WordRealm (Complete)

WordRealm (Complete)

By:  Francois Keyser  Completed
Language: English
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If you could travel to the world in a book, would it be a dream come true or your worst nightmare? Shay's mother has disappeared. Her father has become withdrawn following her mother's disappearance and there is little Shay can do to help. Then, one night, Shay saves her father from a strange assailant in his study and is carried to another world with her father where the truth about her mother is revealed. Discovering that her mother is apparently not the person Shay has admired all her life, leads Shay to question her own values which she has so proudly built on the image of the perfect marriage which her parents displayed to her as a child. As Shay comes to terms with her parents’ betrayal, she herself betrays the person who has trusted her the most in this strange kingdom. While she loathes this new behavior she seems unable to stop, since betraying one means protecting another. While Shay struggles with her own question of values, Shay's life and the world itself begin to collapse around her. But life continues and the evil that remains seeks the greatest treasure of all. A power to rule all worlds. For evil does not mourn. And evil has no conscience. And Shay holds a key to access another world which the evil desperately desires....

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53 Chapters
Chapter 1
Rhian landed as light as a feather on her feet. The ease with which she landed, belied more than just her age of thirty-eight years. Her repeated travels to this place had made her an expert in soft landings. The rough landings she experienced with her first few arrivals through the portal were now nothing but distant memories.Rhian closed the book in her hands. She slid a bookmark out from between the book’s pages and the portal through which she had come, closed abruptly. She was always fascinated by the sight of the portal closing and the “pop” that followed.Placing the book in the bag she carried with her, she looked around her at the place which was by now, as familiar as home. Before her, a lake of rainbow colors stretched away as far as she could see. Rhian had been told that it was pointless to try and walk around the lake. For mortals its shore
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Chapter 2
She awoke with a start the next morning. Rhian was briefly disoriented before she remembered where she was and the events that had brought her here. Algwad stood over her. He had woken her. He untied her from the bench and motioned for her to take a seat at the table. She rose slowly, every muscle in her body aching from sleeping on the bench and the horse ride the night before. Rhian stumbled to the table and sat down. Before her was a bowl of hot soup with what looked like vegetables. It was a mixture of green and orange. It smelled like brussel sprouts which she was not partial to at all. But she was too hungry to object and gulped it down hungrily.Algwad watched her with a smirk on his face. Rhian supposed he was taking pleasure at the power he realized he now held over her and tried not to look at him.“What’s the plan for today?” Rhian asked.
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Chapter 3
A few days later, Alg moved her to the keep. They entered the keep after dark but he was taking no chances and covered her head with a sack for the journey. Rhian believed it was so she could not see her surroundings or memorize landmarks from the journey in the event of an escape.The rustle of the sack over her head prevented her from hearing anything clearly throughout the journey so she could not try to remember any specific sounds if she escaped and wanted to retrace her journey for any reason.They entered the keep and the horse stopped. Rhian was helped to dismount. She was guided down stairs and felt cold laying its hands on her the further down she went. She could only assume they were going underground. Rhian recalled visits to castles in Europe with Andy and the dungeons they had seen. She suspected she was being led down into a dungeon now. The difference was th
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Chapter 4
Rhian had no idea how long she was kept in the cell. She lost all track of time in the dark of the dungeons. Then one day, Rhian heard Alg’s voice as he approached. He was speaking to someone. The darkness of the dungeon grew lighter as he approached holding a torch. Shadows flickered to life then receded as he approached. Rhian closed her eyes against the bright light of the torch. Her eyes were unaccustomed to the light after being in the dark for so long.Algwad stopped before the cell and unlocked the door. He was accompanied by someone who wore a hooded robe. Rhian watched the person through her narrowed eyes. Their gait was slower and more elegant than Alg’s. Rhian could not see the face of the person beneath the hood but she believed it was a woman. Judging by the robe and hood she wore, Rhian believed she was from an order of priests or monks. The robe was a regal purple made from material that loo
