UNBREAKABLE BONDS (Diff’rent Strokes #1)

UNBREAKABLE BONDS (Diff’rent Strokes #1)

By:  STAREX  Ongoing
Language: English
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When California's War Lords and Nevada's Diff’rent Strokes ended their decade-year friendship, my world came crashing down along with my unshakable loyalty. Like many other people, I had lost just more than my lifelong friends and allies but also my husband who abandoned me..... Dante ‘Merciless’ D’Angelo. We were now people with different missions and goals, strangers to one another as we pledged our loyalty to our mafias until he found my most well hidden secret, our son. Now he comes back into our lives with many secrets and promises... But all that matters now is my choice. Him or the mafia?

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20 Chapters
A night of painful surprises.
"Stop there, Dante D'Angelo!" I scream on top of my lungs but even that was barely enough to get him to halt his steps so I walked up to him and grabbed his arm in a tight grip. I growl at him angrily. "I told you to stop!""I have already made my decision, Marcella!" He ripped his arm away from me but didn't take another step as both of us stare at each other, our harsh breaths mingling together in silence as tension sizzled between us. I struggle not to cry because of this cursed day. Because that's what it is. The lights suddenly went off in our penthouse so we were covered in darkness right now but what's the plan worst is the series of unlucky events that had been happening today before this moment. I try to voice my strength into my voice as I look at him but all we both hear is the pleading in my heart. "Don't do this, Dante. Please."Dante's hard gaze falters with conflict when he tries his best not to pull me into his arms. He always does that when I am distressed but this t
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Meeting Merciless again.
Three years later...I walk into the club at night, nodding that the bouncers who paid their respects to me. The place is lit and filled as it should be with the loud booming sounds echoing through my ears. Everyone around me and my guards are dancing and gyrating their bodies against each other but I pay no attention to them as I walk by, my clear destination is heading towards that black door that is far within my sights. One of my men opens the door for me and a man with blonde hair approached me and bows his head slightly and I nod in response. On a normal day, I would be smiling with Frederico, my second-in-command but tonight was not a night for pleasantries and he knew it. "Where is he?"Frederico tipped his chin to the direction of our prisoner and takes a step back. I grab the chair that is offered to me and then I sit opposite my prisoner. "Emiliano, you have some explaining to do. Where is my money?"My prisoner tries to open his swollen eyes as his whole face is a bloody
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Visiting the Consigliere of Diff’rent Strokes
My eyes widens at his audacity. Even though the War Lords and Diff’rent Strokes have been enemies for three years, there had rarely been any fights between us despite our Bosses's bloodthirsty lust.We have always avoided bloodshed no matter what but Dante just shot my solider without blinking. I raise my gun and shoot at his right hand man in retaliation and then all hell lets loose. I see some of my men fall behind me and I know that this time both sides will suffer tonight. This was all his fault. I stay calm and duck to avoid some bullets as I switch to a new location. At some point, someone from my side cleverly shoots at the street light next to us and then everything went pitch black but I had already see him sneaking over to the other side to retrieve our goods. I hear Dante release a string of Italian curses when he realizes what we have done but I take advantage of his distraction and aim at him. He manages to dodge the bullet but I know that it must have hit another par
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Saving my sister-in-law.
A few minutes later, when I come out of my uncle's study and begin to descend the stairs, my ears perk up at a woman's faint groan of pain from a distance so I stop halfway. My hand trembles sightly at the knowledge that a pitiful female was getting beaten up by her husband but there is nothing I can do to help. This was the sad fate of any woman connected to the Mafia. This was the reason I struggled to be inducted as a Made Man. It wasn't ideal for a woman to be a Capo anywhere but there were two rare cases in my Costa Nostra, mine and the Boss's grandmother. Her bravery gave me the strength and courage to fight for a better life and I succeeded. I was now untouchable and feared by any man in this region. I snap out of my deep thoughts when I hear another sound so I descend down the stairs and see my friend on the floor. My eyes widen at the pool of blood beside her as she curls herself in a defensive position on the white-tiled floor. I immediately run to her side to check on he
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Losing a dear friend.
Two weeks later, I finally recieved the details of my next mission. According to my Underboss, I was to hunt down Gavino, one of our main suppliers who sold us some fake weapons for a large sum of money and then went underground. Apparently, the Boss of Diff'rent Strokes was not happy about his betrayal and wanted him dead as possible. The only problem is that everyone under my command knew that old man, Gavino and no one was happy to receive this order. He had been serving us loyally for years and had never cheated anyone before. This whole stuff smelled fishy to me so I decided to do some of my own private investigation. If he was innocent, I could take him back to the Underboss and prove his case but if he really was guilty, then I would have no choice but to end him myself.During twilight, my men and I go to his workplace first where his men unsuspectingly continue their jobs, not knowing what that their boss just offended a very dangerous mafia and had just run away. They would
