Prince charming came with another new girlfriend

They found out just few minutes ago about how much madam Nein hated the colour blue when they first presented it to her.

The assistant hurriedly said to avoid the further clash.

"Madam doesn't like the blue colour. She said it doesn't suit her" one of the assistant named Jina said to avoid further trouble.

Madam looked at her in disdain for interrupting their appointment.

Yoonji understood the situation that must have unfolded before she came and looked the madam with incredulous look on her face

"Really? Is it true Madam Nein? I believe every colour looks good on you. You must try this one too to leave this misunderstanding behind"

Madam Nein looked at the dress in disdain but she still believed in Yoonji's judgement.

"You are right. I should atleast try it so I won't leave with a regret" Madam said trying to gain her self-confidence.

Madam went back to dressing room leaving all the assistants with stupified expression on their faces.

After some time, she came back and started carefully examining herself in the mirror.

"This doesn't look half as bad as I thought"

Yoonji could sense that her previous resolution and hate for the colour was dissolving.

"Half bad? You look totally great in this colour!!! Am I not right everyone?" Yoonji asked others for positive feedback but all the other assiatants were startled for a second as to how they got involved in the conversation. Then they rapidly start nodding and giving all kind of praises, taking a page out of Yoonjis book.

"Yes. We were definitely mistaken. This colour looks great on you" Jina said beginning the praising competition.

"This colour is made for you" Xia said taking a step further in the praising competition.

"The materials hugs all the right places" Maria said trying to change the pattern.

After hearing so many compliments, Madam Nein was on cloud nine and decided to buy the dress she hated so animatedly at the first sight.

Watching as the pray is already in her trap Yoonji took the initiative for another sale.

"Madam, you said you have started working out, right? Have you seen the new collection of activewears the store is offering? It just came last week." Yoonji asked starting a new conversation and capturing the interest of her customer immediately.

Madam shook her head in no.

"Then you must try the new activewear the store has launched. They are present in all bright colours. The material is also quite supportive in all the right places. It really is made for elegant but curvy women like you" Yoonji said with such assurity in her voice that Madam couldn't help but want look at this new collection for herself.

She forgot all about her previous rage on employees along with the fact that her Nieces wedding is close and she had the responsibility of arranging things for the it. She came with a thought of urgently buying a second dress as the dress she previously selected for the evening turned loose because of her workout routines and strict diet.

She forgot all about the urgency and went straight to activewear section to see the cloths and only then all the assistants gave a sigh of relief knowing well that Madam Nein is definitely going to buy all the workout cloths and the dresses that Yoonji is going to show her. So they went back to attend other customers.

In the corner the gentleman who was watching the drama from the very beginning was astonished with the girl’s talent of merciless flattery and her way of completely changing the attitude and thought process of an enraged person who was about to attack her subordinates.

As the matter of Madam Nein was dissolved she happily left the store with more bags then even she herself have expected. Although she came to buy just a single dress for her niece's wedding reception. She bought atleast 4 dresses and 5 active wear sets as Yoonji kept on throwing one after another pieces of garments at her while describing its quality, design and aesthetics of it.  At the end of the day Madam was immensely satisfied with all of her purchases. All the assistants gave a sigh of relief as they saw Madam Nein leaving the store with a satisfied smile on her face.

They all immediately went to Yoonji and gave her all kind of praises for pleasing the angry customer.

Yoonji was happily accepting praises from her colleagues when the store manager called her for a meeting.

Manager Sun was not very strict with her employees but one thing she hates the most was unpunctual employee. Yoonji was just that person who was never on time.

She asked Yoonji to come into the office and sternly said

"You were late again today by 15 minutes"

Yoonji thought that pleasing the Lady dragon will atleast help her with today's case of unpunctuality. She wasn't prepared for the verbal beating and said the first thing that came in her mind.

"Sorry Madam. The traffic was really tight. I hardly was able to reach by this time"

Manager Sun smartly retorted with

"You come here using Subway and then walk the rest of the way to store"

'Shit!!!!' Yoonji's eyes were as big as saucers and she slapped herself in her mind, she totally forgot that manager was well aware of her living conditions but she didn't expect for her to remember all the minute details too.

