Chapter 29: Setting boundaries!


As the first rays of morning sunlight gently filtered through the diaphanous curtains in Blaze's bedroom, they bestowed upon the room a tender, golden embrace, suffusing it with a soft, inviting warmth.

In the tranquil cocoon of his slumber, Blaze stirs, gradually succumbing to the inexorable pull of consciousness, which, like a patient siren, tugged him away from the realms of dreams and into wakefulness.

With a languorous stretch of his arms and legs, Blaze welcomes the dawning day with a contented smile that began at the corners of his lips and radiates outward, much like the sun's gentle glow. In that fleeting moment of transition from dreamscape to reality, his thoughts found themselves inexorably drawn to the one person who had been occupying his mind ceaselessly: Astrid.

Ever since that unforgettable night they had shared, Astrid had become a vivid, indelible presence within the tapestry of his thoughts. Her infectious laughter, the tantalizing memory of her sil
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