Valerie's Descent

Valerie's Descent

By:  Avery Rowan  Completed
Language: English
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She wanted to be free, but did that mean surrendering everything to Damien and his whims? Tired of her domineering husband, Valerie Tanner decides it's time to start a new life somewhere else. However, when she moves to Live Oak, her brother's friends show her a life of total abandon where someone else calls the shots, and she has no choice but to obey. Once she gives in, Valerie descends into a dark morass of exploits that leaves her reeling and craving more, even though she fights each order she's given. Her mind screams at her that it's wrong, but her body pleads for her to continue. The question now is: how far will she fall before she loses herself? Or, is this the path to show her who she truly is?

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Cari Taylor
Anything new
2021-09-07 13:11:13
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Sarah Alsam
I hope Valerie and Damien would end up together. They really compliment each other.
2021-08-07 08:32:29
default avatar
Well written thus far. I am enjoying the building of the characters. The scene on the roof was HOT 🔥 I hope we see more of this as Valerie discovers this hidden side of herself.
2021-05-18 23:12:04
103 Chapters
Chapter One
Valerie Tanner tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear as she stared up at the apartment building. He really expects me to live here? The whole thing could collapse at any moment. The structure held an ancient air to it, as if someone had forgotten it needed demolished decades ago. The red brick building held a rusty fire escape on the east side, which seemed to be barely hanging on, and it appeared as if no one had washed several of the windows since they first erected the building, probably in the 1800s by the style of it. Time had stained the concrete steps leading up to the front door with mildew and cigarette butts, and what landscape existed around the building seemed withered or completely dead. The entire framework seemed depressing, too depressing for a new start to her life.She glanced over at her brother, Jake, forcing a smile onto her face. “Seems cozy.”He stared at the building for a moment longer before turning to her and ma
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Chapter Two
Valerie stood there staring at Damien Pressman, taking in his broad shoulders, powerful-looking chest, the shape of which she could see through his tight T-shirt. He smiled over at her, his smile sparkling almost as much as his eyes. Her pussy dripped as she smiled back at him, slowly pulling her hand from his, and she had to swallow the dryness in her throat before she could return his greeting. “I want to thank you for renting me the apartment,” she said. “I appreciate it.”Damien waved off her statement, “Don’t mention it. Anything I can do to help out Jake and his baby sister. Besides, it was just sitting there empty. The last tenants moved out a couple of months ago. I’d rather see it go to someone who could use it.” He stepped back a little, closing the door behind them. “Come on into the kitchen, and I’ll introduce you to Holly.”“Great,” Valerie said, the name of his girlfriend bringi
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Chapter Three
By the time her brother returned, Valerie had managed to set up her bathroom and put all her clothes away. She even squeezed in a quick shower, letting the scalding water pummel the tension out of her neck and shoulders, and changed into a soft lavender sundress for the party. As she gave herself a once over in the dresser mirror, she felt good about the way she looked. Her dark hair framed her oval face perfectly, accenting her dark green eyes, and the outfit she wore pushed her breasts upward a little so that her cleavage tempted to hidden treasures worth plundering. The dress also hugged her hips and cupped her round ass in a way that would draw men’s eyes. And tonight, she wanted to draw attention to herself just to prove she still could. She felt better about the direction she was taking with her life and determined to make the most of this new chapter. Brent’s misogynistic mindset would no longer influence her behavior. She was the queen of her life, the navigator
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Chapter Four
“Having a good time?” Jake asked her as he stepped up to the wall overlooking the backyard, his hands wrapped around a whiskey glass as he leaned on his elbows, matching Valerie’s position. The night sky was clear, the stars twinkling overhead and the moon drifting across the dark expanse, casting its soft glow along the earth as it went. Valerie heard some night crickets in the distance, but other than that, it surprised her at how quiet the area was.Valerie glanced over at him, her own drink in hand. She nodded once. “I am, actually. You have some interesting friends, I’ll say that.”He chuckled, his head bouncing slightly. “They are a rare bunch. I don’t hang around with them that often, but every time I do, I learn something new about them. Some have pretty far out ideas about relationships and life.”“I kind of noticed that from a conversation I had with the other ladies a bit ago.” She shoo
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Chapter Five
