Chapter 7 Gwen White, Stand Right There!

Mrs. White said, “You’ve been married to Jared for a year, but there’s still no news of your pregnancy. You must seize the opportunity.”

There was a hint of bitterness in Gwen’s smile. ‘Having a child?

‘Jared doesn’t love me and firmly believes that I cheated on him. Besides, he despises me for being dirty and will never lay a finger on me. How can I have his child?

‘A child… He and Janice do have one.’

Moreover, Gwen was no longer passionate about Jared after the incidents at the prison and hospital.

She was even considering letting him go and setting herself free too…

“Gwen, what are you thinking?”

Mrs. White called out softly to Gwen, whose mind had drifted far away.

Gwen flashed a smile at her mom. “Mom, Jared and I already have a plan. We won’t be having a child these two years; we haven’t had enough of spending time together with just the two of us.”

“Is that so? I just feel that it’s better to have a child since you’re married into the Crawford family — a rich
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