Vanilla Love

Vanilla Love

By:  Larissa  Completed
Language: English
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Joshua Stone is incredibly handsome and appears to be the center of Bella's darkest desires. Oh- and he's also her best friend's uncle. Of course that doesn't stop them from giving into one another and letting the aching desires take control.

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20 Chapters
"Kiss me, Bella." His intense stare was nothing compared to the effect his body brought to mine as he pressed himself further against me."No, I will do... no such thing." My words falthered under my breath as I could feel the growing desire between his legs. I slightly push him away on his chest and let my hand linger longer than I intended them to be. "Leave me alone, Joshua. I've had enough of this."
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Even though I know last week didn't mean a thing to Joshua, or me for that matter, I was still filled with flesheating nerves as Lucas and I walked up the stairs to Joshua's mansion.'Please, Bella, kiss me.' He had begged, literally begged, for me to kiss him. Of course, the big idiot I am, I do as he asks.
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It's been three days since Joshua's party and we haven't spoken since. This lack of communication is starting to freak me out.Maybe he regrets saying yes. Maybe he ran off to Europe and fuck all the Dutch girls. I hear they're great at it.Of cour
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Waking up to a cold, empty bed has never been an issue to me before. Which is why I couldn't wrap my head around the feeling of desertion, when I woke to a note on my pillow instead of the handsome man that laid there last night.Gone to work.- Josh
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I've never been this nervous when Joshua announces he's coming over. I chose to ignore his words and was simply eating some dinner in my pyjama on the couch.Sexy enough, right?I walk to my bedroom and pull
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After last night and this morning, twice, I slept for 10 hours straight, which means it's 9 o'clock in the evening.Amy thought it'd ought to be fun to wake me up by jumping on my bed, literally shaking me awake in a very unpleasent way. After ten minutes of bugging me to get up, she finally succeeded in pulling me out of bed.
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"Why was she there?" I nearly shout as he sets foot in my apartment."I thought you'd be in bed by now." He says. I instantly get annoyed as he decides fo ignore my question.""You thought I'd be waiting with my bare ass in the air for you to pay a
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Waking up to a scream was not what I expected when I fell asleep in Joshua's strong arms.I pry open an eye and see a shocked Amy standing in the livingroom. Her eyes as big as marbles and a hand clasped over her mouth."Shit." I curse and sit up,
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"How did this even start, Bells?" Amy asks as she sips on her coffee in our favorite café. It's this cute littlr place that makes you feel like home. It's not like Starbucks or Mcdonalds. It's a small family café, with all homemade cookies and home brewed coffee."I don't really know, honestly. It just happened one day and we never stopped after that." I reply, thinking about the day we started all this.
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"I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. I'll be gone for a week or two.""Oh- Ok, who's coming with?" I clear my troath when it starts closing in on me."Just me and my secretary, I got some business in Japan that needs to he taken care of. Jaso
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