War of freedom.. War is inevitable

War of freedom.. War is inevitable

By:  Alina Joseph  Ongoing
Language: English
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Synopsis - On the night when the young warrior Raen is born, strange things happen in the Free East: A prince dies and the great oracle of Tulga sends a mysterious prophecy. A long journey begins. Will the young Raen manage to take the fate of his people in hand against the dark power of the priests and councilors? Raen's journey takes him to the legendary city of Borgossa, where he is to be trained at the War Academy. There he meets the funny Manoen, a compatriot, and they become friends. But Manoen also keeps a dark secret. When Raen finds out, the terrible machinations of the priests of his country are revealed to him. Together with his friend he returns to Hy to overthrow the priestly caste. War is inevitable.

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102 Chapters
Prologue   Fate was watching him, every move he made, he knew that very well. It was just waiting for him to make a mistake so that he could punish him afterwards. Because fate was inherently malicious. Still, he couldn't help it. He had to do it.But actually he was forced to, it wasn't even his own will. Or is it? Raen shook his head, who was still watching in this mess. The war confused people's minds. In war, the good deeds were indistinguishable from the bad. ********Roman paced restlessly up and down the door. He nervously chewed his thumbnail. Behind the door his wife Alea was in labor. It was not his first child who was just about to make its way into this world; his wife had given birth to a young daughter two years ago. Roman sat down, but immediately jumped up again. It was earl
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Pale face
“ We should leave here and leave Shari? ”Her eyes filled with tears.Roman nodded again. He didn't like the idea of having to give up his homeland, either, but it was the only way to save the people of the clans north of the Junghal Mountains after the fall of the provinces in the south. If the enemies took the pass over the mountains and advanced into the central land, the river would be a difficult obstacle to overcome."It must be. Pray to Hyaun that we can return soon. ”-“ That we will return at all, ”he added in his mind, but managed to smile confidently. He handed the infant to Alea and teasingly stroked her cheek. "You did well." Roman jerked his chin in the direction of the child and Alea beamed proudly. It was a little balm on his tormented soul.After that they were silent for a while, the midwife was also silent and looked worried. Her future was uncertain.Outside the orange sun rose slowly over the snow-covered h
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Son of light...
Finally, the seemingly bloodless lips moved: "Are you Hyaun-Banskeid-Roman-Ra-Roido-adh-Chor-Shari - warrior Hyauns, son of Roido from the Shari clan?"Roman blinked. “Yes, I am.”“My name is Solrhan, I am a disciple of the venerable oracle Soghul of Tulga and I bring you a message!” A hand, as transparent as the skin around his bright blue eyes, parted the fine, white material of the cloak and held out a letter to him. It bore the unmistakable, black seal of Tulga. “It is a message that is only meant for you, Banskeid Roman. No one else is allowed to read it or know anything about its content, except you. You know what I'm talking about? ”Roman nodded and held out his hand. The folded paper touched his palm as light as a feather, but his hand began to tremble, heavy as if under a steel load. The thoughts were racing in his head. Why did he of all people get a message from the oracle? He was just a simple warrior, as insignif
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When he looked up, the first ice-cold drops of sleet burst into Roman's face, but he barely noticed . His mind whirled like a swarm of angry bees, ready to stab relentlessly. And they did. Raen! His just born son, should he think differently? One who stood against fate? One who broke tradition? The enormity of these words sent a shiver down the scalp and back of Roman, and involuntarily he ducked against the rain as if the drops were blows. Nobody could face fate and challenge it without being punished by it! The oracle must have been wrong. It should! Little did it know that Raen had been born less than a Ka-hour ago today.Or is it? Oracles know more than ordinary people. They speak to the gods, are in possession of truthfulness. Every fiber in Roman resisted what his fingers were holding. He looked at the prophecy. Although the paper was already wet, the ink remained legible. An oracle was always right. This realization shocked him more than the fear of war. It would turn
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His highness
When King Katthike saw the pool of blood around the dead prisoner, he began to rage. He knocked down the guard next to him with a single brutal blow. His legendary anger was unleashed before those around him had managed to get to safety. Excited, he ran in a circle around the body of Hy, lying on the ground, limping badly. His stocky muscular figure sent out hot waves of anger and everyone present crouched in fear when he came near them.“To hell with you all! How did that happen? ”He roared into the silence of the dungeon room, and his powerful voice echoed off the walls."Am I just surrounded by useless and miserably stupid idiots?" He came to a stop in front of the second soldier and stared at him with his ice-blue eyes. The soldier immediately lowered his gaze and stammered: "Your Majesty, e-he ... somehow he overpowered the guard and h-stabbed himself with his knife!"The king grimaced and bared his teeth as if wanted like a wolf at his opponent
