Trapped With the Mafia Boss

Trapped With the Mafia Boss

By:  Fathella  Ongoing
Language: English
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Roselyn found herself on a yacht in the middle of nowhere. She was on the verge of figuring out how she had gotten there when she realized that this yacht was filled with men with guns. And when she was requested to be seen by the 'boss', she wasted no time in accusing him of kidnapping her. "Who exactly are you to accuse me of kidnapping you? If you know you're not hungry and would like to ask very silly questions, you can take your leave. I'll ask Gato to return you to the room where you were held. " The boss, Alexander replied furiously. What bullshit! Like hell was Roselyn was going to believe that but she kept her annoyance in. But when the memories kept flashing through her eyes bit by bit, she realized Alex had been saying the truth all along. Being trapped on a yacht with a very sexy, caring and handsome man was not helping Roselyn's emotional state of mind. And when he finally housed her, protected her, and showed her love in beautiful forms before he confessed his love to her after she had found out the type of business he engaged in, Roselyn found it so hard to make a decision. Should she run away from him or should she embrace him with all that she had?

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11 Chapters
She woke up in the dark. Her wrists and ankles were still sore. She felt like she was on the floor, everything was cold, very cold, and smelt horrible. She didn't know where she was but she was certain it wasn't on her soft bed at home and she knew she was in transit. Roselyn tried to recount what had happened before then even as her head was banging. The events of the time before came as a blur but in bits, she remembered the day she had a memory of, had started like a normal day of her life. She wasn't sure if the day, however, was the day before or the week before, but she knew it was the last normal morning she had spent with her family. She had had breakfast with her family, pancakes with syrup, and a beverage drink. She had listened to some podcasts of one of her other friends, Naya. The podcast was about life after which she had gone shopping with her friend, her best friend, Annalise. Upon their arrival at the store, she had seen a beautiful red dress she was totally in lov
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The man she saw at the end of the table looked like a character from a novel. His face looked as if it was crafted by God himself giving him the beauty of more than a hundred people. He had strong jaws and long smooth silky hair that dropped down his neck touching his shoulders. He looked tall, even seated, and was dressed in an expensive 3-piece black suit. As he spoke, he spoke brightly and boldly, there was an accent in his words she couldn't quite place but she was too stunned by his beauty to even speak."Hello there, I'm Alexander, what is your name and what were you doing half dead by the shore where I rescued you from ?"She was silent.He asked again in his deep baritone voice "What is your name?" This time, she decided to reply and said, "I am Roselyn, why have you kidnapped me? Why are we on a yacht? Where are you taking me to? "Alexander beckoned on her to have a seat and dismissed the two ladies that were in the room. "Who exactly are you to accuse me of kidnapping you
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He had invited her for dinner again! What was this man called Alexander after?! If only she could remember where something had happened, which city she was, which city she had been. She remembered vividly that she was going to use that metal scrap on the floor to escape, however successful or unsuccessful it was, she did not remember.She brought her mind back to the present, sure that one at a time, her memory would return, and the gaps would be filled up. She knocked on her door and Gato replied "Why does he want me to have dinner with him again?" Roselyn inquired."Well, I don't know, but you will find out when you get there" Gato replied without interest as he looked at her from head to toe. She looked tired with dark circles under her eyes, her paleness wasn't as noticeable when she was on makeup but she looked pale now. Scars all over her tiny body that he hadn't seen when he took her from the room she woke in. "Well, you can tell him I'm not interested in dining with him" Ros
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"What do you mean what am I doing here? This is my home." Alexander said in disdain."Oh, yes, you're generally not usually home by this time, and you caught me unaware is why I asked," Roselyn replied.With this, Roselyn turned to leave, back to her room to go do nothing as usual. "What are your qualifications anyways?" Alex inquired."I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting," Roselyn replied.He had asked his overall supervisors of each branch of plazas and had been told one of the plazas needed an accountant. He knew from the file he had told Gato to get him on get that she studied accounting in school, and graduated with distinctions."All right then, I'll see what I can do," Alexander replied.At dinner, Roselyn, curious asked Alexander what exactly he does. In a prideful tone, he replied 'I am a successful businessman, I have many businesses.' She wanted to push further but stopped herself and ate her dinner in silence. After breakfast the next morning, she remembered she had
