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To fulfill his sister's birthday wish, Anthony - a billionaire CEO who loves privacy perfection and orderliness - has to accommodate Vivian, a stubborn lady who doesn't care about details and is used to chaos. They start out as enemies, fighting over every little thing but they have no choice - Anthony has to fulfill his sister's birthday wish, and Vivian has nowhere to go as her parents sent her packing. Slowly, they begin to see the good in each other, and that they aren't all that bad after all. From small talks and jokes, they progress to filling in as dates for the other, until they fall in love. But Vivian didn't disclose everything about her reason for being disowned and sent away by her parents, Until her past and her arranged husband begins to haunt her. Will their love stand the test of time? Only one way to find out!

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20 Chapters
Chapter 3
Chapter 3Rebecca couldn't tell whether it was the morning sun that woke her up, or the aroma of something delicious downstairs.Her eyes still closed and she stayed in bed, she smiled. She knew it was her brother creating the edible magic that heightened her senses with warmth and excitement.She sighed and sat up on her bed. She covered her eyes from the morning as she stood up to close the blinds. She then took a long stretch and an involuntary yawn followed immediately. She couldn't even tell whether she felt refreshed or if she was more tired than she was last night.She took herself out of the room and walked downstairs to the kitchen. And just as she thought, her brother was the one cooking."Well well well... Who do we have here in the kitchen?", She teased.He turned back, surprised to see Rebecca standing behind her."Becks? I didn't even know you were awake. Was I loud?", He asked as he too his focus back to what he was cooking."No no, not at all. Infact, it was the aroma o
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4"I'm sorry I can't you to the airport myself. As much as I want to, they really need me at the company" "I understand. I'll just take an Uber to the airport. I'll call you when you reach there" "That sounds good. I'm going to miss you", he smiled. "I'll miss you more", she returned and hugged him. "Please don't forget to pick Vivian from the airport later in the evening. She told me that the plane will arrive by six. I've given her your number, so she'll call you when you get lands." "I'll try not to", he teased. "And one more thing..." "What's it this time, Rebecca?", He groaned. "Nothing much... I was just wondering what was going on with your love life" "Are we really going to discuss that now?, You realize the plane doesn't wait for you, right?" "I have literally an hour to get there", she frowned. "But then, the traffic-" "Don't change the topic, Anthony. I can't remember the last time I heard you talk about a lady in your life, or seen you with one. You neve
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5"Okay. We're here", Anthony announced as he drove into his compound and stopped the car. They both came out and he noticed she was observing the house. From the look on her face, she didn't look like she was particularly admiring it. "Let's get inside", he said and he got the door open. They both entered the house and he saw that she was still checking out the house in silence. "So... Do you like it?", He asked. She kept silent for a couple of seconds before turning to him. "No" Anthony was stunned by her response. "What? W... Why?" "I've never been to a house so dull. The only colours I see is black and white. You don't even have anything that has color in your living room. You have the same paint colors for your exterior. Just black and white. All your cars are black, your walls are white. On the inside, your walls are white, and your furnitures are black. Your house has no life whatsoever in it. I've been to smaller house that have less eyesore paint colors. Your
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6"What?" "I said, I have an important appointment I need to go to this morning, and you need to take me there", she repeated as she picked up her phone to check the time. "Urghh... I'm late", she announced unenthusiastically, still standing. "B... But, you're still in your pyjamas! You don't look like you have anywhere to go to in the next week! Plus, you just arrived yesterday. How is it possible that you know anywhere?", He questioned. "Exactly. I don't know my way around this city, so I need you to take me to the place. I saw an opportunity for a gig online, and when I applied, they gave me an address for an interview. So I need to be there as soon as possible", she said with a loud yawn. Anthony had never seen somebody say something and make a gesture that expresses the exact opposite of what she said like Vivian. "Vivian, I'm going to be late for work! If you knew that you needed to go somewhere today, and that you needed me to take you there, why didn't you wake up
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7"Vivian!!", He exclaimed in shock. He called her name so loud, she jerked up from the bending position she was in. "Oh, you're here! I didn't even see it hear you walk in" "Wh... What's all this mess?!", He questioned, complete horror in his eyes as he scanned his room with his eyes. Since the very first day he bought this house and started living in it, his loving room had never been this scattered. Infact, the word "scattered" was an understatement of the situation of his living room. He was standing in total chaos!! Everywhere he looked, he saw rumpled and squeezed papers. If the papers were not not rumpled, they were lying dormant with something written on it. Pasted on his sofas and couches were small, colorful small notes. He also saw her shoes and bags on the centre table. "Oh, I'm sorry... The firm that held the interview asked the applicants to make their best blog work. They asked us to come up with an three-thousand word article of a topic I'd never handled
