It's been three days since Joshua's party and we haven't spoken since. This lack of communication is starting to freak me out.

Maybe he regrets saying yes. Maybe he ran off to Europe and fuck all the Dutch girls. I hear they're great at it.

Of course, during my freak out session, my phone rings. I pick if up without looking at the callers id.

"Bella speaking."

"Bella." Joshua. "I'm coming over."

"O-oh ok." I reply, but he already hung up. Rude much.

The bell rang, whilst I was reaching out to lay my phone on the table, startling me and making me drop my phone to the ground.

"Fucking hell." I screech as it lands on my toe.

Once again, the bell rings, irritating me for the lack of patience in this person's mind.

"Yea yea- wait a fucking minute." I mutter and walk to the door.

I didn't expect Joshua to be here so soon, seeing as he called me aboht a minute ago. And I'm pretty sure the ride from his house to my apartment is nearly a 20-minute drive.

"Josh-" I get cut off by his lips crashing onto mine, forcing me with such passion I immediately give in. He walks us further into my apartment and I hear him closing my door. "I missed this." He breathes out whilst planting soft kisses on my neck, all the way down to my cleavage.

"So did I." My words come out hoarse as I suppress to let out a shout of contentment. He pulls off my tanktop and squeezes my breasts as he follows his previous trail back to my lips.

I tangle my hands into his brown locks and pull his face towards mine. I suck at his bottom lip and softly bite into it. I giggle as I hear him groan. He lift me up and I tangle my legs around him. I could feel his thunder junk growing beneath his jeans as he lays us down onto my couch.

"Shit." I cuss as I break our heated kiss. "Shit. Shit. Shit."

"What?" He asks as he breaths ragidly above me.

"We can't." I say, looking into his passion filled, blue eyes.

"Why the hell not? I brought condoms." He jokes, running a finger over my jawline.

"It's not that." I look away, partly ashamed and partly nervous for his upcoming reaction.

"Then what is it, Bella." He dips his head into the crook of my neck and runs his tongue along it. "Tell me."

"I'm on my period, Joshua." He looks at me, as if he is trying to figure out if I'm just pulling his leg or not, before succumbing on top of me.

I could feel the presence of his little buddy as he lets his full weight lay on me.

He groans into my neck and mutters something about a cold shower whilst getting up. He doesn't forget to kiss me before he leaves the couch completely, telling me, with the kiss, that he isn't mad or anything like that.

I know Joshua could never get mad over something like that, but it still warms me up to know he respects me enough not to push it. Knowing that other man do not mind taiming the red sea.

"Want me to join?" I tease, as he is making his way to my bathroom.

"I do," he shouts back, "but my dick doesn't."

Joshua took about 20 minutes in the shower before finally coming out, cleaned and dressed in some sweatpants and a t-shirt- which he left at my place about three weeks ago.

"Did you clean up after you?" I say, implying to his dirty bussiness in my shower. I set down the plate of spaghetti I made when he was in the shower.

"Didn't need to." I raise my eyebrows at his reply and try not to laugh. "Saved it up for later." He adds, sitting down.

"You do know periods take about 4 to 5 days, right?" I ask, taking a bite of the spaghetti.


"And you're willing to wait that long to get some action?"

"Didn't I tell you," he says, "'only you'." He looks at me from under his lashes and it nearly kills me to see the passion beneath them.

"I didn't mean that you couldn't use your... hands." I laugh a little emberassed and take another bite. Anything to avoid his piercing eyes for awhile

"I guess I'll just have to do with your hands."

I look up and find him staring at me with a lust filled look.

"Whoa whoa whoa- no action for me, no action for you, mister. And for as long as there is blood coming out of my... pink pearl- there'll be no thunder junk entering." I state, despite my inner self screaming not to say it. I definitly wouldn't mind giving him some pleasure, even if he couldn't return it right away.

"Who says I need to fuck your pussy to make you come." He smirks whilst standing up. He strolls over to me and pulls mt chaur towards him, making it screech awefully along the way. "I can make you come in a lot of different ways, Bella. I don't need your pussy." Even though I resented the word 'pussy', his words had turned me on quicker than I could mutter, "oh boy".

"That you could say." He winks and kisses the top of my head. "Thanks for dinner, Bella." He sets out plates on the counter and starts cleaning the mess up.

Damn it, he's way more perfect than I thought he would be.

I shook my head and told myself those thoughts appeared because I had been staring at his ass. And lets be honest, that ass is effing perfect.


"You mind me staying the night?" Joshua mutter tiredly as the credits to Rambo, first blood roll down the tv. Old, but gold film.

"No, of course not. You know you're always welcome here." I reply, getting uo to get to bed as well.

"Thanks, Bells."

"You never call me 'Bells'." I say leading the way to my bedroom after turning off the tv.

"Right, I'm just tired I guess, sorry."

"No, it's ok." I pull off my sweatpants and get into bed. "I like it." The bed dips as he crawls in beside me, letting out a deep sigh as he pulls the blanket over the both of us.

"I don't." He mutters as he closes his eyes.

I look his way and roll onto my side, "why not? Lucas and Jason always call me that."

"I know," he grumbles, seemingly annoyed, "but it makes me think about cow bells."

I burst out laughing and slap nudge his chest, his bare chest. "You're kidding me."

"No, Bella. I'm dead serious." He says, but even he can't keep a straight face. He's absolutely crazy. Cowbells.

He reaches out for me and wraps an arm around me, pulling me into his embrace. "Now sleep, Bella. I'm tired."

"Ok, Joshua." I suppress my laughter and snuggle into his embrace. We've never actually slept together. We literally had sex and left right away. Like a bootycall.

I guess that was what tonight was supposed to be, but I'm glad it didn't turn out that way. I wouldn't want to miss this for the world. Wrapped into his strong arms, hearing his heart beat below my ear as I am tucked against his bare chest.

Oh god, I'm falling harder than a landslide.

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