Chapter 12 Did He Get The Wrong Person?

Gwen was unaware of the time even when she woke up.

She lay on the bed in a humiliating state, and an indescribable smell filled the air because her body was still covered in semen and blood. She almost thought she was a corpse.

When Gwen recalled everything that happened before she passed out, she closed her eyes powerlessly. Tears rolled down the corner of her eyes as she felt like her heart had just been cut by a knife.

Not knowing how long she had been lying in bed, the sky turned dark then bright again out the window.

When Gwen finally gathered her strength, she got off her bed and staggered into the bathroom to clean the traces left by Jared on her body.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, Gwen saw an uninvited guest sitting on the small couch. It was Janice Sanders!

Janice smirked. “Gwen, I only haven’t seen you for a few days, why have you become like this? You look terrible.”

Gwen felt as calm as dead water when she saw her.

She did not even want to ask wh
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Hope I get to finish this book
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Nidhi Datta
is this story on any other app??
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stupid story worth 900 coins to unlocked per chapter.

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