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Chapter 5
Alg returned the next day seeming cheerful. He greeted Rhian with her breakfast and sat next to her as she ate.“Did you think about what I said overnight?”Rhian nodded as she ate.“And?”Rhian had given much thought to what Alg was asking. “What is it that you really want? If you can be honest and clear with me I can be honest and clear with you.”Alg was silent. He considered his words carefully. “Very well Lady. Since you will not leave here without my permission, I shall be honest with you.” Alg paused letting the meaning of his words sink in before continuing, “As you well know, the lady you met yesterday is to become queen. Her name is Maica. She does not love the king. In fact she
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Chapter 6
Six months later. Andy crouched next to a tree. His legs ached. He was tired. He had no idea how long he had been running. He breathed hard. He breathed fast. He breathed into his hands, trying to dissipate the fog of his breath. His breath would give him away in the cold night if he wasn’t careful.“SShhsssst!” He heard the arrow in the instant before it struck the tree where he crouched. Snow rained down from the vibration caused by the arrow’s impact. His pursuer had found him. He dragged himself to his feet. His pursuer was playing with him.Andy cursed the black night. Cursed his pursuer, the snow, the cold, the wind and this
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Chapter 7
Shay kissed her boyfriend Josh goodnight and watched him walk back to his car. He started the engine and was soon out of sight. Shay opened the door and stepped inside the house. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it.In a moment she would go upstairs to bed, but for now she just wanted to be still in the world and wanted the world to be still too. There were so many thoughts in her mind and she desperately longed for her mother. She had always been able to talk freely with her mother who had always been there for her. Shay sat down on the stairs and sighed, deep in thought.Shay’s mother, Rhian, had always seemed to know the answers to her problems. She had always had time to listen and seemed to have an unfathomable depth of knowledge when it came to her questions and perceived problems.She glanced to her
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Chapter 8
On impulse, Shay stood and crossed to the study. She did not knock but tried the door. It was unlocked. She opened it. Andy was seated at his desk in front of his computer. The screen reflected off his glasses and for a moment he looked like he had two silver coins over his eyes.He did not look up from his computer. After all, who else would be in the house this time of night other than Shay?“Hi Dad,” Shay greeted trying to sound cheerful.“Hi Princess.” Andy replied still looking at his computer screen.“I didn’t hear any hurricane warnings tonight,” Shay said as she eyed he papers scattered around the room.“I’ll pick that up just now. I lost a manuscript and got carried away searchin
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Chapter 9
They fell into an intense cold. They seemed to fall a long time during which Shay never stopped screaming. The sense of falling terrified her. She was sure they were falling to their death as the wind rushed past them.Then, suddenly, they landed heavily on the ground. Shay’s scream ceased abruptly as her breath was knocked from her. She sucked in air again as soon as the pain of her collision with the ground passed. Andy was quiet and her first thought was of him as soon as she could breathe again.“Dad!” Shay sat up and looked down at her father. He was unconscious. She placed her hand on his chest and felt for his heartbeat while she listened for his breath. He was breathing. Alive. She sighed with relief. Then she searched for his wound. Her hand found the sticky wetness by his side. He was losing blood.She
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Chapter 10
Prince Fiere poured himself a flagon of wine and opened the doors which led out onto the balcony of his chambers. He breathed in the fresh night air and took in the peace and solitude of the cool evening.The day had passed mostly uneventfully following their arrival early in the morning. He had decided to leave Shay alone for the day but had regular reports sent to him and Meerde reported on Andy’s progress. Andy was in a stable condition but his wound would take longer to heal than Meerde had originally thought the day before.Fiere had met his father, King Mayle, briefly during the day. Fiere had given a full account to his father regarding the discovery of Shay and her father in the forest. He informed his father that Meerde was attending to the girl’s father who was wounded and that they would be staying at the keep until her father recovered.
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