Undercover Reunion

Undercover Reunion

By:  Raven West  Completed
Language: English
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A struggling Internet entrepreneur, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, a wife of an impressionable state senator, and a famous voice over actress find themselves caught in a web of espionage and intrigue that threatens their lives and those of everyone they know. When the undercover agents first approached Melanie Tyler and Kathleen O=Brian the night of their 30th high school reunion, the women could never have imagined that their innocent game of playing spies from a 60=s television show would become a real life confrontation with one of the most insidious criminal minds of their generation. Melanie "Mel" Tyler and Kathleen "Katie" Conner have been best friends since kindergarten. As teenagers, their favorite television show was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The girls even had a hidden room where they kept files on various schoolmates. But after graduating from high school, everyone in the graduating class went their separate ways. Mel's voice-over talent landed her a high-paying job in Los Angeles while Katie married her high school sweetheart, James O'Brien, now the youngest member of the Minnesota State Senate. Mel and Katie find it difficult to believe that they are about to attend Abbeyville High School's thirtieth reunion. Seeing most of their former classmates should be fun, but there are a few that the ladies hoped would not attend. Unfortunately, the three worst do make an appearance. Charles Haussman and Eric Kramer were bullies back in school and they have not forgotten how the ladies once bested them. Then there is Wyatt Gaynes, the jock that Melanie had a crush on - along with many other female students. A novel of romance and adventure for Baby Boomers, fans of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." and anyone who has ever attended their high school reunion!

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Undercover Reunion is a humorous mystery novel written by author Raven West, and readers say it is an engaging and unpredictable novel. The main characters and best friends Melanie Tyler and Kathleen Conner get involved in a dangerous situation when they have a reunion with their former schoolmates at Abbeyville High School, where Wyatt Gaynes is known to have been a lousy prankster, he had become a cunning criminal who has a covert plan, however, no one knows if he plans to murder them all or, it is a simple prank and that is what Mel and Katie will have to find out. If you are looking for a thrilling novel about revenge and suspense, you must read Undercover Reunion.

