WUNMI (A Nigerian Themed Novel)

WUNMI (A Nigerian Themed Novel)

By:  Salimah  Completed
Language: English
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The line between Infatuation and Obsession is called Danger. Wunmi decided to accept the job her friend is offering her as she had to help her brother with his school fees. What happens when her new boss is the same guy from her high school? The same guy who broke her heart once? ***** Wunmi is not your typical beautiful Nigerian girl. She's sometimes bold, sometimes reserved. Starting work while in final year of her university seemed to be all fun until she met with her new boss, who looked really familiar. She finally found out that he was the same guy who broke her heart before, but she couldn't still stop her self from falling. He breaks her heart again several times, but still she wants him. She herself wasn't stupid, but what can she do during this period of loving him unconditionally? Read it, It's really more than the description.

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48 Chapters
This is in Third person's povWunmi and Tayo, two external waec candidates walked to their exam center after getting off the public bus. Wunmi remembered that she wanted to speak to Tayo, so she waited and held his arm.
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Chapter One
This is in third person's pov"Open your eyes." Lara urged and shook her friend who was sleeping in the bus beside her.Wunmi opened her eyes slowly and eased herself on the seat. "Are we there?" She asked as she rubbed her eye
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Chapter Two
This is in Third person's povLiving in the big city of Lagos
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Chapter Three
This is in Wunmi’s pov"Here's your new secretary, Miss Wunmi Adebayo.” Uncle Kayode said to my supposed new boss, then he faced me.
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Chapter Four
This is in Wunmi's pov"Wunmi, I don't really believe in coincidences, your new boss is
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Chapter Five
This is in Wunmi’s pov"Good morning sir." I said as Mr Tayo walked into the office. I got to the office earlier today
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Chapter Six
This is in Third person’s povIt’s been more than a month since Wunmi started working at Gamma Technologies, Uncle Kayode’s company. It’s been a week since Wunmi finally admitted to liking Tayo. Everyday, she wishes to see him more often than normal.She dreaded the weekends, which means she won’t get to see Tayo for two days. During one of these weekends, she decided to follow Lara to her family house at Ikoyi.Wunmi and Lara came out of the Uber car they paid for into the big mansion.The Security man at the gate greeted them, “Small madams, welcome o.”They both smiled at the man.“Tochi, how are you?”“I dey o.” The man responded, beaming with smiles. “How School?”“School dey fine.” They answered as they walked into the compound.Wunmi looked up as they walked. "You guys just painted the house?""Yes." L
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Chapter Seven
This is in Wunmi’s pov"Good morning." I said to Natasha as I walked inside the office building. She didn't answer me as usual, then I walked in thinking about why she's like that. I almost wished I didn’t say a word to her, the scowl on her face was scary as hell, almost seem like a bad luck for a new morning."Good morning Wunmi." Caroline greeted me, making me realize I already walked past her without noticing it.I turned and gave her an apologetic smile. "Good morning, Don’t be annoyed.""What were you thinking?""It's about Natasha,” I frowned. “She hasn't been nice ever since I got here, I don't know why?"Caroline laughed. "So you're putting that girl issue in your head, Don't mind her it's her own problem. That's how she is sometimes, I mean most times." She chuckled."I really don’t understand her, anyways I’ll see you at lunch." I shrugged and walked into my office.Mr Tayo w
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Chapter Eight
This is in Wunmi’s pov"You can check the mirror now." Lara said after she was done with the last face makeup. I didn't want to but she forced me to do a makeup simply because it's my first date.I wriggle my tongue at her and collected the mirror from her, I looked into it and saw my reflection."Lara!" My eyes widened. "What have you done to my face?""It's makeup." She answered coolly, as if she never did a thing."Hey! All my face has changed, I don’t look like me." I frowned, still looking in the mirror at myself. "Yes, that’s why it is called makeup, what do you expect?” Lara smirked. “You look stunning, I bet Tayo's jaw will drop when he sees you."I shook my head and sighed. "Even this date, it’s like you’re the one who is going with all the preparations you’re making. You forced me to practically dress like a bride.""Ha! The wedding? I won't do that make u
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Chapter Nine
*This is in Wunmi’s pov*It's been more than a month that Tayo and I have been together. I didn't have a problem telling everyone and no one has a problem with us being together except Natasha. Before, she ignores me but now that she acknowledges me, she does some things to just hurt me and when she's in front of Tayo, she behaves like an innocent angel.When I told Uncle Kayode, Caroline and Tunde about Tayo and I. "I knew there was something when the both of you first met, again." Uncle Kayode said. “The way you two were both staring at each other was weird for people who just met.”We all laughed and I responded. "There wasn't anything Uncle, he was kind of mad at me on the first day we met, I don’t even know why.""All I know is that I saw that there was something or there would be something between you two someday,and don't tell me there was nothing because I'm older than you all and I can see something you all ca
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