Chapter 96: Kitchen escapades

Astrid's eyes widened momentarily, a flicker of realization crossing her features. She couldn't reveal the truth to Phoenix yet. She composed herself, masking any unease behind a relaxed facade.

"Dexter did mention that Blaze taught him to cook," Astrid answers smoothly as she redirected the conversation to safer grounds.

"Yeah. He taught me most of the dishes I know, but the one I'm going to be preparing today was taught to me by my mother. And in turn, I passed it on to Blaze and Dexter," he adds, a hint of pride coloring his voice.

"Wow, that's spectacular."

"What are you planning to cook?" she asks, her interest evident in her tone.

Phoenix's face lit up with enthusiasm. "I'm contemplating making Nigerian fried rice and jollof rice," he replies.

Astrid's jaw drops with excitement. "You're from Nigerian descent! I've always wanted to try their food. I've heard it's amazing, especially jollof rice. It's legendary. And fried rice too? This will be a feast!" she screams, her voice
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