Chapter 11 Until You’re Pregnant!

Gwen was utterly shocked when her chest was exposed. “What do you want to do?!”

“I want you to repay me with a child!” Jared had completely lost his mind. He stared at the woman under him with bloodshot eyes, then tore her clothes, and opened her legs wide!

Jared had never touched Gwen throughout their marriage. While Gwen had thought about doing it with him, she never pictured it to be like how it was at the moment!

Gwen exerted all her force to push him away, but her hands were quickly tied to the bed frame with a tie!

“Jared, let me go! You can’t do this to me, I refuse to!”

She was really afraid of him. “You have no idea what Janice did. She’s not as good as you think she is, and she’s the one who’s actually full of lies. She lied to you, she’s not…

“No, no, ah —”

Jared violated her dry body like a sharp blade!

At that instant, Gwen was drowned in an immense pain that hit her like a tide.

“Up till now, not only are you unrepentant, but you even dare to slander Jan
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Asher Meee
its sad that she cant even explain herself..
goodnovel comment avatar
I bet that after all the ghastly and unimaginable things happening to her she's still going to forgive and take him back as tho nothing happened

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