this place. Even though I used to date Darren, he rarely took me out to eat at an expensive place like this. I felt nervous and uncomfortable. Inside, there must be many classy and wealthy people enjoying a delicious meal."Should I just refuse?" I thought about refusing, but looking at Mr. Enrick's face, which was always cold and flat, made me afraid that something might go wrong. I felt strange this time because our relationship was just an act.Mr. Enrick stepped in,
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