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When Emma was ten years old, she found the lifeless body of her sister, Grace. She was murdered by a robber. Even after five years in a mental hospital, Emma still seeks revenge. On the other hand, Argo, when he was fifteen years old he discovers that his mother had died overnight. he slept next to her corpse without knowing that his mother is already dead. He learned that his mother was killed by a stranger. He promises to seek justice and find someone responsible for it. What would happen if they meet in the future? Will they realized their connection? Will their dark secrets and twisted minds heal each other or will it leads to disaster? This is a story about broken souls meets by fate.

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engaging read I'm loving reading
2023-03-06 03:30:14
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awesome story
2021-07-15 21:09:16
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very amazing! The story made me curious and wanted to read on.
2021-07-15 20:08:47
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Lucy Ang
Wah keren kak. Menyelidiki kematian saudara dan ibunya. Mantap. Semangat y kak
2021-07-15 19:30:07
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Next up level, Thorrr
2021-07-15 19:28:01
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Chapter I, Grace
I finally back to this gloomy place once more. This greyish stone along with the cloudy sky depicts the feeling inside my heart that I try so hard to hide.  The smell of wet soil still lingers in this place, I bet the rain has stopped not long ago before I arrived. Even my shoes look muddy and dirty, I feel ashamed to meet you in this state. I reach the soil to pick up some wild grass that grows over time, I keep doing other unimportant things to delay our conversation, I really need some time to dare myself to talk to you, I sigh, biting my lips then start talking to you.Throughout our conversation, or so, this stupid water keeps dripping on my face and sometimes I wipe it off as if it’s nothing. I shouldn’t have worn this mascara today. I then pat the gravestone like I pat your head back in the day.  I told you things, about my life, days without you. I know I talk to nothingness right now. God, you might not even hear me. Even though, I’m kind
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Chapter II, Meeting Dan
The rains pour hard. It’s been three days since I ran away from home. I can feel my stomach hurt so bad due to my hungriness. I should’ve brought something warm with me or maybe I could steal it the next morning. I glance over the digital clock inside the dark mini market. No wonder the cars are rarely to be seen. It's 4 o'clock in the morning. Every piece of cloth on my body is drenched.  I don’t have any place to go now. I closed my eyes and put my face in my arms. I stay in that position for God only knows for how long. All I could feel are hungriness and chills in every pore on my body. “Son, you okay?” I look up and I see an officer standing in front of me. I can't see his face clearly, it's really bright. I bet the mini-market owner called the cop on me. “I’m sorry officer, I’ll leave. Please don’t arrest me.” As I’m trying to stand up, my head is spinning and my body no longer works the way I want it to. I stumbled and he catches me.
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Chapter III, I'm Back
It is time. I finally am going to meet my sister once again. That tragedy made me lived in a mental hospital for a while. No, I don't feel ashamed to admit it. After all, I'm finally out and going to meet my sister now. The first thing I see after I got out, is a flash. I don’t even
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Chapter IV, Second Chance
I thought life was easy, do my best and I will get what I deserve. But is it though? After I wake up, the first thing I notice is the smell of alcohol. Not the dink kind of alcohol, it’s more like when you step into a hospital.  I found myself laying inside a car with a lot of medical things inside. I see a paramedic beside me checking my pulse. “Can you tell me your name?” “Ar…go?” She nods tells me to rest. Wait, how am I ended up here? What did I do? I’m trying to remember. I was in the street and meet an officer then… I’m fully awake now I realize what is happening. I forced my body to stand up to face my reality. The medic tries to calm me down until a familiar voice speaks aloud. “Let him be.” I see Dan standing in front of the car, or back I suppose. He helped me down and brings me a warm tea. We sit on the sidewalk. I see people come and go from and to my place. Some wearing some sort of hazardous uniform, others wearing a vest, a
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Chapter V, Persistent
My investigation about my sister keeps leading to a dead end. The best lead I got is the CCTV records from the porch that day. A guy with a black cap standing in front of the door. I guess he wants to knock at first to create a distraction but change his mind all of the sudden. God knows how long I've been replaying this scene. By his behavior I know he's agitated, clumsy but not clumsy enough to left some tracks. Police couldn't find any footprints because rain has washed it all away. Police also couldn't find any fingerprints, they conclude that he takes whatever he touches and use his clothes to touch something else like the door handle and some sort because in CCTV footage he didn't wear any gloves. What's weird there is also no trace in Grace's body even though he takes Grace's bracelet.  I don't know why he takes Grace's bracelet, maybe he is a psychopath who takes things from victims and treasures them. I hate to think that some part of Grace is still out there w
