With love, Mr. Bragança

With love, Mr. Bragança

By:  Mirela  Completed
Language: English
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I thought I was over my platonic teenage crush, but then he starts seeing my mom and I can't stop thinking about him. David Bragança was my teacher and hero in the past, but now he's my boss executioner and I'm his dirty little secret.

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85 Chapters
NellyNine before.My stomach is in knots, my palms are sweaty, and I'm failing not to cry in public. This is my first day of high school and I tried to be different from other years, but I was naive and I'm paying for my mistake. My classmates are careful to cover up the giggles and whispers, but the disgust in their looks and expressions speaks volumes for me. I curl up in the seat, resisting the urge to pull my legs up and hide my head between them.I can hear every little joke.Mom was right when she said my hair would just be another bully, I should have listened to her when she said that being fat was bad enough, I had to cooperate or people would have reason to laugh at me. I painted it pink in an attempt to look different, cool, but I feel like a freak.I slide further in my seat, trying to hide from the mocking stares. I keep my head down, avoiding direct contact with any of them because it's safer that way. I contain the urge to get up and run, but I can't weaken right at th
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NELLYThe days passed quickly and we were entering the second month of classes, I have been camouflaged all this time, trying to go unnoticed among the crowd of students at the Carmen Lúcia school. Although, Alice insists acloseness constantly and I feel that her intentions are true, I keep my distance, I don't believe that someone like her wants to be my friend in fact.I mean, look at me?Fat and Ugly.No one would really want to be seen with me.I quicken my steps, tightening my backpack strap as I pass Edu's little group, thankfully at times like now they are oblivious to my presence.In some moments.My happiness was short-lived, three steps away, and Carlota finally noticed my presence, calling me by name in a false voice. Anxiety takes hold of me and I don't stop, running down the still tumultuous hall.“Hey, girl…” She calls me again.OneTwoThree...Just a few more steps and I'll be safe in your classroom.Just a few more steps, Nelly. Just a few steps.Voices continue to ca
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Five years...DavidFeeling my palms sweat and my heart heavy with each step, I pray it's a terrible mistake, some heartless prank. The ambulance siren numbs my senses, making logical thinking difficult, and I have to torn between ignoring the agonizing noise and continuing to push my way through. However, the crowd of people continues to block my way, making me take the drastic and desperate attitude of pushing until I reach the accident site.Lying on the gray, bumpy avenue are the lifeless bodies of my wife and child. I have to blink a few times to believe what my eyes are showing me, making sure it's not some terrible nightmare.An immeasurable pain takes over my soul and a loud roar comes out of my throat, drawing the attention of onlookers. I ignore the pitying looks they start giving me and walk over to the bodies of my son and wife. Dismissing the officer's warnings, I take my firstborn in my arms, feeling his already cold skin covered in blood. I look in the direction of the
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Current days…NellyIn a single day I argued with my mother, faced my biggest fear of public speaking and presentedmy workof completion dandcourseO,getting top marks.uhHul!!! Finally journalist. Nothing could sour my happiness, except, of course,give in to my mother's game of persuasion and go to a slimming clinic,known asspa.Pathetic, I know. How can a twenty-four-year-old woman give in to her mother's whims and throw away years of self-love?But what self love? That's it.RI constantly repeat how wonderful I am to my reflection in the mirror, but every minute I spendyoufeeding my self-esteem fall to the ground when I meet Kaciana, the woman who brought me into the worldand makes a face whenever I call her mom🇧🇷 She manages with one look to tear down every wall of trust I've taken years to build, every damn time I feelwell, she comes and ruins all my fantasies.“We want everything we're entitled to, Ro.” Kaciana winks at the masseuse, in such an exaggerated intimacy that it makes
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DavidI try hard not to contest my mom's request and keep the smile on my face, acting kind whenever one of her friends tries to get close and disturb her."Until what time do I need to stay?" She looks at me like I'm a thorn in her side, raising both eyebrows."What? It's hard as fuck to act like a teenager who needs to be disciplined. I'm a grown man!"She cannot demand more than that.Can not.“You're not smiling.” she cries out so that only I can hear and I don't stop moaning, seeing that yes, she can always demand more.I intercept a waiter and grab two glasses of champagne, downing one after the other.“ What?” I ask, when I see her looking at me in disapproval.She presses her lips into a thin line and shakes her head in the negative, snorting.low so as not to attract attention, but looking at me affectionately afterwards.“I only want your happiness, my dear.” I smile sincerely, giving him a kiss in the middle of the forehead.“ "I know my life." She wipes away a lone tear and
