White As Snow

White As Snow

By:  Sam Shelly   Completed
Language: English
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Never did I think that my life could take such a huge turn. But they didn't know that it takes more than a few to take me down for I am the White Wolf who has survived all on her own for all these years and was not ready to give in just yet. Catch me if you can. ------------------------------------------------- " You don't understand anything," I gritted out . " Then make me understand, I'm willing to do anything for you. Just please stop fighting this alone. Just let me in. Let me take this pain away. Please, " he whispered while looking right in my eyes. He held so many emotions in those blue orbs that held me captive all this time.

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Sam Shelly
An amazing warewolf story
2023-09-15 15:21:10
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Great book!! It is complete and doesn’t rush the plot!! Love the characters!! Great job Sam Shelly!! Keep it up!!
2023-08-14 23:05:47
24 Chapters
In the darkness of night, where the moon shone as bright as it could, ran the White Wolf into the deep forest. Paws thudding against the wet soil, she whipped passed the familiar trees cutting through the sharp wind. These little moments of freedom was what she was always hungry for. Others had heard about her, but none had seen her. It was as if she was nonexistent and just a part of a tale. They had heard about her beauty and the gift she possessed. A gift so unreal that it could make or break ones future.Many searched for her, many tried to hunt her down but it all went in vain. Because she was only to appear when someone really needed her. But they continued the search, only to end up giving in and declaring that she is not real, but just a part of some tale. Little did they know, she was watching them with amusement dancing in her eyes, in the dark of the night casually hidden, where the mountains met the sky.......
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Chapter 1
Aurora"Promise you will take care of yourself and won't give up no matter what. You will always be the strong girl I taught you to be. Promise me you won't let them get to you. Promise me you will be happy even when I'm not there. Remember I will always love you and I’ll always be with you." No matter how hard I try I can never get that dreadful day out of my head. The day when my mother took her last breath and I could do nothing to save her. It was too late when I got there. My whole house was turned upside down. And there was my mother. Lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She was stabbed multiple times in her chest and stomach.Her last words keep replaying in my mind whenever I try to sleep. That scene just doesn't get out of my head where I cried hysterically begging for someone to help while my mother was lying limp in my arms. I knew it was of no use to call for help, I knew she had already left me. I was too late. Too late to heal her.Sometimes I feel like it was comple
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Chapter 2
AuroraI let the cool breeze unravel my hair as a ghost of a smile lingered on my face. The fresh air allowed my thoughts to run free. Sitting all alone in the peaceful serene environment, leaning against the same huge rock I have been coming to for the past 2 years, I closed my eyes and heard the waves crash against the shore. The soft breeze hustled while a few birds sang their melody. Why couldn’t my life be like this all the time? I wondered. Just as I was enjoying my time alone, my phone shrilled bringing me out of my thoughts. "Where are you? I've been waiting for like forty minutes now!" my friend Arya exclaimed. She was not really anyone close to me, heck no one was. She was just an old high school mate who took an immediate liking to me and hence declared us friends. "Take a chill pill buddy. I'm on my way. You know the traffic in this city is just horrible. I'll be there in 10." I replied smiling to myself knowing the reality. "You better be Aurora!" "Ok see you," I hu
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Chapter 3
AuroraI felt some movement in the background. More werewolves. My senses were on alert as soon as I recognized them. It was getting clearer with every second. The continuous thudding of paws against the wet soil. In a few seconds they stopped behind me. I heard a few bones breaking knowing that they all shifted back. The girl, whose name I still don't know moved away from me to have a view of what was happening. I was yet to see who were these people who just arrived."Jacob!" The girl exclaimed happily before throwing herself at what I'm assuming was her mate. I smiled lightly knowing everything's alright."Oh my God ! Haley! Are you crazy? You know what could have happened to you? Do you realize what could have happened to me if something would have happened to you? Never do that again. I swear. Never Haley! Never!" Her mate exclaimed in worry. It looked as if he was going to cry any moment now. Well good thing he isn't. But all this while I felt restless feeling someone's eyes
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Chapter 4
AlexanderSitting comfortably on my recliner, focusing on the paperwork I had was just another normal day for me. I was just setting out the records of the new members who joined my pack. The strongest pack that is out there and a pack that instills fear into the hearts of my enemies.The blood moon pack.But the fear is mostly because of me and the stories that I'm famous for. Everyone knows that those stories are not just rumors because they know what I'm capable of. I had to take over my pack just when I was 16 after my parents' death. I was bestowed with the honor of being the alpha and ruling a pack, but also with immense responsibilities which I've got to admit was sometimes very tiring. But I proved myself to the people. I proved myself to everyone and showed that I was very much capable.I know how my people actually shiver when my name is mentioned. After all my beast is one powerful and dreadful creature and you may just not want to be on his bad side. Otherwise you won't ev
