Chapter 86: Fucked by Dexter and Phoenix!

Phoenix and Dexter, consumed by Astrid's intoxicating aura, ambled closer to her like two predators drawn to a succulent prey. Dexter, took the lead, his lips crashing onto hers in a passionate kiss that ignited sparks.

His hands explored the soft curves of her body, lingering on the swell of her breast as he traced delicate patterns against her skin, eliciting soft pants from her.

As Dexter's lips danced with hers, Phoenix's fingers traced a tantalizing trail along Astrid's heated folds. Her body eagerly yielded to his sensual touch, drawing forth soft, needy moans that escaped into Dexter's mouth.

When they finally parted, breathless and yearning for more, Phoenix wasted no time in claiming Astrid's lips for himself. Their kiss ignited a fierce collision of passion and need, each tender caress of their mouths kindling electric shocks that surged through their intertwined bodies.

While Phoenix and Astrid lost themselves in a passionate exchange of kisses, Dexter, fueled by an insati

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Sofia Rocha
Absolutely love your book!! Can’t wait to read Blake’s reaction to Astrid having two other mates

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