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30 Chapters
"I DON'T WANT TO DIE!""Shut up, Chuck. We're not going to die."If he doesn't quit his whining, I'll kill him myself, Melanie thought as she ran her fingers along the concrete blocks feeling for an opening. "Katie, can you find any cracks on your side of the room?""No, Mel. However Wyatt built this place, he made sure whoever or whatever he put in here wouldn't be able to get out."Katie tried to clear the dust away from an area on the floor next to Eric and Chuck, who had already resigned to their fate several minutes earlier. "I give up," he sighed, slumping down onto the dirty concrete."Melanie, you should listen to Katie and take a break," Chuck groaned. "I'm sure Wyatt will be back soon to let us out. He wouldn't seriously leave us in here to suffocate to death.""I don't know, Chuck," Eric continued to run his fingers over the concrete wall. "That warning shot he fired at the ceiling looked pretty threatening to me. Then he forced u
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Chapter One - Six Months Prior
This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor."Dammit, not again."Melanie cursed at the annoying error message on the computer monitor which cut off her instant message in mid-sentence. She clicked the re-set button then went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee while she waited for the system to re-boot.One of these days, I'll have to connect to DSL, she thought as the annoying buzzing of the dial-up connection permeated the room. She had been in the middle of a friendly argument with her best friend about their upcoming high school reunion, and Katie's insistence that she attend was starting to wear down her resolve to keep her attendance a secret. When the computer error occurred, she was almost relieved. Melanie didn't want to let Katie know that she had already made up her mind and she wanted her friend to be surprised.When Katie first began talking about their reunion
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Chapter Two - Present Day
                                   Class of '72 High - Friday Night Cocktail PartyThe Grand Ballroom of the Abbeyville Hilton was designed to accommodate more than five hundred, but for this event only a hundred and seventy-five invitees and guests had confirmed reservations. Katie had worked tirelessly for over a year planning the reunion, but she was beginning to think the entire weekend was going to be a disaster. Abbeyville High School boasted a graduating class of one-hundred-thirty-seven, which was quite large in a town of only five thousand residents. Unlike the majority of her classmates who had gone off to attend out-of-state colleges and moved on to live in various parts of the world, Katie had attended Minnesota State and had stayed in her hometown to raise her family with her husband James.James O'Brien obtained his law degree, passed the bar on his firs
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Chapter Three - 1967
Chapter Three1967  On a typically frigid February morning, thirteen- year-old Melanie Tyler exited the warmth of the heated school bus and rushed through the heavy insulated glass doorway which led into the Junior High section of Abbeyville Public School. She headed to her locker and met her best friend, who was brushing snow from her coat."Katie, what happened?" She asked."Eric and Chuck threw snowballs at me again. That's the third time this week. They nearly broke my glasses and my mom can't afford to buy another pair." Katie was close to tears.Melanie helped her friend clean off the remaining snow before removing her own coat and boots. As she opened her locker, a flurry of red paper hearts flew onto the floor, each one with the same stick-figure picture of a girl with huge frizzy hair and exaggerated breasts. Happy Valentine's Day, loser, was scrawled over the face. Melanie angrily crumpled them before tossing th
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four The Abbeyville Hilton suite provided the luxury of a relaxing hot tub, which Melanie took full advantage of before getting ready for the cocktail party. She unpacked her belongings, hung the black and white designer dress she was planning on wearing to the banquet the following night, and did her best to iron away the travel wrinkles from the ocean blue sleeveless dress she would be wearing to meet her former classmates whom she hadn't seen since they received their diplomas.Melanie was a bit surprised by her reaction when she'd told Don about her former high school crush. She hadn't seen Wyatt Gaynes in nearly twenty years, but it seemed to her that the old adage was true; no matter how many candles you blow out each year, some flames continue to burn.Melanie pushed the then and gone from her mind and continued to apply her make-up to the face in the here and now. She wished she had changed her attire before she met the bartender, b
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Chapter Five
As her former classmates began leaving the cocktail party, they each made a stop at the entrance to tell Katie what a great time they had, and how much they were looking forward to the banquet on Saturday. Katie thanked them for attending, then quickly gathered the registration papers and called James to let him know she was going to be home late. When the call went to voice mail again, Katie started to feel an unfamiliar worry knot begin to grow in her stomach. There were many times the legislature would work late, but James always found a way to let her know what time he'd be coming home. If she didn't know any better, she might have suspected he was with another woman.Katie met Melanie at the elevator and they entered together, but just before the doors closed completely, a man's hand triggered them to reopen. The hand was connected to the body of Wyatt, and his other hand was connected to the waist of the cocktail waitress who had been serving at the party."Hi gi
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Chapter Six
The women left the hotel room and headed toward the elevator, both silently contemplating what they had just been told."I know those two made it all sound very real, but I still don't fully believe Wyatt is some kind of international criminal. A bit full of himself yes, but the new head of T.H.R.U.S.H.? Give me a break!"Melanie followed Katie to the parking lot."That's not as hard to believe as it is that Chuck and Eric are part of it. Eric writes for the Wall Street Journal and his partner in crime, so to speak, is the CEO of a mega software company. At least that's what they wrote on their reunion bio," Katie said."And I suppose Wyatt's ambition came true if he thought donating millions to the school building fund was his idea of bringing peace of mind to those who needed a new junior high, or maybe it was only seeing his name etched on the plaque in the wall that gave him peace of mind."The women laughed, which helped release some of the te
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Chapter Seven
Wyatt remained on the bench until he could no longer see Melanie's silhouette. Part of him wanted to follow her, but a much larger part needed to make a phone call and he couldn't take the risk of any distractions, not when there was so much at stake.Wyatt looked around to make sure he was alone. Satisfied that there wasn't another ear in range, he took his cell from his jacket and flipped open the cover. He paused for a moment to clear his mind from the faint scent of Melanie's perfume, then he pressed the key pad. His head cleared the moment the call connected. Wyatt felt the muscles in his face, which had been so relaxed moments ago, tighten with the seriousness of a man who was not about to let something as trivial as a former fling interfere with his plans."Chuck. You'd better have good news for me.""Of course, Wyatt. I came right to work after the party and found a small glitch. I don't know why it happened."Chuck tone was more than a little app
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Chapter Eight
At seven o’clock Saturday morning, a very tired Melanie met her girlfriend in front of the Center Bakery, which was located, not coincidently on Center Street, one of the two main streets that ran through the heart of Abbeyville. The other, of course, was Main Street.Melanie was astonished at how rundown her hometown had become since the last time she had visited. Katie had told her that a number of farms in the area had failed and families were moving to Minneapolis or Duluth, leaving much of the town with boarded up windows and empty parking lots. The biggest hit the town had taken was when Jack moved the Gaynes Corporation headquarters to Makato shortly after his father died. Once the plant shut down, the next biggest employer closest to Abbeyville was the Minnesota state correction facility in Moose Lake.After Minnesota legalized Indian gambling, James had tried to convince his fellow city council members that having a casino in town would bring in much nee
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Chapter Nine
Wyatt's photo showed a man with a very warm smile but whose eyes were devoid of any emotion. Melanie noticed that his hair was cut far too short, making his ears appear to stick out and his head awkwardly disproportionate from the rest of his body."Yup, that's Wyatt all right. No one has a bigger head," Melanie giggled."Wyatt was always trying to live up to his brother's success and always falling short. He’s spent most of his life trying to get out from under that "Silver Boy" label I gave him in high school," Stuart explained. "It seemed that everything his brother Jack touched turned to gold, while everything Wyatt put his slimy fingers on turned to ashes.""And he never took responsibility for his failures as I recall," Melanie said. "Wyatt always had some rational excuse for his shortcomings and they were always someone else's fault. Even while playing high school sports. If he missed a basket, he'd say the floor was too slippery. Miss a forward pas
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