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Chapter 5
AuroraOk this can't be happening. Why do I even have a mate? I mean even if I do then why now? That too an alpha! What am I supposed to do now? How will I escape him? My throat was literally dry and no words came out of my mouth. Maybe he sensed my distress and so decided to break the silence."You are beautiful.""Umm…." is all that came out of my mouth. "Yeah. Um.... Right. I'll be just on my way then." I replied after swallowing the lump in my throat. What was I even thinking? Before I could leave, he grabbed my hand and again those stupid tingles ran down body making me quiver a little. "Where are you going?" He asked in surprise. Of course he wouldn’t let me go like that. "To my house obviously," I replied in a duh tone. "I'm sorry dear but we can't have that. You will have to come to the pack house with me. You are my mate after all. I have waited for you my entire life." He said so many emotions that I couldn't decide what to do next. Honestly, my heart felt alive after
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Chapter 6
AuroraHe lead me in, pointing out a few boring spots that I was least interested in. I was more interested in observing the design of this castle. The gates, the windows, the staircases, everything I need to know for my escape plan. As we were walking through the corridor, we got interrupted by the beta and gamma, and whom I assumed, the beta's mate and Haley. "Welcome Luna." They greeted."Aurora is fine." I replied softly. "Luna is a bit too formal.""Of course lu- I mean Aurora." Haley grinned. I was just looking at their faces as I didn't know what else to do.Alexander decided to break the silence "This is my beta Lucas," he said pointing at the man with Ash grey hair. "And this is his mate Emily." "Hello Luna! You are really gorgeous. We are so lucky to have someone like you." She spoke rather excitedly. I only smiled. I saw she had a baby bump meaning a little Emily or Lucas was on the way. I told her that she was pretty as well. Alexander then introduced me to his gamma and
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Chapter 7
AlexanderAfter I dropped my mate to her room I came back to my office to complete the paperwork I had. But the face of my gorgeous mate kept on distracting me, and I couldn't concentrate. She was so beautiful. I couldn't help but think about her all the time. There is something so unique about her aura that I can't just wrap my head around. I feel a different kind of power radiating from her whenever I’m near. Something special that she is definitely hiding.I can't smell her wolf and yet my beast cries that he feels a pull from her wolf. She's definitely not human, that much I know. But what are you angel? What are you hiding? I know she was lying about everything she told me on our journey back to the pack house but I will let it slip for I know she will tell me when she is comfortable. I could see from the moment we met her, she was kind of tense and distressed. Her body language was screaming there was a problem. But what was it? I could only pray she tells me soon.I will do any
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Chapter 8
AuroraI was sitting in my room doing nothing. Well actually I was brewing up a plan to get out of here. I have to gain all of their trust so it is a little easy for me to escape. Since I had pretty much nothing else to do for the time, I thought why not go and workout for a little.I headed for the gym. It was pretty nice with all the machinery and oh! The punching bag. How much I love punching and kicking people's ass. I could definitely use this for the time being.I pulled my shirt over my head which only left me in my sports bra and a booty short I was wearing from earlier. With a deep breath, I started punching the hell out of the bag, assuming it was the person who killed my mother, along with a few kicks at intervals. I was nowhere done when I felt a presence at a safe distance behind me. I whipped my head to see Alexander standing at the door way, digging holes in my body with his piercing gaze. I could see he was admiring my body. I mentally smirked. I raised my eyebrow show
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Chapter 9
Alexander"What do they want?” I asked Lucas leaving the gym."They won't say anything Alpha," he replied shortly. "Oh trust me they will," because I'm about to happen.I entered the cell, some of the guards bowed before me as I made my way to the fucking rogues. I opened the door with a bang and they flinched. "Leave us alone Lucas." He nodded before leaving me to deal with the bastards. They were tied with chains to the wall."I must agree you guys have some guts to actually pull something like earlier. I thought for a while you forgot what they call me," I scoffed before moving towards them. I lifted one of their chins, slightly to make eye contact with them. Their faces were covered in blood. Their blood. My warriors did a good job I suppose. Just like how I taught them. I pulled out a knife from my pocket before stabbing it deep into his stomach. His face scrunched up in pain because the knife was of silver. Silver was a big weakness of werewolves. "What were you doing on my b
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