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It has been a week since the incident with Alexander, she had begun work at A's plaza as he said. When she reached there, they had been expecting her and told her she is to fill the general accountant space. That was a huge position and instinctively, she planned on thanking him once she got back to the mansion; but on remembering what occurred the last time she tried to thank him, she decided to keep mum about it.Alexander realized it had been a long time since he saw Roselyn, since the last time she came to thank him for the work outfits he sent to her, she had stopped coming for dinners or breakfasts. He often asked after her from Gato. Gato told him she was all right and she always went to work early and came back late, which is probably why he hadn't seen her in a while. Alexander felt she had been ignoring him and trying not to be seen. He didn't know why he felt slightly worried about that but he had other things to do. He went into his home office and called his suppliers ab
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At breakfast the next morning, Roselyn did not show up at the dining to have breakfast with Alexander, and this time, Alexander got pissed and went to her room. On getting there, he knocked and got no response so he entered the room and found no one in the room either. Where was she, he thought. Humming, Roselyn came out of the bathroom with a towel that reached mid-thigh. She did not expect anyone to be in her room and was trying to retie her towel when she looked up and saw him. He was fully dressed in a Jean and a t-shirt, his hair was neatly packed and God, wasn't he a sight to behold! But there she was, half-naked, with a towel that was barely covering her entire body."Alexander! What in the world are you doing here?!" She asked stunned, embarrassed, and trying to get to a robe to cover herself with.Alexander found himself looking at her, her wet hair framed her head perfectly, her bare shoulder looked very beautiful and he couldn't get his eyes off her legs. He realized he ha
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Alexander felt a jolt when he saw her, seated on the dining chair. She had worn a casual blue gown that reached her knees and managed to pack her hair. He was a Mafia boss that had been exposed to numerous women in the past. Ever since that morning, no woman seemed to interest him. The thought of the ladies he had told Gato to arrange for him came to his mind again but he realized he wasn't excited about it. What did this mean? He also saw that he was beginning to long for her presence at dinner and breakfast and every other place he could like the CCTV cameras. He could almost not believe he had gone to her room to check on her or why she hadn't come to breakfast. Alexander realized he was doing too much, thinking too much and he might as well just agree with himself that he liked her."Thank you very much, Alex, I saw the bags and shoes you asked to put in my room," she said rising from her seat when Alexander reached the table."But, I must say, the bags are too much, likewise the
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Roselyn saw the petite woman in jeans that made her ass come out and oh wow, did she look sexy. Alexander had never brought a lady home apart from the ladies that occasionally visited and to her, they seemed like 'escort ladies'. But right in front of her was a beautiful, petite lady smiling and looking at her like she wasn't supposed to be there. She also looked like this wasn't her first time being there as she was being forward. Before she could say anything, Alexander looked back and remembered someone was with him so he came back. "Roselyn, this is Sandra, and Sandra, this is Roselyn," he said gesturing to Sandra first, then Roselyn with his hand. "Are you not going to properly introduce to her who I am?" Sandra said touching Alexander's arm playfully. Alexander looked at Sandra again and shook his head. "You feel the need for me to tell her you're my ex-girlfriend?" Alexander gestured to Roselyn, looked at Sandra again, and went inside in what seemed like not a v
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When Binta arrived, he asked for Sandra and Roselyn's glass cups and poured some wine into them. Upon their first sips, Alexander looked at their reactions. In all honesty, he was more concerned about Roselyn's reaction anyways and couldn't wait to get rid of Sandra. He saw Roselyn's eyes widen as she took them, he kept looking at her until he was drawn back by something else."When will you be done with what you came for Sandra? "Alexander asked turning to face Sandra"I thought you said I could stay for as long as I wanted or are you changing your mind now because of her? This girl who does not mean shit?" Sandra said already gassed up and furious. She stood up from the dining and was about to storm off before she heard Alexander talk. His voice was quite stern."You'll not leave this table and you'll not speak of her at all! " Alexander said slamming his hand on the table after pointing to RoselynRoselyn did not expect to see him angered, she could swear she had never seen him tha
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Sipping the wine she served herself, Roselyn swung her leg on the stool. She checked social media on her phone to get the latest gists she probably missed due to work. She had found a site online that could help her locate her parents, but that probably involved hiring a Private Investigator which, to be honest, she could not afford at this moment. So she planned, she was going to bide her time, try to avoid Alexander, make enough money that could get her an apartment, and keep her going for a while before she moved out. She could have sworn she imagined him saying 'hello Roselyn', she didn't turn back, she just felt she was being paranoid until she heard it again and the light had been changed. She turned back and saw Alexander walking towards her. What! What was he doing here at the time? What were the odds that he came to have a drink at the same time she was at the bar? Or did he check where she was using the CCTV cameras? She has to stop being in her head and reply to him."Hell
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