Chapter 87: Dexter's Medical jargons!

As the heat between Phoenix and Astrid intensified, Phoenix's desire surged, manifesting in a bold move. With a strong yet gentle grip, he lifted Astrid, their eyes locking in a passionate gaze.

He guided her into a seductive reverse cowgirl stance, her back nestling against his broad chest like a perfect puzzle piece, his hands exploring the gentle curves of her hips and waist.

Astrid's breath hitched as she felt his throbbing hardness press against her entrance. Slowly, tantalizingly, she lowered herself onto him, the sensation of being filled by him igniting a fire within her.

Her moans echoed softly as she took him deeper with each descent, each inch of him filling her with a delicious ache.

Astrid leaned forward, her hands finding purchase on his legs as she rode him with a fervor that bordered on reckless abandon. Her hair cascaded down like a waterfall of silk as she exposed the delicate skin of her neck to his hungry gaze.

"God, you feel wonderful," Phoenix groans, as his
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