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Chapter VI, Hateful Society
I don't hate it here. I have been through something worse than this. As I talk in my head, another bucket of gutter water splashed to my face.  "Hahaha, son of a whore" Some boy mocking me as they running to the gate. This is not something new as I enrolled in an all-boys school. Sometimes they punch me, pour me with gutter water like before, use me as a stool and even use me as an ashtray. It's not like I can't fight them. I could but I don't want to make any problems for Dan. He got a lot of things on his plate. I don't know why he keeps hiding his emotion in front of me as if he wants to protect me as a father. Being fathered by Daniel Randerson means everything is tough love. I don't hate it at all. I love him to death but I just kinda hope he would want to share some of his problems with me, especially since we just have each other.  I stand up and walk to a nearby store. This store is pretty old but I keep come back here to help the old lady w
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Chapter VII, Fateful Meeting
"Hey, Carlson. You are Emma Carlson right?" A woman comes towards me. I look at her from head to toe. Her face does look familiar but I can't point my finger. Especially since this is my first day in college. She does look pretty but also can't be tamed. If you have watched the movie about a blonde who wants to be a lawyer, she kinda gets her vibes but with black hair. "Anna, don't you remember me?! I'm Jan!!" She whispered enthusiastically to me. Wait no one should know who I really am. Out of panic I shut her mouth and push her to the wall. "What do you want?!" I said it angrily.  I don't know what she wants. Money? Fame? Can't I just live normal like other people? I didn't notice it before, even though her face kind of looks terrified but her eyes staring straight at mine. "I want nothing, chill out."  She looks calmer and pushes my hand slowly out of her face. She takes a tissue out of her purse and wipes her face
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Chapter VIII, The Veil
It's kinda funny to think that I also follow Dan's path. My journey being an officer is full of drama. I don't know why as soon as I became an officer, Dan retired and choose to buy a diner. He ended up becoming the chef-owner of the diner. As long as he's happy, I'm happy for him. "Sir?" My junior in the police department shocks me. I look outside and realized I have arrived in another precinct. I need to do some checking about documents to this precinct. Most of the documents are about bad guys we have been arrested for. We need to check whether they are sent from this precinct or not. I get off from my friend's patrol car. He then drove to his station. The wind blows onto me and makes my eyes watery. As I touch my right eye, I see a woman sitting on the stairs in front of me. The cold stairs which made of stone that people keep stepped on. She facing down hugging her legs. She is a brunette with medium hair length.  I walk past her to get into
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Chapter IX, Battle of Wits
I keep glancing at the door. Hoping he will come at any second. The only thing that keeps me sane is the smell of the coffee that lingers in the air. It is comforting. I sip my latte as I look at my laptop, preparing my presentation to Argo. The hot coffee that caressing the tip of my tongue keeps me awake. I take a glimpse at my watch, it's 4 pm already. Did I fail to convince him? He did seem eager yesterday. I slumped down to the desk. "Hey, I just clean that up!" I heard Emily's voice from behind. I can imagine she yells at me as she resting her head on the handle of a mop. I don't even have to look back. Emily is my senior in college but even though she's a senior, we are the same age. I sometimes asked her about projects that I need to do. She's a pretty nice person despite her harsh words. "Gah. I did own this coffee shop, didn't I?" I sit back and look at the ceiling. "If you own this crap, do something about it. Even graveyard
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Chapter X, Friend or Foe
"Argo, there's something you need to know about." Dan finally said it after a long pause. The sounds of the clock ticking make me anxious. I know I'm related to the case because of his behavior but how bad? "I was assigned to investigate the case at that time, the only thing that was missing from the crime scene was a bracelet." He stares deep into my soul. I can see the sadness in his eyes he might cry anytime soon. The image of the tough man I see in Dan is now is shattered, he's just an old man with a lot of baggage. "You wore the bracelet when I first met you, Argo." I startled. What? "I had examined the picture of a hand from CCTV record hundreds of times and it shows everything but the finger. Even though people can't use fingerprints to find you, I can see the palm creases. It fits yours. Every single one of it." I feel my head dizzy. Everything that he said feels unreal. I don't even have any motive. Why would I do that
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