Isn't it him?

"You are home" Said a happy voice as soon as Yoonji got home. The voice came from the kitchen was of the most important person in Yoonji's life, which was her little sister, Kim Xuri.

She looked at her brightest star and said

"Yes sweety. How was school?"

Unlike Yoonji, her sister got the chance to study because of the sacrifice of hers and Xuri was immensely thankful for having a sister like her. She is her rock. The only person she can put her trust in.

"It was okay."

Smelling the delicious aroma Yoonji ran to the kitchen to see her sister making dinner for them.

"That smells great little sis." Yoonji said taking in the delicious aroma of food.

She was about to dip her hand in the curry when Xuri hit her with the spatula.

"Go wash up, you dirty human." Xuri said faking anger and glare in her sisters direction.

Yoonji pouted and then quickly dipped her hand in the curry and ran away tasting it.

"Muahhahaha" Yoonji laughed at Xuri's comical expression.

"Aaahhhh... you are so dirty. Unhygienic. Ew." Xuri screamed at Yoonji.

"Hahahah" Yoon Ji was laughing hysterically.

"I am going to wash up!!!!" She said in a sing song voice.

At the dinner table they both kept the conversation easily flowing. They told each about their day. Yoonji noticed Xuri was chewing her nails. A nervous habit of hers.

"Sweety there is plenty of food here for the both of us. Stop eating your nails. That’s just gross." Yoonji said throwing a meaningful look at her which Xuri avoided by not looking up.

"Hmmmm" Xuri replied not really present in the situation.

Yoonji kept her chopsticks down and asked her

"Okay. Tell me what is in your mind?"

"Ah. Nothing" Xuri said coming out of her own bubble. Yoonji just kept on staring at her sister knowing that it will irritate her and she will spill the beans eventually.

Xuri sighed and said.

"Okay. I got a scholarship from 'Decode college of biologics' "

"That’s a great news. Why are you sighing so unhappily then? What are you worried about?" Yoonji asked seriously.

"I am not taking it." Xuri said with a hint of hurt in her eyes.

"Why?" Yoonji asked not understanding the situation completely.

"Sis, it’s not a full paid scholarship, they are only paying half of the fee and the remaining fee is really high. So, I am dropping it because we can’t afford it" Xuri said explaining the situation.

"Don’t you dare to miss such an excellent opportunity. I'll do something about the fee. I promise." Yoonji said seriously.

"No Yoonji. You are already doing everything that you can. I can not put this kind of pressure on you."

Xuri said honestly.

"No more argument. If you love this course and fee is the only problem then I’ll take care of it. I promised you at mom's funeral that I am going to give you the best life of my abilities." Yoonji said sincerely meaning every word she said.

"But.." Xuri tried objecting her but Yoonji cut her sentence in the middle

"No buts. Don’t worry about this now. I'll think about this problem. You just keep your focus on your studies. Don’t forget we both are in this together. So, you should atleast share all of your problems with me before you make a decision.  Now your sole responsibility is to prepare for your journey ahead. I know how much you have put in even after doing most of the household stuff. I am so proud of you." Yoonji said proudly.

"Thank you." Xuri said getting emotional with her sisters praise.

Suddenly Yoonji got up from her chair, slamming the table she screamed.

"It is time to celebrate. Let’s drink."

"I don’t drink alcohol and you are a terrible drinker with lowest consumption limit and you have work tomorrow" Xuri said like a sensible person she is.

"Ohh! yes that's right." She sat back down and started eating her food like she was starving for months.

"You have gross eating habit . How can you eat so much? Slow down. I don’t think any amount of food is enough for you." Xuri said looking disgusted at her sisters eating habits.

Yoonji grinned at Xuri and said "Hehe... love you too"

Few days went just the same. With Yoonji trying to get through everything, trying to bear responsibility of home and making money for her sister fees.

