To Love You Again, My Husband

To Love You Again, My Husband

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"Tell me you want me, too”, He grunted, trying hard to control, "Order me to kiss you, Airina.” "Beg me." "What?" She raised her hand to his cheek, repeating her words. “Beg me to want you.” === Jackson Miller Georgiñia is an outlawed man, and Airina was well-aware of that fact. Yet she still grasped the opportunity that was given - marry him. She believed he was a loyal man until she witnessed the back door. She discovered her husband was cheating behind her back. And not only that, he even had the nerve to divorce her. But everything changed after they met again - Jackson didn't want to let her go for he wanted her so bad it makes him frustrated if he hadn't seen her for a moment. Yet however she means to push her ex-husband away, he didn't simply follow along her terms....

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74 Chapters
Chapter 1: Affair and Divorce
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 1: Affair and Divorce Currently past eight in the evening. “Mhmm…” Airina frowned as her hand twitched. Was she hearing it right? It couldn’t be. She glimpsed the doorknob, unwilling to open it. Did she just hear a woman’s voice inside her husband’s office? “Ah, Nicole…” Nicole? Her younger stepsister with her husband, Jackson? No, Airina wouldn’t believe it. There was no way her loyal husband was dishonest with her. That was her standing until she finally opened the door of Jackson’s office at the continuous moans and grunts of a woman and a man. In an instant, her eyes widened in surprise, and she gaped. The steaks she was carrying on a plate stumbled on the ground – everything she had prepared was ruined. “Hm…?” A woman reflexively turned to the noise of the door. It was Nicole. Her lipstick was smudged, and she looked like a mess. Jackson groaned in annoyance. “Seriously, Airina?” Airina staggered, helplessly staring at them. Rather t
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Chapter 2: On The Balcony
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 2: On the Balcony After ten months. Evan squinted his eyes at Airina’s gown – it refined her slender and sexy body that could charm and make a man’s heart flutter. It was not like he wouldn’t want her to wear such a thing, but men are vicious. Of course, he will do anything to protect his sister. Evan then frowned, “Anyways, why have you been rejecting Nicole’s calls?” Airina scoffed at his words, flipping her hair in an annoyed manner. “You know too well what she’d say. It’s either about Jackson or money.” They turned to the right side of the hall and arrived at where the Founding Anniversary was being held. As such the two greeted everyone, and in the middle of that, Evan and Airina knew the lustful gazes of the men lingering around her, but she heeded no mind. Evan whispered to her ears, “I think you’re in the spotlight today. Oh, and Matthew said you’d have a speech later, no?” Airina nodded, “I do. Say, should I back down?” Evan chuc
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Chapter 3: Provocation
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 3: Provocation However, rather than feeling scared and dominated, Airina mockingly snickered which reached to his ears. Make her mine? Did he not even hear himself lying? “Did you not hear me?” A husky voice came out of him. Airina slightly bit her lower lip and then tapped his lower lip with her forefinger. She was proactively seducing him. “Did you not hear YOURSELF?” He frowned, “I do. I am completely sane, in fact.” Airina attempted pushing him away but to no avail, his force shouldn’t be belittled. They had never once been intimate or close to each other. Yet experiencing it right now didn’t make her feel wonders. However, Jackson was feeling differently. Her shoulders and collarbones were bare, even a little of her cleavage graced his desire while her waist incited his self-restraint. Her hair was donned beautifully he wanted to mess it up with his own hands. Not to mention to have her innocent eyes shed tears as he makes her mine. He
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Chapter 4: Zipper, and Bite
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 4: Zipper, and Bite Airina, who was just charmed by his undeniable beauty, was surprised. Upon their divorce, she made sure dwelling on emotions wouldn’t be an option, thus she called her biological mother for support which was so great that it brought her this success. Although she couldn’t agree that Jackson’s face popped into her head occasionally, she did everything to obtain this success. The love she had for him was hard to unroot, what’s more, to completely move on from him? It was excruciatingly hard throughout those ten months. Alongside Evan, both of them had to support each other emotionally and mentally, especially Airina who had to undergo two jobs just to make sure they ate well on time. She never wanted him to do so much for her – of course, infidelity was out of the question, but it would be better if he stayed loyal to her. That way, Airina wouldn’t have had that heartbreak. Airian scoffed at him and pushed difficultly hersel
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Chapter 5: Cheating to Chasing
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 5: Cheating to Chasing Airina’s eyes faltered as her heart thumped. She couldn’t discern if it was because she was stunned by what he did or if she was happy about it. Regardless, she was in a daze for a while before she pushed him away and tried to compose her quivering breaths. “… You really must have gone insane, Jackson.” Without a doubt, Jackson sexily and in a slow, agonizing way, wiped his lips as if savoring the taste of her shoulders and nodded at her words. “I agree. Because you looked brilliant tonight.” She snickered, “And you’re being shockingly disrespectful. I thank you for helping me, but biting my shoulder is something only a pervert will do.” Jackson was in disbelief. He swallowed his saliva with difficulty and exhaled deeply. “I’d be a pervert for you. Enjoyed it?” Airina frowned at his unfamiliar words. If he was deciphering about the bite he just did, she couldn’t utter a definite answer – not that she liked it because
