The City of Love and Sinners

The City of Love and Sinners

By:  Josev_Quadra  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rae Silverstein is a private investigator who works on many cases in the past even until now. She's the Sherlock Holmes of the 22nd Century. After two years of absence, the serial killer made its move and kills the nightless city of Theister City. The famous serial killer with the codename "Cannibal". It is the same killer who killed her mother and left her alone with his father who works as a lawyer. It's up to Detective Rae and her partner in crime Jae Min to solve the perfect murder of the 'Cannibal' as she accidentally delves herself in an unexpected romance she won't even anticipate.Update: 2 chapters per week

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Interesting story! I sense that there will be multiple romance bachelors choice in this novel! Troy and Vicky are my type though~ I want to read more please!
2020-11-02 02:53:03
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Monstro City
really interesting, added to library ! keep up the good work
2020-09-28 17:41:22
18 Chapters
Prologue: Welcome to the Agency
“Detective Rae!” a loud yell awakened the detective from her deep slumber. Detective Rae rubbed her tired eyes as she woke up from the untidy floor. Decluttered files and books are everywhere around the detective agency. She stretched her arms upwards as she returned to the floor, snuggling with the books and files.“Come on now Detective, rise and shine” Jae Min sighed as the rookie detective splattered some water to the sleepy Rae.“What is this water on my face!? Blasphemy! I tell you!” Rae woke up feeling angry with the rookie who just splattered cold water to her face.“There will be a client in our office, approximately two hours from now, and here you are sleeping with your files on the floor” Jae Min crossed his arm. “Oh, impressive! How could I forget, perhaps because you’re hiding it from me” Rae snorted as she grumpily gathered the decluttered files on the floor. 
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Case 1: The First Case
“Rae agency? You mean Silverstein Agency?” Taemin asked the woman in front of her. Rae's face reddened yet again. She made a fool of herself in front of Taemin. The woman coughed awkwardly, fixing her tie. She then stared Taemin in the eyes, trying to read him like a book.“What’s your case? A missing cat?” Rae pouted.“Oh wow! You know! As expected of Detective Rae” Taemin smiled. “My cat Rise hasn’t returned home since yesterday, she’s-”.“A brown tabby cat, with a green necklace and a fluffy ball on its neck” Rae continued, disappointment showing up on her face. Even Jae Min knows how disappointed the detective currently is. She expected a serious case that involved people's lives and dangerous lives. The excitement of knowing that she will solve a case like that boils her blood. Nonetheless, the woman was disappointed knowing that her only task now is to find a missing cat.
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Case 2: It Strikes
A month later"Detective Rae" a loud cough above her interrupted her slumber on the cold floor. Rae gasp and stand up from the floor as quickly as possible. She seems to have fallen asleep on the floor yet again, Jae Min doesn't look so happy with how she messed the office floor with notes and scribbles that he can't understand. "Yes, my de
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Case 3: Childhood Reunion
"Jae Min" she tugged at his shirt. He looked at her in a questioning way. "What is it?"."What block did the murder happen again?" she tries to confirm the uneasiness in my chest.&ldqu
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Case 4: The Rookie Arrival
"Anything new, my dear assistant?" she asks. Jae Min turned his face to her with a tired face, "I don't know, the evidence is always so vague". She kneels near the corpse of a lifeless young man, his torn throat is yet another anomaly that the killer left.  
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Case 5: The Musician Problem
One day before... The cityscapes view sickened the young man's vision, he hated the city because of the hell and treatment he received from almost everyone. Aldo Minstral just stopped by the minimarket to get himself a cup noodle. He's too lazy to cook lately, especially when he's feeling under the weather.  
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Case 6: The Beginning of Conflict
Present-day"Wait what-", Rae is too confused to even process what just happened. A young man that she never saw just showed her a police badge as if it is his pride and joy. "Oh, Troy! Are you the transferred police from New York station?", Jae Min greeted him with a big smile. The female detective looked at Jae Min, p
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Case 7: The Childish Past
Back at the detective agency, the female detective was scolded badly by Inspector Vaan. He could only shake his head in disappointment while tapping his feet repeatedly every second on the ground."Losing your temper over a rookie police, this is very unlike you to let your emotion get th
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Case 8: Secret of Us
"Hey Vicky", the stiff female greets him.
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Case 9: Partner in Pleasure
FlashbackThree years ago…Their lips collided in passionate ways, their hands seeking each other's body warmth. Rae gasped between kisses as Vicky bit her neck seductively. She moaned in pleasure as she grabbed onto Vicky jet-haired. The man pushed the woman toward the wall of his suite, cornering the curious woman with his body.Vicky pulled his tie hastily as he rubbed his lips on her neck. “I don’t think we should be doing this Vicky” Rae shuddered when she felt a ticklish sensation on her neck. “Aren’t you too late for that sweetheart? Who told me that she’s interested to know what it feels like to have sex?” Vicky grinned as he crashed his lips onto her inexperienced lips. Rae is a little bit drunk because of alcohol, and so is Vicky. Their father is acquaintances that wished for their children to be wed to each other.They stated that it was a joke,
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