Chapter 82: Seduced by the Dragon king!

Phoenix reclines in his chair, his gaze lingering on Astrid as he gave instructions to his secretary, "Clear my schedule for the rest of the day."

"I have some pressing matters to attend to," he adds, shooting a smug smirk in Astrid's direction, who was seated in the visitor's chair before him.

Her heart raced as she processed his words. Did "pressing matters" imply that he was gonna fuck her? The thought sent a jolt of excitement and apprehension through her veins.

"Yes, sir," the secretary replies with a professional nod before excusing herself, leaving Phoenix and Astrid in private.

The recent events in her life seemed like a cruel joke orchestrated by fate. In just a week and a few days, she had already been intimately involved with two men. Now, with Phoenix's suggestive remark, he was going to be the third.

Having three mates felt surreal, almost absurd. Astrid wondered if the heavens had made a mistake in orchestrating such complex relationships.

Who knows what other surprises

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