After an intense day of work Yoonji, Xia and Mingi was in a coffee shop around the corner of Tessa's while chatting about Winter season sale and how hard it is going to be as shop will be full as it is the biggest sale of the year. Even some non-celebrity but relatively rich people also visit the store at this time of the year.

Suddenly Xia exclaimed "Isn't it my Prince Charming sitting at the coffee table in the corner?"

Yoon Ji looked behind in the corner where a handsome man in a suit was working on a laptop while drinking coffee being completely absorbed in his own world. Yes, it was indeed the prince charming.

"Yeah" Yoonji said aloofly.

Just then a newcomer came with a bang. All eyes turned to the door to see the new comer.

Mingi whispered "Isn't she the girl which he came with last month?"

By now Xia was too excited "Yes yes!!! It is her. The haughty new model!!!!"

The said haughty model scanned the store for the prince charming sitting in the corner and went straight to him.

The guy was still engrossed in his own world not paying attention to the storm coming at his way.

The beautiful model has a newspaper in her hand with a picture of a couple kissing on the front gossip page. She reached the table the guy was sitting at and slammed the newspaper on the table. Bam!!!!! The loud sound was echoed through the room

"What the hell is this?? who is the girl in the picture? What is the meaning of this?" She demanded angrily while the guy looked up from his work to look at the angry girl calmly.

Then he looked down at the newspaper picture observing it with keen interest like he was analysing the quality of the picture rather than the problem related to the pictures content.

"Why did they took the picture from this angle? They can hardly see my beautiful face"

He said irritatingly complaining about the lack of camera focus and what not.

The girl was shocked by his nonsense behaviour and thought angrily

'Is he an idiot? or is he doing it on purpose?'

"What do you have to say for yourself?" She asked agitatedly barely holding on to her anger.

The guy finally looked up at the enraged girl and then saw the newspaper slammed on the table.

"What do I have to say. Is the picture not clear enough for you as well? Or is it the message that is not clear enough? Didn’t my secretory informed you? And obviously the girl in the picture is my new girlfriend" He said with a straight face.

Startled from the flow of conversation and by the over excitement of the new gossip Xia’s hand started shaking and spilled the coffee on Yoonji's hand and exclaimed

"Shit!!! sorry sorry!!! I got surprised by the noise." She started apologising to Yoonji.

Yooji sighed and said "It’s alright. I am going to clean it" and left the table to look for the washroom

Yoon Ji went to the washroom in the corner which was right behind the table where the couple was arguing.

"What do you mean your new girlfriend? Then who the hell am I? We were supposed to meet for our 1 month anniversary and you said you are busy. Then your secretory called to inform me that our relationship is over. Just like that? You didn’t even have the audacity to call me yourself. Then you went to some club with some bitch and now you are saying that's your new girlfriend!!!!!" Girl screamed angrily at the guy.

The guy nonchalantly said

"So, You want to hear it from me? Okay. We had a great time together but it is not working out. We had fun and all. But its over so lets move on"  The guy said with a straight face without any expression on his face like he was just stating a fact to a stupid person.

The girl screaming profanities at him. Cursing him and his new girlfriend to the hell and back while the guy sat there looking bored by her.

Just then the guy saw a beautiful girl coming near their table.

'She looks familiar. Did I date her before?' He questioned himself.

No matter what he was going to use this opportunity to dissolve the problem infront of him.

He looked at the model known as Chu Hani and said with haughty expression 

"I am actually here to meet my girlfriend here. You should leave!!!"

Chu Hani was beyond shocked by this handsome guy’s shamelessness. Nobody treated her like a trash before, after all she was known as the new beauty queen of Silver light.

She was beyong angry now. She went a step ahead and slapped the man in the face forgetting about the fact that the slap can result in not only losing her job and her career but might as well her life.

But instead of being angry the guy was still looking calmly at her. Just then the expression on the guys face completely changed from nonchalance to worried and he nervously said

“Baby it is not how it looks like”  

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