WANTED By The Lycan Kings

WANTED By The Lycan Kings

By:  Gentle Roses  Updated just now
Language: English
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After Jasmine’s father puts their pack in debt, the Lycan kings offer her father a deal to pay off the pack's debt in exchange for his daughter. Unfortunately, her father doesn’t hesitate in selling her off to the Lycan kings and she has no choice but to obey her father’s order. The rumors she has heard about the powerful and wealthy Lycan kings who ruled over all four groups of packs were beyond terrible! Things get more twisted when she finds out she’s mated all three of the Lycan kings! Can she soften the hearts of the cruel Lycan kings? Or will the new life she's thrust into completely ruin her?

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Delinda Schumacher
115 chapters 4-10-24
2024-04-10 23:27:21
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It made me wet just reading the story
2024-02-27 03:00:21
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Vikki Lee
This book is a great read! You have the ultimate mates, some evil witches (with a capital B), and a heroine that you can't help but root for! The author makes reading this book easy, and you won't want to put it down.
2024-02-21 05:41:02
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Courtney Legrand
Sick of the we can treat you like shit but you still love us cause of the stupid mate bond and it always takes the male characters too long to try and redeem them or even be better mates instead of just being total assholes
2024-05-14 08:35:04
184 Chapters
JASMINE’s POVThere were loud bangs and crashes everywhere. I was already familiar with the chaos, which meant only one thing. We were under attack again!"They are back," Lyria, one of the pack housemaids, whispered in fear."How many this time?" I asked worriedly."Can't tell. But they're armed," she replied, the fear in Lyria’s voice evident.“Come, we have to find somewhere to hide until the fight is over,” Lyria urged.“Where is my father? I can’t leave him to fight alone,” I said worriedly.“The alpha has ordered that we protect you by all means. The intruders are out for blood this time,” Lyria warned.After my mother’s death, things started going downhill here at Red Star Pack. My mother, the pack’s Luna, has been the one keeping the pack in order.Since her death, my father failed to manage the pack properly and started borrowing from other packs, leaving us in a debt we had no means of paying. Attacks from the three other neighboring packs were the order of the day.“I’m go
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JASMINE’s POV“Follow me,” The man from earlier said. And quietly, I followed, no longer reluctant. I entered the passenger seat of his car while he got inside the driver’s seat and started up the car.“Jasmine, right?” He asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence.“Yes,” I replied curtly, not in the mood to talk.“I see. Call me Zion,” he replied.Wait! I could get some information from him."Why do they want me?" I questioned, referring to the Lycan kings. I had no idea what their names were and only knew they were triplets.He hesitated momentarily before answering, "It’s not my place to talk on this."Wow... I guess I wouldn’t be getting any information from him then.Silence settled in the car again. My mind raced with thousands of thoughts, trying to piece together the puzzle of my sudden fate. I couldn’t come up with an answer, though, so I decided to wait till I arrived at my new pack.Eclipse pack was still far away since it was a long-distance journey to the pack house. Soo
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JASMINE’s POV“Do you know your purpose here?” Nathan asked, his voice cold and devoid of any warmth.I gulped, trying to find my voice. “I... I was brought here because of a deal my father made with your pack,” I stammered.Zachary leaned in closer, his dark eyes piercing into mine. “You are here for one reason only,” he murmured, “to serve us.”“You see, Jasmine,” Ryan began, his voice dripping with mock sweetness, “we Lycan Kings have needs, desires that you must meet.”My heart raced, and I stared at them in fear and disbelief.“I thought mates were meant to be cherished, loved,” I whispered, recalling the stories my mother told me of true mates.Nathan chuckled darkly, tilting my chin up to meet his gaze. “That’s where you’re mistaken,” he said, his voice chillingly calm. “You have the blood of a weak alpha running inside you. Did you think we would accept you as our mate? You are here to fulfill a purpose as our slave. Nothing more.” He explained.I had always anticipated the
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JASMINE’s POVThe room was silent after Yuri's explanation. I was prepared to stand up for myself and hopefully escape this sick place.Seeing my worried expression, Yuri tried to lighten the mood.“Look, it's not all bad. Once you learn the rules and find your way around, things become easier. And like I said, there are perks.” She winked, trying to make me smile.Before I could respond, a bell rang out, echoing through the quarters.“That’s the dinner bell,” Yuri said, rising from her bed.“Let’s go eat. The food here is quite good.”We went to the dining room, a large hall with several long tables. The room was tense as we entered. I could feel eyes on me, assessing and judging.Yuri led me to a table where a few other girls were seated. Their conversation stopped as we approached, and they exchanged glances.I greeted them with a small smile, but they merely nodded, offering no warmth.As we ate, I could feel the hostility directed towards me.The girls spoke in hushed tones, occas