"You know I am being kind to you because of your living conditions"

Manager Sun said seriously.

'And what about my infamous capabilities of flattering angry customers?' Yoonji wanted to ask but she knew she shouldn't retort back when manager Sun is in a bad mood.

Manager Sun saw Yoonji sitting silently without objecting so she continued in her lecture.

"You should remember that you can't afford to lose this job. I am being lenient on you because of you are a good employee with amazing problem-solving skills but if you will keep being nonpunctual I'll have to let you go"

Manager Sun said in a strict tone that Yoonji was accustomed to. Yoonji has heard this too many times that she can even repeat the whole speech in her sleep.

Yoonji's financial state wasn't strong and Manager Sun knew it well. Yoonji's dad was missing from her life from a very long time. He abandoned them when she was 10-year-old and her sister, Kim Xuri was only 5. That day Yoonji saw her mom broke down for the first time and she promised herself that she is never going to allow anyone to enter their life and will always protect her mom and sis no matter what.

But life has to butt in again and she lost her mom soon after in an explosion. Now the responsibility of her sister and herself came down on her. For which she didn't went to college even after having a full scholarship and had to earn money so that her sis can complete her school. She had to sacrifice her dreams and became the sales girl.

She couldn't make any more excuses to Ms. Sun as it was her own mistake for being late. Previous night she had a horrible nightmare which made her stay awake for most of the night and that was the reason she ended up being late this morning. This hasn't happened for the first time. In-fact the nightmare was occurring more frequently now a days making Yoonji late almost every week. Unfortunately, she didn't have any choice but to went through a 30 minutes lecture about importance of being punctual.

After half an hour of rigorous lecture she was exhausted as she came out of Manager Sun's office. She saw Mingi, her colleague and best-friend giving her a pitiful look.

"You got Sun Burnt, again" Mingi stated knowing well about the situation

"You bet I did!" Yoonji said sighing.

"Another nightmare?" Mingi asked pitifully.

Yoonji sighed again and nodded still tired by lack of sleep. Mingi gave her a pat on the back and then both the girls went for arranging the clothes in their respective isles. As it was afternoon there were only few customers in the shop.

Yoonji felt an intense gaze on her and turned to look at the person. It was a guy who was standing at the counter as the cashier was billing his girlfriend’s clothes. Yoonji saw the guy looking at her intensely before leaving quietly.

As soon as the last customers left, Tessa's gossip queen Min Xia went on and on about her prince charming’s visit to the store today.

They all knew who this so-called prince charming was. The guy was exceptionally handsome. Although he always wore glasses and sometimes a mask too to avoid people's speculations. But the disguise was not new for the employees as a lot of celebrities visits the store in the similar attire, so they were used to it.

But even with his partially visible face anyone could tell that the guy was handsome. With 6'2 hight. Smooth black hair and extremely strong physic that guy could beat any model. Hence the title Prince charming.

But it looked like there was more to him then meets the eyes cause the guy was definitely super rich. He always spends thousands of dollars on every new girlfriend he brought to the store which was almost every month. Which leads to the conclusion that the only negative thing about him was that he was definitely a playboy but that's not an entirely repulsive trait as some girls like Min Xia find the bad boy persona most attractive.

"So, who do you think was the girl this time?" Mingi asked with interest.

"Definitely a new model" Xia replied enthusiastically watching as others were taking interest in her gossip.

"And how do you know that?" Jina, asked in confusion.

Xia rolled her eyes at her stupid question and replied with

"Did you saw how tall she was and she was giving me the haughty look too. So, She has to be a model"

'That was quite prejudiced and judgmental' Yoonji thought.

"She could be an actress or heir or an Idol" Yoonji said.

"No. We would have seen her somewhere if that was the case. Hence she has to be a new model" Xia said self patting herself for her intelligence for uncovering the mystery of the girl’s identity.  Although none of them really knew if it was true or not.

Not giving much thought to the conversation, Yoonji left the argument and went back to her work.

But she still couldn't forget about the intense gaze the so-called prince charming was throwing in her direction.

She just hopes that stare means nothing. She already had alot in her plate and doesn't want any more trouble in her life.

But it looks like the fate has its own plan for her as the very next day the so-called prince charming kissed her.

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