The Uncharted Husband and His Wife

The Uncharted Husband and His Wife

By:  Vanessa Nicole  Completed
Language: English
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Zhao Yuan Rui, had everything and still has everything but feels as though he has nothing ever since his car accident two years ago which left him paralyzed. He meets the flamboyant Liu Zhi Rou who changes his life in the most uncommon manner. Liu Zhi Rou, an angel stripped of her wings at a young age, between all humans drops by in his hospital room with her silly antics. Learning of each other's pasts and hardships, they work together for the betterment of the other. Follow the two as they venture into the life of a married couple and face all the obstacles ahead of them with an adopted bubble that adds to their adventure. Art by: Pen Guevarra

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Vineet Rai
I really liked the story . How do goody girl changes life of hero, plus the romance . This is very good read .
2022-02-23 01:36:57
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Update pls
2021-08-14 22:05:20
71 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Husband
This novel is slow-paced, so all the action will happen after volume one which is already completed. Enjoy reading it :) *** Crouching down, a woman crawled her way past the receptionist desk so the nurses on night shift couldn't catch her. Once she was in the clear, the woman stood up and ran for the stairs heading up. Climbing the stairs one by one, she reached the top and turned back to look at the staircase grudgingly. Shaking her legs out she cursed, "It's a hospital, why were there so many steps?" Returning to her goal, the woman went on in the dimly lit passageway looking for room B201 in ward B. Finding the room, she made sure that no one was aroun
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Chapter 2: Water Under The Bridge
As the man’s mind was dawdling on his past and present, a melodious voice sounded through the room, "If you're not the one for me, then I'll come. I can bring you to your knees. And if you're not the one for me, why do I hate the idea of being free? And if I'm not the one for you, you better stop holding me the way you do. Honey if I'm not the one for you, why have we been through what we have been through. It's so cold oo out here, in your wilderness, I want you oo to be my keeper but not if you are so reckless. If you're gonna let me down, let me down gently Don't pretend that
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Chapter 3: She's Back!
Yuan Rui was in the middle of his rehabilitation when the door opened silently. He didn't notice her enter neither did Huang Yunshen nor did Doctor Liu notice her enter. She sat down on his wheelchair and watched Yuan Rui try to move his legs with great difficulty. Sweat beads were running down his chest and forehead and his hair was soaked.The grey shirt he was wearing was soaked as well. He continued his rehabilitation with the Doctor while Huang Yunshen sat closer to him keeping a close eye on him in case there was an accident."Alright young master Zhao, that's it for today," Doctor Liu said and helped him to the bench along with Huang Yunshen. He was handed a bottle of water and drank half of it. He wiped down the sweat and after resting he asked, "Doctor Liu, can you help me go through the exercises again please?"Doctor Liu looked at him with a gentle smile, "You will strain yourself if you go through the exercises again young master Zhao. You know that
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Chapter 4: The Wife
When they were alone, he got onto the bed moving her to the side gently. Resting her on his arm. He smiled gently and pulled out his phone, taking a proper picture of her this time. Another picture was taken of the two of them together by him and when he looked at it, he saw that her eyes were open.He looked down at her. Meeting eyes with hers, he looked into her beautiful cerulean blue eyes, "You're awake wife?"She nodded her head slowly but winced in pain. She was about to touch her head but didn't because Yuan Rui caught her arm, "Don't, you hit your head against the floor because of that stupid nurse, I got you stitched up again and you have to drink water so drink it before you make me mad," he said warningly.She stared at him for a moment then slowly got up and had the glass of water. She settled in comfortably beside him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Yuan Rui dug his nose into her hair and inhaled. There was no distinct shampoo smell but more
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Chapter 5: Closure