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Exposed to her biggest threat.
When we returned back to Diff’rent Strokes territory, it took the convicting of my second-in-command and everything in me not to put a bullet in Davide's head. He was my cousin but I was higher than him in rank so it was very disrespectful for him to call such a shot in the presence of my men. He had always wanted to outdo me since we were little but it seemed like his plan didn't work out so he thought that he could use my uncle's authority to suppress me. That's why I was hoping that our Underboss, Vincenzo Corsi was finally going to grant my wish of ending this bastard's life this time because it seemed like he was totally pissed by the sudden change of plans. We were both summoned to his office where we stood in the tense atmosphere that seemed to chill under Vincenzo's dark gaze. He stared at Davide. "Who did you say sent you to kill Gavino?"Davide couldn't even lift his eyes as he looked down on the floor with his tail between his legs. "I-It was m-my father. H-He said t-that
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Looking for the Princess of Diff’rent Strokes.
Seeing my son playing with his father so happily was the most excruciating pain I had ever felt for a long time. The sight of his tender eyes on our son was all I had ever imagined since I got the news that I was pregnant but now, it only serves to remind me of his betrayal. He wasn't there when Pedro was born neither was he present when he took his first walk or spoke his first words. He left us. He chose his people over us and that thought alone sobers me up enough to wake up from this happy illusion that we are now one complete family. I grab the other hand of our son as we walk out of the amusement park in California he took us to. I spot the men that he had hired as an extra security measure to protect us even though we are in his territory. I still don't understand why he is here, trying to return to us. He clearly has an ulterior motive but still a part of me wants to believe in the illusion that he missed us, that he might be regretting his decision. "Momma, I want to eat
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Discovering the truth about the past.
I drove back to Gavino's place where almost all his stuff was gone thanks to Diff’rent Strokes' sacred policy but still I scoured the place looking for any clues to my friend's whereabouts. I already had some suspicions in my heart but I wasn't the type to take useless risks so all I needed at the moment was some kind of confirmation. I enter his office and look around but there is nothing substantial to be seen after searching for a long time. I turn around to leave when my eyes rest at the mahogany table and my memories return to me. It was back when I had just returned to Nevada and my father was already planning to remarry me as soon as possible in order not to lower my price value in the marriage market but he was still unaware of my pregnancy. I remember coming to this place because it was the least expected place and I hid under the table when my father finally came. My eyes tears up at the past but the present where Gavino is no longer around so I continue to walk away when a
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A new marriage prospect.
He looks down to me lying on the floor before his eyes starts wandering around the place and spots Rossella who runs away into the back room, his eyes widening in shock. "So....it's really true? She is really alive?"I grunt in pain as I hold my stomach in pain as I struggle to stand on my feet. The last person I expected to be following me was my own cousin but I know the repercussions this could bring if he opens his mouth. "Davide, let me explain...""You traitor bitch, what exactly do you want to tell me?" Davide raises his gun and hits me on the forehead mercilessly, causing me to stumble back on the floor as I groan in pain. I slowly feel a warm wet liquid trickle down my forehead as he comes over and looms over me. "That you helped your friend escape and killed our uncle? You helped our enemies shame us!""That's not what happened.." My whole body racks with pain from each hit he gives me but I hold onto his body, telling myself not to allow him leave this place. My whole life,
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Rejecting Aurelio Zanetti.
My uncle's smile falters on his face after everyone hears my words but I don't give a damn. He is the one who tried to sell me like I am some sort of goods on a market but he made the wrong move. Any other woman might allow this insult go........but not me, Marcella Andreotti. I meet his glare eye to eye as the room is still drowned in silence until someone approaches us with a friendly smile. He stretches out his hand and says to me. "It's nice to meet you, Miss Marcella. You are as beautiful as they said.""Hey, were you f*cking deaf when I said I was married? Who is the Miss here?" I bristle at his comment and ignore his hand sticking out to my direction. Although it seems like I am acting a little bit rash in the eyes of the women present, I have my reasons. There was no way I was going to marry this man. Of all the Capos in Diff’rent Strokes, Aurelio Zanetti was the most ruthless and most merciless one. He was also the Underboss's favourite and he only worked on special missi
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