What Luna Wants

What Luna Wants

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Fuck…" He hissed, flexing his muscles against the tied ropes. I purred at the sight of them, at the sight of him, struggling. "Want me to take them off?" I teased, reaching for the straps of my tank top, pulling them tautly against my nipples. He growled, eyes golden and wild as he bared his fangs. "Yes," "Yes what?" I snapped, bringing down the whip on his arm and he groaned hoarsely. So deliciously. "Yes Luna," ***** She is Luna. Wife to the Alpha. An Angel to the pack but a ruthless demon in bed. He is just a guard: A tall, deliciously muscular guard that makes her wetter than Niagara and her true mate. She knows she should reject him. She knows nothing good can come out of it. But Genevieve craves the forbidden. And Thorn cannot resist. There are dark secrets however hiding behind every stolen kiss and escapades. A dying flower, a broken child and a sinister mind in the dark playing the strings. The forbidden flames brewing between Genevieve and Thorn threatens to burn them both but what the Luna wants, She gets.

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43 Chapters
Genevieve's POV"Luna!" Cara's squeal reached my ears just as I launched into the river. I felt my body slam against the water currents and then slip deep into the river.For a minute I allowed myself the inner peace of being buried deep in the waters. The sloshing sound of the river against rocks and tones and the feeling of absolute nothingness. "Luna! Oh, my goddess! Tell me she hasn't drowned!" Ah, what would I do without my worrisome maid? Cara made it a point to constantly fret over every single thing. As if I were a mere child. I swam up to the surface, feeling the water droplets slip down my body as I rose out of the river, a grin on my lips. My nipples stiffened as the cold air whipped around them and I sighed needily. Jamie was in a meeting with Alphas from neighbouring clans and that meant he couldn't satisfy me. Not that he ever did. "You're alive!" Cara squealed again and I looked up to see my petite maid, standing on a cliff nearby, her pretty pale face fram
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Genevieve's POVMate?! He was my mate? The perfect male specimen standing right before me? I shifted, the snapping and popping of bones filled the air and the pain dulled when I did. I would have to get the sliver out of the wound when I got back to the pack house. But for now, I needed to understand one thing. How did I have a mate? When I was born, it had been prophesied that I was a child of the moon goddess. I would not have a mate as my life would entirely belong to her. Of course, growing up I had refused that idea and married Alpha Jamie of the Wolfgang pack. I hadn't expected to have an actual mate. And yet here he was. I struggled to remain on my feet, holding his piercing gaze. His green eyes roved over my face, taking in the wound on the side of my head and he growled in anger, raising the wolf head in his hands and ripping it apart with his bare hands. Fuck. Me! I had never seen anything more hotter. His eyes were dark with rage and he panted heavily, tossing
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Genevieve's POVI hopped swiftly from roof to roof, my feet lightly grazing them as I made my way r the guard house. The Wolfang pack was built in a rather traditional way. We lived in a valley, surrounded by forests and hills. Our houses were built in concentric circles. Starting with a quarter of our army living around the edges, surrounding the entire clan. The next circle was houses of weapon smiths. The frontier would need a steady supply of weapons to keep intruders from getting into the pack.After their circle were farmers to feed us and cultivate the fertile soil of the forests. Then the other workers occupied the circle until we got to the innermost circle. The ones occupied by the Alpha, his Beta, Delta, their guards, and families. I was quite proud of the arrangement. I had designed it. It was the one way I could think of to protect the people as well as the important decision-makers at the same time. That way we had our guard on all the time and could still mainta
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Genevieve's POVI managed to make it back to the palace unseen and revealed myself to Jamie before he tore the whole place down. I managed to convince him that I had gone for a walk to clear my head and after a lot of fuss from Cara, I was finally left alone. But I couldn't sleep. I tried, desperately. But all I could think about was the salty taste of his skin against my tongue when I had sucked on his Adam's apple. His scent invades my every being. So this was the power of a true mate bond. This was true desire. At twenty years old, when it became quite clear that I would never have a mate, I decided to get married instead. I had quite a lot of suitors. Every wolf wanted a bond with the child of the goddess herself. A white wolf was rare. Getting married to one was even rarer. I sat up on my bed, a frown etched on my face. My mate had a white wolf as well. His black hair was rather misleading but I had seen him when he attacked the rogue. White fur. Exactly like mine was.