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Chapter 6: His Goal
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 6: His Goal Evan took a deep exhale. He glanced at the driver, then to Airina. He couldn’t clearly remember what had happened last night since he got so drunk everything was hazy. But he was certain that there was another presence. Evan questioned, “Was it Jackson who gave us a ride last night?” Airina opened her eyes at his question, “Mhm, you remembered?” Evan snickered, “A little bit,” he clicked his tongue, “How dare he show up in front of us and act almighty?” Airina tugged her lips upwards. She would be lying to say that her heart didn’t flutter at all. She didn’t expect him to come. Despite that she had been informed by Matthew since he rarely participated in such events, she assumed it’d take longer for them to meet each other again. She folded her hand, instantly frowning as she was reminded when he bit her shoulder. Thankfully it was not that hard, if it was, it would have been slightly throbbing from pain. “You said he hit you. W
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Chapter 7: Questioned, and Threatened
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 7: Questioned, and Threatened Past ten in the evening. As Airina glazed her eyes with her frame, she was reminded of her previous wedding photo with Jackson. She was the only one smiling happily whereas he was hostile and intimidating. A gloomy expression was plastered on her face and remembered the conversation she had with him on the balcony. Jackson hid his hand in one of his pockets, and asked her with a solemn voice, “Are you in a relationship with Matthew?” “Perhaps.” “It doesn’t matter, since I will make you mine.” Why would he be interested in her affairs when back then he wouldn’t even glance her way? She used to look at his face which removes all of her worries and stress. But now, he was becoming her stress. She mumbled a question that seemed to be forced out from the deep hatred she had for him. “You smile as if you had done nothing wrong.,” She plopped on her bed, sighing listlessly. “How cruel.” * Jackson, on the other han
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Chapter 8: Gentle, and Cunning
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 8: Gentle, and Cunning Airina used most of her time checking documents. She was helping Matthew arrange the statistics of the Halton Company which could defeat Georgiñia’s in a year and a half. Airina was always a clever child. She was only a fool for believing and caring for Jackson and Nicole who didn’t appreciate what she had to offer. She didn’t directly return to her house. She idled in a grocery store, eating ice cream and reliving the good moments she had with her family. Both her father and mother loved each other; had it been not for cheating, her family wouldn’t have been broken. She mumbled. “Why do sweet things end so soon?” She licked the ice cream with gusto while happily stomping her feet on the tiles. “Because too much sweetness will aftermath rather ugly.” A voice answered beside her and she gasped as she discovered who it was. “… Daniel.” It had been three days since the Founding Anniversary. She didn’t want to admit but D
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Chapter 9: A Not-So Lovely Reunion
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 9: A Not-So Lovely Reunion Upon washing up, Airina adorned herself with a luxurious and customized dress for her. If it was before she had become successful, she wouldn’t even dare to dream of wearing such kind of things. However, things were different now and she seemed to be expecting that life for her in the future would be but blissful and bountiful. She had enough of suffering. Which was exactly why she was dressing up. For this very occasion, she spent thousands of dollars to face Nicole – either to put Nicole down or give herself the courage to talk to her again. Nicole had never been good to her, there were times when she’d ask for money, but she never paid it back as she had never borrowed from her. She didn’t know why Nicole hated her so much. Was it because she married Jackson or was it because she was a legitimate child unlike her, who was illegitimate? Airina’s parents were complicated. Her mother remarried someone powerful and
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Chapter 10: Belonged
To Love You Again, My Husband Chapter 10: Belonged Airina looked at the notification from her phone and then tilted her head. It was a text from Matthew saying that she was invited to a dinner with the Halton family. During the ten months of negotiating with them, the Halton family had kept their privacy from her, and even when they invited her to dinner, it was only with Matthew and her mother. Thus, if this dinner was with them again, it doesn’t feel appropriate to be called ‘Dinner with Halton family’. A family contained parents and their children if they had, if not, Airina felt she was being picked on. Was it because she had never contacted her mother previously, so they thought she was merely using her? Airina had contacted her mother a few times but when her stepmother got to know of it, she banned her from doing so as it would ruin her marriage life. Airina, still dubious, headed inside the restaurant and took a deep breath. She is working in Halton’s company so it wouldn
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