Chapter 2682 Are We Really Not Calling The Police?

Luca shook her head and paused for a moment. Then, she shook her head again.

Ambrose looked at how strangely Luca was acting. He trembled with fear and dared not to say anything, waiting for her judgment.

“Ambrose, you’re wrong,” Luca slowly uttered as she looked at the test tube in her hands. “If you’d like to learn from me, you’d have many chances to learn from the next research project. You shouldn’t have stolen my research sample.”

Ambrose could sense the sympathy in Luca's voice. He knew it was impossible for him to continue working here.

He was in despair.

He initially thought Luca would not find out about it and Rhett would destroy the sample after it was analyzed.

Hence, he took the sample and happily told the others that he would soon find out what Luca was working on.

He did not expect Rhett to overhear their conversation.

Ambrose did not know Rhett would return to the laboratory. Otherwise, he would not have shown off to his colleagues that he had the research sampl
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