Chapter 89: The awakening!

Phoenix guided her gaze away from the grim sight on the hood, encouraging her to focus on his reassuring presence. "Look at me, Star," he urges, locking eyes with her. "Take deep breaths with me. In… and out."

Astrid had been making notable progress in overcoming her fear of blood, a feat largely attributed to Blaze's invaluable support and guidance. However, even with this progress, the sight of such a gruesome and bloody scene still had the power to send shivers down her spine.

Nevertheless, she focused on regulating her breathing, drawing in deep, steadying breaths to calm her frayed nerves. In moments of distress like this, Astrid recalled a mantra that Blaze had taught her.

"I am brave, I am strong. I am bigger than my fears!" she repeats, the words a reminder of inner fortitude and determination.

Phoenix, sensing her effort to regain composure, placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "You're doing great, Star. You are stronger than you think!"

Astrid nodded. The rhythmic repe

So guys, tomorrow is my aunt's funeral service. I'm going to be pretty busy, and there is no electricity supply at the place. Let's just see how it goes though.

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