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Thorn's POVI was fucked. There was no other word to describe it. When I had made my way to Wolfang pack a year ago, it had been for an entirely different purpose. I needed a home to stay. I also had to find a treasure that was worth an entire clan. But the minute I had stepped into the palace, I was blown away by a scent. Honey and roses. It teased me to no end, made my mouth water. Made me ache like a starving man, hungry for desire. It was fucking overwhelming and it would take me a whole day to find out the source was the Luna of Wolfang. Genevieve. It was even more surprising to find out I had a mate. I never should have had one. I was a white furred wolf and the were said to be direct descendants of the moon goddess. I didn't give a fuck about it all, but I had been pretty content with not having a mate. And then I saw her. My white haired beauty. The people in Wolfang always spoke about their Luna with such tenderness and care. As if she were the most graceful wol
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SixGenevieve’s POVI watched Thorn hurriedly adjust his clothes while my wolf purred delightfully. Oh I could still taste him. Sour and delicious on my tongue. I had loved that fucking helpless look on his face when my hands touched him, he had sounded like he was in a lot of pain. Pain that he definitely enjoyed. He shot me a glare and stepped away from me just in time as the door opened and a rather young soldier stepped in. The musky smell of Thorn’s essence was still faint in the air and I was certain the soldier would notice if he remained there a while longer. “What is it?” I called, marching towards the soldier briskly before he could take another step. “Luna,” The pup mumbled, looking down at his shoes. I almost grinned at the view. I recognized him as one of our newly recruited soldiers. Whose son was he again? The Beta’s? Ah, scratch that. He was the Delta’s youngest. He looked so green around the edges, you could almost pinch his adorable cheeks. A loud clearing of th
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Seven Genevieve’s POVA loud yell resounded behind me. In a flash, I grabbed the attacking soldier, flipped him over my shoulder, and smacked him right into the ground. He coughed as he slammed into the ground. “Rookie mistake!” I yelled loud and clear for the young soldiers who watched the battle. Hell, I had seen their eyes widen like saucers when I asked four out of them to take me all at once. They probably thought their Luna had gone crazy. “Do not yell while attacking your opponents. You alert them and if they are anywhere near as skilled as I am, you will be getting your ass whooped, gib time!”The sound of boot smacking against the ground lightly caught my ears and without so much as a blink, I turned and drove my knee right into the attacking soldier’s side. He coughed and spluttered. “How did you see me!” “I didn’t,” I chuckled, staring at all the men sprawled on the ground. If Jamie were nere, he would have lost his damned mind. He had only wanted me to teach the soldiers
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Genevieve's POV"Well that went well," Jamie muttered, watching the last of the delegates from Red Fanged pack leave the room. We had spent hours, discussing, plotting and trying to save the dumbasses from brining trouble on themselves. "Well?" I snickered. "It couldn't have gone any better. Those idiots are at our mercy and they know it!" Jamie shot me a look, gesturing towards the door with a tip of his head. I rolled my eyes at the movement. "I do not care if they hear it. They certainly cannot deny that it is true.""They're our sister pack, we should help them," Jamie said, giving me a meek smile. Oh it was things like this that he did that made me feel a bit gooey inside. For a female with a rare wolf, my life hadn't exactly been a smooth bump less ride. As soon as I clocked eighteen, Alpha's crawled their asses over to my parents' property, demanding to marry me. Oh I saw it in all their faces. They wanted to control me. The wanted nothing more than to have the wor
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Genevieve's POVI took one look at the thunderous look on Thorn's face and laughed. "You're mad 'cause you think I kissed him?" My hulk of a mate growled pissed at my taunt, he stepped closer, his breathing ragged and harsh against my face. I liked him like this. All riled up, all hot and angry. It was better than the jackass who constantly tried to reject me. Anger meant loss of control and a loss of control meant I could have Thorn exactly where I wanted him. "I know you kissed him!" Thorn snarled, his eyes shifting to a full golden color that I loved and his fangs were bared. Reaching my hands across the meager distance between us, I ran my fingers down his heaving shoulders, to the taut muscles in his arms. A soft satisfied sigh slipped from my lips when I felt them ripple under my touch and his breathing grew harsher. "What... " I whispered, a coy smile on my face as I held his gaze. "...makes you think I kissed him? Were you eavesdropping Thorn? That's a nasty hab
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Thorn's POVHer scent. It lingered in the air. Heavy and delicious, teasing my nose, driving me heady with delight. "Tell me, Thorn," The vixen whispered again, cupping her mounds, propping them up until they stood like hills with cherry red nipples begging for my attention. And for the life of me, I couldn't look away. There was nothing else in my head but the maddening desire to reach for those beauties and take them in my mouth. The urge to taste her. It was crazy. The hold she had on me. And judging from that wicked glint in her eyes as she looked up at me, I was sure she knew it too. There was no way she could be this confident otherwise. I watched, mesmerized as her fingers nimbly plucked at her nipples. Cherries. They were red as cherries. Feeling sudden parched, I swallowed, a low husky sound escaping my throat when she pinched at them and pulled. "Tell me," Her voice, the more I listened, the huskier it became. And fuck me, I loved listening to her. Those feline eyes s
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