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JASMINE’s POVI ran to my quarters and quickly entered my room, ignoring the questioning look I received from the girls seated in the sitting room.“Hey, why do you look like you just saw a ghost?” Yuri asked, sitting up from her previous lying position on the bed.Her eyes took in my disheveled appearance and a smirk formed on her face.“Oh, rather, just had a steamy moment,” she teased.“Ugh, please! I think I’m dying. Fuck I’m going to pass out,” I grumbled and fell flat on my bed. My face pressed against my soft pillows.“Do you want to talk about it?” she asked. I heard her footsteps moving closer to me, and seconds later, she stroked my hair in a comforting manner.“I don’t even know,” I replied, my voice muffled because of the pillow.“Hey, come on,” she said softly. She gently raised me so I was looking directly at her.“You know you can talk about anything with me, right? We’re in this together, and just know I’ll be here to listen whenever and calm you down,” she whispered.T
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Jasmine's POVI stood there dazed, staring at her back as she walked away like she hadn't just threatened me.I was receiving death threats already!Yuri had already told me how every other slave there wanted to be in my 'position,' a slave to the alphas. I was a bit irritated at how shameless they were being for the Lycan kings. I couldn't deny the triplets were attractive as well. I had never seen a more appealing and sexy male; I couldn't decide if they were naturally attractive to females or if it was because of the fact that we were mates and the mate bond had a very pulling effect. I had been told by Yuri they were good in bed and left girls begging for more. The information surprisingly pleased me. But this desperate to be their slaves, I shook my head at the short black-haired girl who walked towards a treadmill. She stood with two other girls, a tall, slim brunette-haired and a shorter blonde girl with freckles. The three she-wolves glanced at me and giggled, mumbling some t
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Jasmine's POV“Thank you, Yuri,” I said to my roommate as soon as she finished applying the white cool gel over the bruises.“Make sure you cover this up and let it heal completely, okay? The alphas must not find out about this, and you have to be cautious.” Yuri said, and I nodded.I couldn't become a free-use slave; that was the worst thing that could happen to me in this situation. I silently cursed the girl who had pushed me and caused this to happen.I remembered the look of hatred she had given me before switching to a sorry one like a pair actress. No wonder Lola and the other she-wolves were giggling. I was sure the blonde bitch had planned the whole thing with Lola, as I had seen them standing together earlier. They knew how things worked around here and how we were supposed to be perfect and flawless. A tiny scratch, wound, injury, or bruise could derank us as slaves. Of course, this was their plan to get into my position and please the alphas. Lola was gorgeous and had a sl
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“what the fuck is that!” Alpha, Nathan burst out. Although Yuri had added the gel and helped me clean the wound to stop the bleeding, it hadn't completely closed up as the accident had happened only a few hours ago. I was now left in my underwear In front of the triplet with my body exposed for them to see, my bruised knees included.“Alpha Nathan "“How did that happen?” I heard Alpha Zachary's voice, which had grown colder, if that was possible. I felt the triplet's anger, and I felt like I was going to choke in the room. The atmosphere was tense, and I stood there nervous and in fear.“Answer me!” The alpha growled at me, and I could feel Alpha Ryan's grip on my arm tighten. “A… Alpha Zachary,” my voice trembled. I was going to get thrown out by my mates to be a free slave; the thought broke me, and I felt a teardrop slide down my cheek.I was suddenly lifted by Alpha Ryan; I stared at the alpha, who carried me carefully like I was made of glass and dropped me on the bed by the sid
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Rumors had spread around the Manor about what had happened earlier. As Yuri and I went down for dinner, every other slave avoided us like a plague. No one sat next to us or talked to us; they could only stare and gossip, afraid to meet my eyes.The only person who stared at me unwaveringly was the short black-haired girl from the training center, Lola. She stared at me with hatred and disgust, but the fear was visible in her eyes. As the blonde girl who had been whipped was one of her accomplices, I could feel her burn in anger. “Come on, let's get out of here,” Yuri whispered. I was thankful; I wouldn't say I liked the extra attention I received from other she-wolves. I hadn't expected the alphas to react like that. I thought I was going to be punished, and not the other blonde girl. The punishment was quite harsh, and a part of me felt terrible for her.Now, rumors were spreading, and I would hear people whisper about how much the alpha kings cared for me and how a thing like that h
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Jasmine POVThe triplets stared at each other for a while, exchanging strange looks. I stood there uncomfortable, wondering why they gave such reactions and if they didn't believe me. I pursed my lips and hoped they didn't think I was lying.They finally turned their head to look at me, and my breath hitched. Their eyes were mesmerizing, and I felt drawn into them. I watched Alpha Nathan part his pink lips to speak, and I unknowingly locked my lower lip. I hoped they hadn't seen it, but I saw alpha Zachary's eyes narrow at me. I coughed nervously.“We have a proposal for you,” I heard Alpha Nathan say, and my brows knitted, confused.“What?” A proposal? What was he talking about?“Have you lost your ears now?” Alpha Ryan butted, and I blinked, not knowing what to say. “N…no, Alpha Ryan, "I said lowly.“We have an offer to propose to you,” Alpha Zachary said. “One that will be beneficial to both parties,” he added. I stared blankly at him, wondering what kind of offer he had for me. Wa
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