Chapter 81: Tantalized by the Dragon king!

As Phoenix's gaze fell upon his mate, his heart thundered in his chest, and a fierce possessiveness stirred within his soul. In that moment, his inner dragon, Inferno, stirred from its slumber.

Inferno's presence grew stronger, his primal instincts urging him to seize Astrid and brand her as his own. The scent of her, sweet and intoxicating, filled his senses, fueling the flames of desire that raged within him.

As Astrid locked eyes with Phoenix, an electric current seemed to surge between them, setting her senses ablaze with a fervent intensity. She could feel herself growing wet, an unrestrained ache building between her legs that threatened to consume her.

She tried to clamp her legs together, hoping to quell the itch that pulsed between her thighs, but it was futile. Phoenix's presence was like a flame to her tinder, igniting a passion within her that she could not control.

"Ms. Star, are you alright? You look flushed!" One of her colleagues asks, concern evident in their voice.

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