Witch Is ‘She

Witch Is ‘She

By:  ThoseBigNerdyGlasses  Ongoing
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An unknown woman. An unrivalled man. An unexpected encounter. An unpaired couple. then an unpredictable story. "So you are telling me that a lady dragged the whole kingdom down? Just like that?" "Not just like that..." The young Princess of heaven 18 resembled a literal goddess. She wanted the throne from her father's possession being the original and rightful owner of it. But coming in her way was her step family who had the entire control over her father, the king Travis's head. Not wanting a lady to rule his kingdom, the king opposed the Princess's wish for the throne until one day all limits were broken. In rage the king's temperament was challenged and taking the well advantage of it, the step son took the initiative to backfire the Princess. Later the King wishes the Princess to pass a trial in order to win the throne but unknown to the knowledge of it, the trial was going to cost the Princess her entire life. The king wanted the Princess to lure master Xavier and get him to love her. The upperclassman who ruled the entire young Europe including their own territory was believed to be the most wealthiest and the most powerful character of the world. He was believed to be a god and obviously god can never be any one's.

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Thrilled by the character development. handsome read
2022-02-15 13:04:26
12 Chapters
"I demand the throne father not a marriage degree." The rebel princess stood up on her feet as the whole family of 4 looked at her with wide open eyes.  "That's too cunning of you, princess Rosemary. The throne is meant to be your brother's, how can you ask such a big thing-"The raging step mother's angry comment was soon heard at the dining too but cutting the statement off in the middle the angry princess glared at her.  "I am not asking, I am demanding it. It's my possession after my father. Also I have no brother. I am the only child of this dynasty, the throne is obviously mine cause I am the pure blood!"  "You-" Feeling the insult in princess's words, ange
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MEANWHILE "Mother are you okay?" Carrying the fake worry, the Illegitimate prince Harry asked his mother who faked her sickness in front of the King, laying flat on his mattress.  "I don't know what I did to deserve this kind of treatment, all I ever intended to be Rosemary's mother and love her like one!" Spelling those words, perfectly sugarcoating the King.  The cunning woman on the bed wrapped up in pure lie as the king sighed looking ahead at his her, before granting his seat. He seemed ashamed of his daughter's behaviour.  The princess was rebel and hot blooded indeed, just like him. &nbs
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AT NIGHT "Princess rose, would you like to dine now?" Eyeing the disturbed Princess with her faithful eyes the royal server, Daisy had a deep frown of concern decorated on her features.  The Princess was sweating holding a bow angrily while continuously aiming the arrows whenever she pleased. It was her way to calm her head in a way. Daisy knew her way too well! Seemingly the entire day Princess Rosemary was disturbed to no level, particularly since she walked off the royal dining with her family in the morning. Even forgetting to have her meal the stubborn and angry Princess only worked her mind against her father who was blinded by the step family's fake love trap. The king was being enchanted. He was only doing things in the step family's honour forgetting the fact that he had his royal blood to
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"Mind you, I am no sister of you!"Princess Rosemary rolled her eyes while clenching her jaw tightly. The step brother didn't react, obviously it was not the first time of Princess Rosemary reminding him his place as only a concubine's son.  "Rosemary, behave!" The King's voice was scary, he defended Prince Harry.  Glaring at the annoyed Princess who breathed out in rebel, the illegitimate Prince watched her quietly as the king too witnessed the heaviness of her aura.  "It's okay father!" Princess Harry uttered with his calm speech before granting the seat on his father's desk with formality. 
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“How would you make a man practising strict celibacy fall for you Princess? That’s impossible. This is not a deal, it is a trick!”The entire scheme which was plotted against her soon stroke the Princess’s head in no time as she widened her eyes at the audacity of her father.How dare the king?Well, obviously why would her father want to suddenly give up the throne to her? Out of nowhere why would her cunning step brother be so kind to her and offer her the throne so willingly?She should have known that it was all just a trap to make her fall in the deal and agree to pass this baseless trial.But now seemingly it was too late to back off, she had accepted her father’s condition to win the throne.So either now she have to make that upperclassman fall in love with her or do whatever her father says, without even daring to look back at the throne.An angry tear escaped pass the Princess’s red eyes as
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"Right Princess Rosemary Jen it is!"The mysterious identity of his soon to be fiancée was revealed by Prince Rogan.  With a slight frown of delightfulness, Prince Rogan seemed impressed already with his way of introducing his soon to be bride.  But strangely unknown vibes suddenly clouded the space of two boon friends in no time, the identity of the so called female disturbed the great upperclassman's aura a bit.  Why?  "King Louis's daughter it is, you claimed." Uttering with his tone sounding serious, master Xavier hinted a little disturbance.  As if he realised something.
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MEANWHILE Walking pass the huge hallways of princess Rosemary Jen's majestic quarters leading towards her chamber. The royal server, Daisy seemed disturbed.  Obviously, last night Princess was not in any correct sense for a proper communication which was why the royal server decided to leave her alone. But now was the time to make her understand about the seriousness of this trial.  Though Princess cannot back off from it but she can at least withdraw her wish for the throne and save herself from this very humiliation.  Owning the knowledge already about how strict was master Xavier, no one ever dared to go against him in the entire territories of young Europe. Let alone Princess was a woman. She
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With a smirk plastered on his face, the arrogant prince proudly stood beside the strict king.Watching the veiled up princess walking out of her quarters, the hallways were crowed with heavy numbers of servers already.The princess is really going to do this trial in order to win the throne.Followed by her royal server, the princess roamed her eyes around not being astonished to see the step family being already present there with the king downstairs.Obviously they had to witness the destruction of the princess, even having the valid knowledge about where this all could lead her, the princess was still stubborn to perform this task.She knew well that this very trial could bring he
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LATER Her eyes were mysterious, sitting inside a huge horse carriage Princess Rosemary looked nowhere in specific while feeling the peaceful breeze brushing her skin slightly in quiet pace.  Breathing out she drove her eyes towards ahead of her, staring at the carriage man who was leading the vehicle while humming out loud.  "A town with no women? How is that even possible?" Princess Rosemary Jen questioned continuing their early conversion regarding her interest.  Her identity was still being protected behind the long veil covering her godly features but her authority in voice never once changed, as the man riding the horse carriage started laughing off.  
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Who really was she?  Still reining his pair of horses, leading the carriage on the silent street the carriage man felt weird aura around him suddenly for unknown reasons.  He felt intimidated by the mysterious woman travelling with him.  Though he still had his eyes ahead of him on the way but his ears were actively waiting for any reply from the lady sitting on his vehicle.  Which never came.  Certainly she never mentioned her destination either when she decided to take the ride, the carriage man found her in the outskirts holding only wooden briefcase with a golden lock. Briefcases like such were usually owned or carried
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