Chapter 85: Pleasuring Dexter and Phoenix!


Astrid's presence across from Phoenix proved to be a captivating distraction, as he found himself envisioning a multitude of wild and intimate scenarios with her.

Earlier that morning, Dexter had excitedly shared with Phoenix that he had finally found his mate, and to Phoenix's delight, it turned out to be Star Cyra, Dexter's celebrity crush.

However, Phoenix was equally astounded when he discovered that Star Cyra was also his mate. This unexpected turn of events prompted him to quickly grab his phone.

"Guess what, Dex? I found our mate!" Phoenix sent a message to Dexter, trying to push aside the luscious thoughts that had taken residence in his mind.

"What do you mean 'our mate'?" Dexter's reply popped up almost immediately, confusion evident in his text.

"Star Cyra, dummy. She's my mate too."

"What? Why on earth would we share the same mate? We're not even twins," Dexter's response came swiftly, his incredulity evident even through text.

"True, but we do look al

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Mel Ville
Can’t wait for her next mate to arrive ...

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