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NellyI walk into the bathroom huffing through my nostrils, allowing the door to slam with no delicacy and frighten me.ingother party guests checking their makeup. I mumble a lame apology and huff in spite of myself, heading straight for a private stall inside the bathroom and locking myself in.“Argh! How could he be such an asshole?” I tell myself, lowering the lid of the toilet and sitting down. "You don't remember me, Mr. Bragança?” Disdainful, adopting a mocking tone and three octaves lower than mine.snort.Damn Nelly!This is all your fault, you agreed to come to this cocktail party even though it was his company's birthday party.What did you expect? Flowers and burning kisses?Wake up!I run both my hands over my face, realizing that I'm still addressing him formally, giving him the power of superiority from years ago. Mr Braganza. I press my lips together until they form a thin line and proceed to fan my face with both hands, refusing to shed another tear tonight, as if that
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DAVID I watch expectantly as the smaller hand meets the larger one above the number nine, indicating that there is no reason for my irritation to continue and as I imagined, it doesn't. She is not coming... She is not coming. Excellent. A smile tugs at my lips and I wave goodbye to my bad mood, almost jumping up to my feet in glee. BeginsndOto get a new perspective on the hellish morning I've been having since I woke up. “Mr. Bragança, there's a young lady here wanting to see you.” Leila says from the other end of the phone as soon as I pick it up, not even waiting for me to take the first line. "May I enter, sir?" I blink a few times, checking my wristwatch and seeing that it hasn't been more than a minute since I last checked it. "Who's the girl, Leila?" I ask, despite already suspecting who it is. My secretary pauses in her speech and all I can hear are whispers on the other end of the line. " Leila?" "Miss Alvares, sir. She said she has an appointment, can I let her in?"
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NELLYThe Bragança building is by farthe most luxurious and modern placeOI've been to, not even the agency I worked for had that much personality in its architecture and decor, but that doesn't stop the feeling of shortness of breath I've been having since I left home this morning, really, I don't know what happened me to accept this proposal. Staying close to him won't do me any good. AND so what the hell am I doing here?You are a masochist. My conscience scoffs and I roll my eyes. Shrew.Damn it.I'm a masochist.I want to cry and turn around, fake my own kidnapping and disappear off the face of the earth."That blouse is hideous!" I turn to face the owner of the voice, surprising myself when I bump into Kiara, the girl I met in the bathroomTheBragança, during the party I didn't even want to be at, in which I was introduced minutes later as the companion of ..."I like her." I respond, assuming a defensive posture, cringing. She arches an eyebrow and starts walking towards me, her
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David Darkness became my shelter, alcohol my best friend, but sex, fuck, that's my favorite anesthetic. I push mercilessly against the fiery redhead, smiling at her lusty moans and hooking my hand in her hair, pulling her until she's on her knees, pressing her back against my chest. I bite her shoulder, neck and cheek. She pushes back and I growl, enjoying her naughtiness. The woman is experienced, she knows exactly what a man likes in bed and that pleases me. "Aren't you going to tell me your name?" Says seductively, looking at me through the mirror on the wall. We're in some motel room, locked for almost three hours, and the woman thinks we're already intimate. I slide my finger down her belly until I reach her pussy, caressing her clit as I thrust every inch of my cock into her. “My name doesn't matter now, beautiful. You're taking my cock in your tight pussy and you're enjoying it." she moans in response, proving my point and I thrust hard, forcing her tight channel to take me
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Nelly PRAYER BEFORE... The day started out in turmoil and I needed to incorporate a sensible spirit to deal with Kaciana, because only God knows how insistent my mother can be. I love my mother with all of my strength, but when she decides on something, it's torture for sure, so I've avoided her since our last confrontation. ''You got fat? '' I stop the spoon of porridge in the middle of the path and turn my torso to meet the blue eyes, haughty and so similar to mine. “Because it looks like you've gained a few pounds.'' Complete, screwing up his face in displeasure as he analyzes me and walks until he is in front of me. ''Not. ''I whisper, pushing the bowl of food away, feeling the hunger pass. ''He is sure?” Her face is rounded, her cheeks more prominent and her ass barely fits in that chair. I close my eyes, holding back the tears, and take a deep breath. “I need to go to work.'' I say, turning my back to get out of her field of vision and not present her with my tears. "You c
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