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Two days had passed, and Anthony decided to have a talk with Vivian. He tried all he could to hold his anger down last night. After the conversation with his sister, he decided that he wasn't going to endure living with someone in his own house. And if he wanted to do that, they were going to have a conversation. He waited for her to come down stairs, and she finally came down for some coffee. And as usual, she looked like she'd just escaped an alien invasion. "Why do you always look like that in the morning?", He couldn't help but ask. "Like what?", She frowned. "Like a zombie", he replied her. "Wow. Thank you so much for the compliment, Anthony. You don't look to bad yourself", she replied in sarcasm as she walked past him. "Well, I wanted us to talk", he said. "About what?", She groaned as she took the coffee can from the drawer and poured some of it into the brewing machine. He opened his mouth to speak, but he got quite stunned by the amount of coffee she was bre
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9"What is wrong with this lady?! But she want me to die of heart attack?! Why won't she answer her calls?!", He swore in anger and threw his phone across the couc It was 12:30pm, and Anthony was pacing from one end of the living room to anothe Although he had a not-so-great conversation with Vivian earlier in the day, and he didn't get her to sign the document, he didn't know that she'd start breaking the rules toda It was way past the curfew, but she was nowhere to be found. He saw her leave the house after the argument they had, and he guessed that she had a gig to attend to, but he didn't know what gig would keep Vivian out by this tim He tried her number for the upteenth time, but as the other attempts went, she wasn't answering her phone. He didn't know where to go in search of her because he had no idea where she wen But he couldn't stay at home and do nothing but worry. He had to start somewhere. He didn't know where he was going to look for her, but he had to at l
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10The screeching sound of the cotton blinds getting opened woke Vivian woke up from her sleep, and the sunlight that attacked her was unexpected. It looked like the intensity of the sun had tripled, only to blind her. "Who got the window opened? Get them closed!", She groaned in misery as she shielded her eyes from the sun with her heavy hands. The intensity of the light was adding more pangs to her throbbing headache. She'd forgotten that she usually had really hurtful hangovers after a night of drinking. "Good morning! You need to wake up", she heard Anthony greet as he walked away from the cotton blinds without shutting them back. "Keep you voice low and shut the window for me, would you!", She wailed tiredly as she covered her entire body with the duvet, only for Anthony to fling it off. "Anthony!! Stop being a jerk and let me sleep in peace!! I'm not a morning person like you", she whined. "That's good to know, but it's not morning. It's a few minutes past two. This
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Chapter 11
Chapter 11"And you got drunk last night? Guess it isn't important to you, then" "The company was actually impressed with my work and asked to see me personally today. I need to get ready as soon as possible!", She freaked out. "For something you're already thirty minutes late for? Coupled with the traffic? Please. You'll never get there in time", he laughed. "Yes I will, and you're going to help me get there!", She grunted and gave him a death stare that almost made him fall to his knees and beg for mercy. "Wh... What do you mean, help you get there? I already planned to rest today-" "I need to take a quick shower in your bathroom. Meanwhile, you're going to go to my room and look for my purple top and a clean pair of jeans for me. Also get me my heels. I need to look professional. Oh, and get me a clean pair of panties and bras. You'd have to smell them to know if they're clean or not", she instructed. "Even if I wanted to help you, I'd still decide not to, because of your abil
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Chapter 12
Chapter 12"Why are you driving so slow, Anthony? If you keep driving like this, I'm going to get to the company around midnight! Drive faster!", She yelled as she began adjusting her dress and wearing her heels. "If I go faster than this, I'll have the police pull me over and give me a ticket. I've never gotten a ticket before, and I'm not about to get one. I also do not want to die early, so bear with me", he retorted as he kept his eyes on the road. She was about to give him a reply before she felt a buzz in her pocket. She took it out and checked the Caller ID. "Shit!!", She exclaimed, making Anthony more tensed up than ever. "What's the problem this time?!", He questioned as he drove. "The company is calling me! I need to pick it, but I need to doing my makeup too! I can't ignore their calls else they'll think I don't want the job anymore, and I need to look good before I get there!", She freaked out. "You have to do one, then-" "I have an idea! You hold this face mirror wh
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