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"Listen to me all!" Katthike's irritated voice blared across the square. “And I mean, really good! My precious prisoner from Hy is dead. He took his own life because one of you helped him. One of you is a traitor! ”He paused to let what was said take effect. Then he continued:“ If the traitor reveals himself, or the one who knows something about it gives me his name, then I'll spare him Rest of you. I don't care what you do, if I don't get the traitor I'll have you all executed! Out there, ”he pointed over the wall,“ enough willing people are waiting to take your places! ”A horrified murmur made the rounds and the fear now emerged openly. But nobody moved. Everyone eyed their neighbor suspiciously. Who was the traitor who cowardly hid himself between them and wanted to drag them all with him into the abyss?"Well, I hear?" Katthike drew his sword, which blinked ominously in the dull light of the winter morning. Another groan went th
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Luck of the gods...
After he had calmed down a bit, King Katthike sat brooding in his library, which was crammed with a seemingly confused mixture of books and maps from different corners of the continent. But everything was in its exact order, and for Katthike the books were what he simply called the source of knowledge. They were a window into the head of the other peoples and that is why he went to great lengths to have many of the works he had acquired translated into Askharic. He looked at the rows of spines. Some were unadorned, but some were also embossed or even adorned with golden patterns. He inhaled the smell of parchment and dust. It was here in this inspiring place that he forged his plans and planned his cruelties; Here, many years ago, he had the ambitious idea of creating a memorial for himself, which would raise him above all previous kings of Askhar and make him immortal. His insatiable hunger for power and recognition has long been limited to that of his descendants as well as to his
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Gift of spirit
Just why did he do that?" Katthike looked at his advisor now, and Lata listened up. Now his opinion was asked again."I suppose the white man from Tulga acted on behalf of the oracle.""How do you come to that?""Only the oracle could know that you areholding the Hy warrior prisoner." Katthike remained silent and considered. What did Soghul of Tulga do in wishing Hy's death? What did the highly respected oracle have to do with this matter? And who was this oracle anyway? Nobody knew that exactly. It was only said that Soghul was old as a rock and lived in seclusion with a few faithful novices. And his blind eyes would be the same color as his skin: namely, pure, brilliant white! For this reason, he allegedly lived in a cave, protected from the light of the sun, deep inside the silent mountain of Tulghan, which could be reached via a single steep path known only to his novices. The reputation of the oracle in all the surrounding countries was almost that
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The Setna struggled for breath for an answer and uttered the words in a dragging voice:" M-my name is Raeson. Please call me Raeson. I am not worthy of you calling me Setna because I ... I failed! I didn't see it and couldn't protect my people, as it would have been my job! ”Tears ran uncontrollably down his face and his hands began to shake violently again. Sorgha wondered again, concerned, whether the prince would even manage to kill himself. The oracle had prepared him to lend a hand if necessary, but he still dreaded it."Dear Setna, you didn't fail!" He tried to calm Raeson. “Al Nor, the exalted guardian of the future, decides what we should and should not see. Even my great Lord and Master Soghul could not see it. But this time it has been fate itself that has kept the door to the future tightly closed, and against the will of the higher powers even our gods are powerless. But the will of the universe must happen so that other elements can bereborn f
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Only two days later the ship entered the port of Salapolis in Graçe. Sorgha disembarked unrecognized and carefully looked around the harbor. The news of the search for a novice from Tulga had probably not got this far. But that reassured him little, because the captors of the King of Askhar could already sit on the next ship that crossed there off the coast! He had to leave Salapolis as soon as possible. Without much detours he went to the cattle market and bought a good horse there. He left the city unobtrusively and headed north. There was a very long way ahead of him, many days of riding. To be on the safe side, he kept a good distance from the border in the east, behind which the New Askhar lay.He rode for two days and nights and only then took a break. In a little wood he changed his clothes again, washed his face and turned back into a white-skinned novice from Tulga. That would bring him more advantages from now on, since the oracle's emissaries had free right
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