Zhi Rou wiped away Yuan Rui’s tears and said, "I'm sorry I can't do anything to help you." He chuckled humourlessly, looking into her glossy eyes he said, "You've done enough by entering my life, crying with me, and making me smile. But there is something you can do for me that I will appreciate dearly." "What is that?" she asked, continuing to wipe away his tears. Smiling he asked, "Can you sing that song you sang for me last night, please?" Lying her head down on his chest, Zhi Rou and started, "If you're not the one for me, then I'll come, I can bring you to your knees. And if you're not the one for me, why do I hate the idea of being free. And if I'm not th
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Chapter 6: Breakfast Part 1
Yuan Rui left the hospital the Monday morning that following week but during this time, he wasn't as depressed as before. Every time Jiang Hui Yin or his cousin visited him, he'd pretend everything was normal, but he longed to see his wife Zhi Rou. During the last night at the hospital, he went over all the information Huang Yunshen gathered for him on her for the tenth time. He saw also that she had no phone number registered to her and the number she left was of her neighbour, an elderly man. Picking up his phone, he called his attendant, Qing Shan to visit him. Qing Shan arrived at the hospital, "I want you to get the guest room in my Shenmin Guodu residential complex ready for Miss Liu to stay in. After my release tomorrow, we'll go pick her up then go shopping for her essentials." Qing Shan looked at his you
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Chapter 7: Breakfast Part 2
Qing Shan excused himself because he still had some work left to do and the bodyguard Miki stationed himself outside Zhi Rou’s apartment. Zhi Rou came out of her bedroom wearing a red top that cupped her breasts perfectly. Towards the waist, it blew out a bit and when she twirled in it, it flared up. She paired the red top with black shorts that hugged her butt and wore black gladiator sandals. She smiled at him as she tied her hair up in a ponytail, "Ready for breakfast?" He looked at her from where he sat. "Can you cook?" He asked sceptically. She flung her hair to the back and nodded, "Sit tight handsome, and I'll be done in a few." Zhi Rou walked past him into the open kitchen. Yuan Rui watched her walk over and couldn't help but think her butt that was out was c
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Chapter 8: Captured
Yuan Rui gazed around the living room and saw that there were paintings resting against the walls. He wheeled over and looked at them. Picking up the first painting, he saw that it depicted beautiful scenery. The nearer clouds in the sky were dark grey with a purple undertone, and the ones in the distance were lighter, changing from blue to purple. The sky was lit up by bright purple lightning, with some streaks bright white streaks enhancing the effect. On the ground were pinkish-purple roses with dark green leaves and stems. The ground itself was hidden by the flowers and grass that grew but there was a clear path down the middle as though one had walked through it paring the roses. The feeling Yuan Rui got from this painting alone was ethereal. It gave off a surreal feeling but made him wonder why the beauty captured in this painting was angry. The anger c
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Chapter 9: Retail Therapy Part 1 – Jewellery
Yuan Rui informed Zhi Rou that all her stuff was going to be moved to his apartment and the landlord was notified and paid three months' rent so that he wouldn't complain. Yuan Rui put on a black surgical mask before they went into ShanMall where they needed to purchase her essentials. Zhi Rou was against buying clothes for herself but Yuan Rui made up an excuse of "You will be a rich man's wife soon, so you need to dress well." Rolling her eyes, Zhi Rou gave up but told him that she didn't want clothes that were too expensive. She pushed him through the busy mall. They were drawing attention from everyone. They looked like a happy couple, a wife pushing her husband in fact. Walking into a jewellery store Yuan Rui said, "You aren't allowed to spend less than 10,000 Yuan in this shop. Your jewellery limit is 30,000 Yuan."
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Chapter 10: Retail Therapy Part 2 – Handbags
Yuan Rui smirked. He pulled out his phone and texted a list to Qing Shan of what Zhi Rou needed to get. Yuan Rui also told Qing Shan to print it and bring it to him and to help carry Zhi Rou’s things around.  Qing Shan was done with all his work and was currently looking through video footage that he found at a store near where his young master's accident had taken place. He had contacted all the stores that were in the area, but they had excuses saying that their cameras were broken or there was no footage at all. Only this store had no excuse and let him go through it. He paid the shop owner to keep quiet about this and took the footage with him. Zhi Rou pushed Yuan Rui into one of China's leading designing brands that his sister owned, Mian Bag's, a branch of her Zhao Mian legacy. Thanks to the mask he wa
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