Valerie woke stiff and sore and in desperate need of coffee. The party went until well after midnight, and it surprised her none of the neighbors had called and complained about the noise. It wasn’t just the loud conversations and laughter that filled the night air, but Damien had blared music until finally surrendering to exhaustion and leading Holly downstairs to their bedroom. By that time, Jake had already called it a night and left, telling Valerie to call if she needed anything. She assured him she would be fine and told him to enjoy his Sunday. Truth was, after all the chaos of the past month, especially the last week after she decided to leave Brent, she needed the quietness of just being alone.Slipping into a pair of flannel pajamas and her slippers, she trudged her way to the kitchen to make coffee hoping to open her eyes. As she passed the kitchen window, she heard people talking outside. Curious, she moved over to the window to investigate. Glancing out to
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Chapter Six
Valerie stared at the other woman, suddenly remembering everything the others said last night about how Ethan made his girlfriend, Sally, do vulgar things out in public. “I’m almost afraid to ask,” she said as she lifted her coffee to her lips.Holly giggled as her eyes lit up with mischief. “He took her to one of those truck stops that have a greasy restaurant attached, wearing a skirt that barely covered her ass, making her leave her panties in the car, and then he made her walk around allowing whoever wanted and had the guts to smack her ass or feel her up. Sometimes both. She told me a couple even fingered her right there in the restaurant. When they finally left, Sally couldn’t remember how many men had touched her bare ass or toyed with her pussy, but she was wet as hell, she said. So wet that she fucked Ethan right there in the truck stop parking lot with the car door open.”Valerie felt her eyes widen with each part of the st
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Chapter Seven
Valerie stood at the front entrance to the administration building of Hampton University, the brick structure slightly intimidating in its stoic, austere appearance. Giant oaks towered around the edges of the campus, some nestled close enough to the buildings to offer some sort of shade, the slight breeze tousling their leaves. College students meandered about, most laden down with overloaded backpacks or arms loaded with thick books. Some students had earphones in, listening to their music on their way to class, while others laughed along with whoever they walked with. A few teachers crossed from the parking lot to the buildings, some shaking their heads as they watched the students, more than likely lost in the generation gap. Valerie never understood why people took positions around others they refused to try to understand. She thrived on the differences between her and her students, hoping both could teach the other something about life past, present, and future. That’s wh
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Chapter Eight
Valerie walked over before she realized she had even taken the first step. “Excuse me,” she called out, one arm up as she pointed at the young man. “Hold up a moment, please.”The boy stopped, turning to face her. He didn’t hide the fact that he raked her with his hungry gaze, probably assuming she was another student. She barely appeared older than the average student, so she assumed he thought her someone he could flirt with. She would be quick to nip that notion in the bud.“Can I help you?” he asked as he slid his salacious gaze up her body once more until he looked her in the face.“We live next door to each other,” she told him, her arms over her chest, suddenly feeling as if she were out of her element. With the way he swallowed her with his gaze, a slimy feeling washed over her, making her shudder slightly. “I actually saw you tormenting that poor girl who seemed to want nothing more than to get
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Chapter Nine
Valerie leaned back in her chair, propping her feet up on the wall that circled the roof as a slight breeze brushed against her, soothing her tired muscles. She held her wineglass with both hands as she blew out the exhaustion that filled her from the day she had in a slow, steady breath, her shoulders slumping a little as she settled back. In the distance, the sun began to set behind the oaks that lined the back of the property, a hawk drifting slowly across the darkening sky. Tranquil. Her night was peaceful, and after the past month, peaceful was exactly what she needed.“And here I thought I’d be the only one out here tonight,” Damien’s voice came from behind her.She turned, glancing over at him as she realized her quiet night just got shattered. “It’s relaxing sitting up here,” she told him. “I could see this being a major spot for me.”Damien nodded as he slid a chair over to sit beside her, a beer in
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Chapter Ten
Valerie stared at Damien, not sure if he was being nice or trying to manipulate her into giving in to his base desires. “And you really think you can make my…” She took a deep breath, forcing herself to say the word she knew he would want her to say. “My pussy parts drip constantly by these humiliating experiences?” She didn’t believe it would be possible, especially with the way she hated being told what to do. And definitely not by Damien Pressman.“No doubt about it,” he said with a casual shrug. “But then, you’re not the type to give into things like that. You’re too uptight to let yourself go, even for a short period.”“I’m not uptight,” she said with a sigh. “I don’t know why you keep saying that? I like to have fun just as much as the next person.”He turned to her, smirking. “I already told you. By the way you act. Look at the things you sai
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