Unforgotten Love - Entwined Lovers Series

Unforgotten Love - Entwined Lovers Series

By:  S E Richards  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a tragic accident Charlotte was left in a coma for several years, when she wakes up she has no recollection of who or what she was including anyone she knew. Throughout the book Charlotte goes back to her home town and buys her old house - without knowing it- whilst meeting the man she was married too, Daniel Stern. Charlotte starts to get flashbacks of her life before the coma, when she starts to research and come into contact with old friends and people in the small town she now lives. Daniel Stern is heir to a billion-pound legacy, head of an estate agents and Charlottes former husband. He doesn't know Charlotte has woken from her coma until she walks into his office looking for a house. His journey throughout the book consists of trying to hide how he tarnished their marriage by taking up a mistress, now his secretary and running away from Charlotte when things got tough through alcohol, drugs and sex, trying to forget she existed. Someone starts to leave mysterious notes and gifts inside Daniel's apartment and Charlottes house causing Charlotte to run to the police and another man’s arms. After several weeks of quiet and no more notes, Charlotte disappears and it’s up to Daniel to find her. After a one￾manded rescue mission and a big secret revelation a lot of skeletons come out of the closest.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
Daniel Stern was so much more than the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome. Every time he walked into a room, jaws would drop, women would be fighting to get his attention and even some of the men. His whole being was perfection, the perfect chiselled jaw, the dazzling blue eyes, the shortish messy brown hair. He was mesmerising and he knew it, being heir to a billion-pound legacy did that to a guy. As he sat at his huge mahogany desk in his soft, black leather chair, he couldn't help but let his mind travel back to the beautiful woman he once loved the joy she would bring him and the despair she has left him in. The way she would lay there asleep, so peaceful and so pure. As he let his mind wander through the past like he had done so many times before, he grew weaker and weaker the stabbing pain of heartbreak re-lived all over again and he recalled his last memories of her.The knocking on his office door brought h
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Chapter 2
Daniel had dreaded this appointment all week. As he drove through the small town and up through the country roads to the house, he mentally went over every room. He'd spent all week taking away any trace of the two together in the house but he felt like he was forgetting something. As he drove up to the front door, he found Charlotte waiting there for him, she looked beautiful and his heart leapt. As much as he wanted to spend every moment he had with Charlotte, he wanted this over and done with.What if she doesn't want it? What if something brings back her memories?Daniel's thoughts kept circling in his head, but pushing them aside he figured he would just show her around, keep his fingers crossed and hurry it up. It seemed to have worked because Charlotte wanted to buy it. A few times thereDaniels had thought she'd remembered but she seemed to keep going a big smile radiating across her face.D
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Chapter 3
As Charlotte opened the door on her new home, she felt that familiarity again, ignoring it she ushered the removal men in, directing them with the boxes and furniture she had no idea where she would be putting it. Hours went by until she was finally able to have a good look around, with a cup of tea in hand, that ever-present familiarity and sadness creeping in. As she looked around her, she started to notice little things, nothing major but, things like the small holes in the walls were paintings and pictures used to be or the scent of a fragrance that was lingering in the house something she knew but couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.As she wandered further around the house, she felt a lot more comfortable and excited that she had somewhere to call her own. The sense of belonging somewhere, something she hadn't felt since awakening from the coma that she'd been in for a few years according to the do
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Chapter 4
Her long, silky soft hair lay spread out around her head like a halo, her slim yet curvaceous figure lie crumpled on the floor, broken and bruised. Daniel ran to her but when he thought he was close enough to touch her, a dark figure came out of nowhere, taunting him with his haunting, dark voice, the words written on the note. As much as Daniel tried to touch Charlotte the further away, she became, he struggled and scrambled through the darkness trying to reach her, screaming her name.BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!Daniel sprung up to the sound of his alarm, sweat beading all over him, tears running down his face and his heart beating uncontrollably. It took a few minutes for him to restore the calm and realise where he was and that he had just had a nightmare nothing more. Taking a deep breath and crawling out of bed he headed for a cold shower hoping that it will shake the memories of his sleep. Hea
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Chapter 5
