Where Wild Things Roam

Where Wild Things Roam

By:  Kristen Lee  Completed
Language: English
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"Darby.” My name comes out as a low snarl and I struggle to think. “I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage, Alpha.”"That's how I like you.” This almost purrs. He shifts his weight to the thigh between mine, brushing against my clit and I tremble as agonizing pleasure spirals through me. His nostrils flare with his next breath and the purr is a low sensual growl. “The better to see to every pleasurable need you have.”Big bad devilishly sexy wolf. Oh shit.

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54 Chapters
1: Battle Cry
Darby    “Oh, here it is.” At the annoyed grumble in my voice, Tessa raises herself awkwardly and slowly limps the few steps to my side. She sets her head gently on my lap, and I stroke the white stripe that runs from the tip of her nose to just behind her pricked ears, her tail swishing softly on the red oak floor. I continue to read from the rough yellowing page of an ancient text, this time out loud so she can hear.“The natural state of the universe constantly tumbles towards lowest energy and chaos, a benefit to dark magick practitioners similar to that which assists a demon’s unholy magick, and unlike other magick types with foundations in the order of specific creation.”“Well, that’s obnoxious. Why should they have it easier?”Unde
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2: Surprise
Ian    Pressed against my strong side, Ivan groans and slumps towards the ground as we reach the top of the ridge.There! See? I told you!I hear Jack crow in my head through our link and duck my shoulder again to lift Ivan and keep him on his feet between us. The fletching of the silver tipped arrow protrudes from just below his ribs and even that brushing against me irritates my skin through my thick, black coat. I can’t imagine what it’s doing to him.Below in the valley is a two-story human cottage with an actual thatched roof. A walled garden wraps around it and the detached potting shed beside it. The garden buzzes and flickers with the flash of myriad wings I can see across the distance as the various pollinators move from multicolored flower to flower. The stone cott
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3: Strange Magic
Jack    Dark magic.Green magic.I don’t care what the fuck kind of magic it is! She’s a witch and I’m going to kill her.I’d stop that if I were you, the bossy border collie warns through the link. Milady can hear your thoughts. I know she wouldn’t harm you, but Alpha would. Right now, he’s behind the exam table and she’s on my side of it, I retort menacingly.Behind the table where he can see your approach. Alpha is no idiot. You might be though, she adds unnecessarily.That was harsh. Offended, I glanced down at the dog, my brows drawn together. She turns in hobbling circles a few times, then eases herself stiffly to t
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4: Resistance
Jack     Let me carry you. I don’t want to be carried, Triumvir. Listen, Tessa, we’re on a time crunch here. When Ian says, ‘don’t be out here long’— I gesture to the edge of the orchard we have only just reached, the one I think we’ve been trying to get to for a few years—it means get the job done pronto.Alpha understands that I am old. There’s something in the way she says ‘old’ that makes me pause. She really is a cute old lady and I like her. How old are you, Tessa?Nearly eighteen in human years.I’ve given up trying to convince her to
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5: Wolf
Darby“You’re my mate! MINE!”The roar is so loud it feels like my head will explode. My vision is tunneling rapidly towards darkness and I bang the heel of my palm ineffectually against his wrist at my neck. “I-Ian,” I gasp weakly.“Say it!” he snarls into my ear, loosening his hold on my neck just enough I can draw a shallow breath. “SAY IT!”“O-only you,” I breathe, shaking my head slightly. “N-no others.”Releasing my throat, he lifts his weight, grabbing my wrists and pinning them over my head. With the pressure off my diaphragm, the vacuum in my burning lungs heaves air into me painfully.Sucking it in despite the pain, I try to clear my vision, only to have the tunnel constrict again and burst with stars when he rams
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6: Unintended
Ian    The faintest hint of dawn is in the air when I wake, curled around Darby at the foot of the armoire. I lay there, breathing in the sweet scent of early-morning dew, watching as the night sky softens and listen as the first birds trill their morning songs across the flower-dotted meadow.Burying my nose in Darby’s hair, I inhale, loving that the smell of me is overlaid on her florally sweet female fragrance. She smells like sex.Her sex. And my sex. Our sex. My mate. Mine.I inhale again, finding a soft musk lingers too—the odor of her heat—and my cock stirs, instantly ready for service.Down, boy. She needs her rest.And probably some food.Careful not to disturb her, I roll into a crouch, then sc
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7: Apologies
Ian    I have never seen anything like what’s happening with Darby. The air around her is sparking and crackling like lightning and there’s blistering heat coming off her in waves. The ground’s shaking and wind is whirling around inside the house, but not outside. Outside, it’s still.Her wrath is palpable. Alive. A discrete existence with emotions and power—a whole hell of a lot of power—and deliberate designs of its own. Through Darby—inside her.And its eyes are staring daggers at Jack.Not that he’s faultless in this. I’ve about had enough of his shit too, and we’ve only been downstairs with him for a few moments. But he’s still part of my pack.Mate—or whatever this living
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8: Preparation
Darby    “How’d you sleep, beautiful?”Ian nuzzles the back of my neck, his warm breath tickling as he inhales and exhales repeatedly, taking in my scent. He’s spooned up behind me, cranking out the BTUs with that magnificent were metabolism of his. My neck is pillowed on his bicep, but his other hand is freely roaming my body and doing delightful things.I stretch languorously and against me, Ian growls, inhaling deeply and this time holding it. His fingers cup my mound, easing between my thighs as open my eyes. “Wonderfully.”It was midmorning when Ian carried me up here after we looked at my jeep, now long shadows creep along the walls and floors, and the last sliver of Arianrhod’s crescent smile is high at the top of the window. “How l
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9: Journey
Ian    Darby looks a little green as she sits at the kitchen table with the three of us. Beside me, her plate is filled with mixed leafy greens, sliced fruits and chopped vegetables, but she can’t seem to take her eyes off the rest of us eating rabbit, even though we’re eating vegetables too.It’s one of my pet peeves—I insist on good table etiquette—so I know it’s only the adjustment to dining with omnivores, but I figure better here and now to introduce that change, rather than when we get to the pack house where the dining room resembles a small cafeteria circus and is often filled during at least one meal time each week with various leaders and prominent citizens there to sort community business with Jack, Ivan and me in a less formal setting than our main street offices.I lean o
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10: Home
Ian    Jack makes for the bathroom with the duffle bag of clothes and Ivan heads for the wet bar as soon as we board. I let Darby choose and sit beside her when she takes a seat on the sofa, Tessa leaping up on her opposite side and laying her black and white head in her lap. She’s still protecting her arm against her body, but I can see the gleam working under her skin and the blisters are shrinking.“How come I can’t go anywhere with you two without getting into a fight? Kasey’s going to kill me, you know that, right, Ian?” He tosses back a shot of Glenlivet and pours another before taking a seat to wait his turn in the bathroom.“I don’t know,” Jack replies, emerging in baggy sports shorts, high top All-stars and a t-shirt. Swiping the glass from Ivan, he drops the duff
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