Chapter 22 - The Muse

(Kang Jun’s POV) 


“Lovely,” Kang Jun replied. 


“I said... this diner is lovely.” He lifted his hands towards the waiter, later shifted to her, “order for us.” It’s the only way she could settle down, he murmured to himself.  

Kang Jun had seen lots of ladies who’d have shrieked and flipped on the floor after a rattling or unpleasant scene.  

But she’s extraordinary.  

She sat there in silence, and her aura just shouted not to mess up with her. Even if she cried inside the church, it was brief. Almost like washing her face from the horror and humiliation. When she looked up, he felt a fire burning inside her. 

Kang Jun sat quietly across from her, his eyes intently examining her quiet and reserved nature as she placed their order with the waiter.&n

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