With a splintering pain flowing up his back and a pain in his neck Daniel woke from a restless sleep. He'd fallen asleep at his desk after everything that had occurred the night before he was exhausted. Walking into the closet he had in his office, he picked out a navy Armani suit and got dressed quickly. Daniel had almost forgotten about the delivery he had last night; he had no idea what he was going to do. Looking around his office at all the paperwork and desk equipment littering his floor he quickly spotted his phone, bending down to pick it up he grimaced with the flashback of Katherine bent over the desk and his complete lack of willpower to stop anything. Daniel had to get some help on the situation and quick, Charlotte’s life was in danger and he needed to stop whoever it was doing this before she found out. Bringing up his contact list on his phone he called his one and only trustworthy employee/f
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Chapter 6
The next day, Daniel awoke with a jolt. His head pounded worse than he'd ever experienced before and his stomach was churning. Darting out of bed Daniel shot into the huge ensuite, bent over the toilet and released everything he had consumed from the day before. Collapsing up against the cool marble wall Daniel caught his breath. “What the hell happened last night?!” Daniel asked himself. After watching Charlotte with Stefano all afternoon as they ate, drank and flirted, Daniel had consumed a whole bottle of bourbon and half a bottle of Jack Daniels before heading off into the city to drink the V.I.P section of Club Tiger dry. All he could remember was that spark he saw in Charlotte when she was speaking to HIM, the two of them sat there and Stefano worming his way into her life. Daniel hated Stefano. Daniel, Stefano and Ethan had been best of friends growing up, Stefano become the country’s best divor
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Chapter 7
Driving down the driveway into the town, Charlotte was shaking. She felt giddy and elated that Daniel had said yes after she blurted out the offer of meeting for coffee. Charlotte was sure her face went bright red, it felt like she was on fire when she realised what she said. Daniel looked incredible in that suit, fitted and looking drop dead gorgeous. She knew later he’d be filling her dreams with that incredible face and smooth voice. With a massive smile on her face like a Cheshire cat, she parked up to go meet Stefano, another guy who had entered her dreams. Walking across the carpark someone came past her from behind and bumped into he before speeding off; they had the hood up on their black hoodie so she couldn’t see their face, they had skinny jeans that hugged their legs and trainers on. Charlotte naturally apologised as they bumped into her and thought no more of it. Stefano was sat in th
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Chapter 8
Daniel drove back to the office, his music on blaring and singing along. The pure childish excitement he had over his coffee meet with Charlotte had taken over. Parking in his space, he took the lift to the top floor of his building and was greeted by a smirk plastered on Katherines face as she stood up from behind her desk, “Mr Stern, you have a parcel on your desk, the delivery boy dropped it off earlier.” She said with a look as though she was thinking I’d bought her something. Although he bought her lingerie, and fancy jewellery now and again, he hadn’t ordered or been expecting anything to be delivered today. With a quizzical look, Daniel walked into his office straight to where the delivery was. He read the label; there was no return address or any information as to where it had come from. Slowly Daniel opened the box. Inside was a white envelope with “OPEN ME” scrawled on
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Chapter 9
Charlotte drove the high-street heading home, confused by the poem that been put in her pocket, she called Lucy. “Hey! You ok?” Lucy practically sang. “Hey beautiful, just thought I’d call, I had a note left again but this time it was in my pocket and it was a poem.” Charlotte said, reaching out for the poem to read it to Lucy. “what do you mean it was in your pocket? How did it get there? What did it say?” Lucy asked. Charlotte read off the poem and recalled the person that bumped into her in the carpark before she went for coffee. “someone bumped into me in the carpark earlier when I went to meet Stefano for coffee, they must have dropped the note in my pocket then,” Charlotte looked down to put the note into her handbag.BANG! SMASH!Charlottes head smashed into her side window, the car skidded sideways, Charlotte’s head lolling on the steering&nbs
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Chapter 10
Daniel watched Ethan leave the room and collapsed on the floor. The memory of Stefano at the hospital watching Charlotte, declaring his undying love for her played on repeat in front of his eyes. Daniel sat there crying until he couldn’t anymore. Dragging himself to his feet he thought it best to take Ethan’s advice. He walked into the ensuite of his office, undressed and got into the shower. The water cascading down his back, he just stood there hoping the water would wash away the pain and betrayal he felt.Stepping out of the shower, he caught a glimpse of himself in the floor length mirror. Daniel near grimaced at how his appearance had changed.His face was looking exhausted and gaunt, His physique had taken a beating with all the stress and worry. Stepping on his scales, he grimaced even more. He’d dropped nearly a stone in the past few weeks. Daniel knew he needed to sort things out, he hadn’t eaten&nb
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