Chapter 88: Great peril!

Astrid chimes in with a grin of her own. "It was like listening to someone speaking in tongues for a moment."

"Never mind," Dexter beams sheepishly, recognizing the bemused expressions on their faces. "Why bother? At least Blaze can grasp about 70% of my medical rants. I miss him," Dexter laments with a pout, his nostalgia for Blaze evident in his tone.

Astrid's heart skipped a beat as Blaze's name was mentioned. Longing washed over her, a deep ache for his presence. But intertwined with that longing was a pang of guilt, a weighty reminder of the complexities of their relationship.

"Well, that's because Blaze holds a degree in medicine. Would you catch a shred of what I say if I started throwing around legal jargon or engineering terms?" Phoenix jests, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Phoenix cleared his throat dramatically before launching into the legal term. "Let me illustrate with an example. Imagine a case of res ipsa loquitur," he states, his tone deliberately serious.

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