Chapter 6: Touched by the Alpha King!

"Do you sense it, mate? Can you feel my arousal? Do you feel how hard you make me?"

A moan escapes from her mouth as he captures her delicate breasts and enfolds them in his gentle palm. Her voice sounded so foreign to her.

"While you can't become my Queen, I can still use you as my slut!" She was nobody's slut! Astrid wanted to holler that in his face, but her voice had deserted her. She was horny beyond speech.

Blaze's hand reaches for her thigh, running a finger along her inner thigh until it nearly brushed against her delicate flesh. The sensation sends shivers up her spine, causing her to tremble at the mere touch of his finger against her skin.

Without even realizing it, Astrid spreads her legs further apart, granting Blaze greater access and permission to explore the area she craved his touch the most.

Blaze grins, holding on to the wet fabric of her panties. She exhales loudly and eagerly, craving his caress on her needy flesh. He inches into her neck, planting kisses and trail
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