Wrong Number

Wrong Number

By:  King Okoh  Completed
Language: English
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Rose texted the wrong number after her boyfriend dumped her. She wanted to text her best friend but got the last digit wrong so she ended up revealing her deepest secret to an unknown person. The said unknown person was able to bring back joy and laughter back to her life even without her knowing his name. This story is about Rose and her love life

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Nice story!!
2022-01-14 21:11:26
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Puvaneswari Shekaran
an amazing story.. tq writer
2022-01-03 23:25:18
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Seja Kekana
Wonderful and easy to read, relatable story line and interesting plot.
2021-12-30 23:19:28
user avatar
Puvaneswari Shekaran
interesting that
2021-11-14 18:50:13
user avatar
Puvaneswari Shekaran
such an interesting story, looking forward for the storyline
2021-10-12 22:49:02
user avatar
be warned the translation is horrible, good storyline if you have the coins to use up. could be so much better if it was well translated and edited
2021-11-26 00:13:57
36 Chapters
Heart break
Chapter 1.Pain is only temporary they say, they forget to add that some can actually kill in that small amount of time. It's almost 2 Am and I am still rolling around in my bed irrespective of the fact that I am going to work tomorrow. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my heartbeat hoping it will make me sleep but nothing seems to be helping, the only thing I feel is the excruciating pain I feel with every heartbeat. I hit my chest so hard hoping the physical pain will overrule the emotional pain but it didn't, I stood up from the bed and went and grabbed a glass of water. Everywhere is so quiet, I used to live with my best friend Jessica but she got married last month and I was also expecting to finally tie the knot with my prince charming, gosh we have been dating for 3 years. I keep searching my head trying to think what I did wrong, I have never cheated, he was the one that took my virginity, I have never requested for money I have always been a girl that love being indep
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40 years old Hobo
Chapter 2 *It hurts now but I know it won't hurt forever, I cry now but I know one day I will look back and be glad it ended. Thank you for the good times and be good to your next girl, you know karma is real. Send this message to the guy that broke your heart*  he texted and I can't believe the content. It's a good message but reminding him of Karma means I am telling him he will get his retribution.*Did it ever occurred to you that I want him back* I asked.*It did, that's why it's better to send him the text, he will now know you're working on moving on and that he will get his retribution. The text might make him come back faster if he really wants to come back* he said and I thought about it.*You are right, but before he broke up with me I have already started hearing rumors about him and another girl, so he is not prepared to return* I said and I can't believe I am having a normal conversation with a stranger.*Then let him live
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*Your kind gesture warms my heart, really* he said and I giggled.*People have always said I am a good girl* I sent. We kept texting that I forgot that I am actually texting with airtime. I was disappointed when my text refused to send indicated that I no longer have airtime."Damn" I cursed under my breath. I checked the time and it still remains an hour to closure I then decided to round up and go home. *Hope you are still alive* I received a text from him and I smiled, though the text sounded absorbed it still made me smile and eager to reply too bad I have no airtime. I hurried on my way way so I will be able to recharge and continue our chat, if only he's on WhatsApp or even Facebook.*Seriously are you still alive?* well I don't blame him, with the pace I was replying it's normal for him to think that something is wrong since I haven't replied him. After getting home I quickly recharged my phone, I stopped using bank recharge when it made me use up my
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Beautiful past
  * Call me mysterio* he texted, I grunted, why did I even hope he will actually tell me his name."Stop making a scene" nnedi warns me and I smiled sheepishly. I have been begging him to tell me his name since morning and everytime he refuses, I grunt or actually scratch my head with frustration I never knew the people around me are taking note of it.*Fine, I guess your name is so lame that you fancy the one I gave you* I texted hoping that it will frustrate him enough to actually tell me him name.*Keep telling yourself that, in  reality, my name is so cool that you would like your first son to bear the name*I forgot that he is not someone you can trick into letting out a secret.*So, tell me what's happening today* he texted.Though he said he is not married he didn't deny the fact that he is a gamer, so u guess that he is bored and has only me to chat. I forgot he is a loner.*Nothing, we are getting prepared to have a brief meeting
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L. O.M.L
I came back so exhausted, I am drained bot physically and emotionally. I have relived the little encounter a thousand times in just this few hours.After showering the only thing on my mind is to log in and chat with Mysterio. I sat down on the sofa and offed every bit of light, even the TV is off, I feel the darkness suits my mood right now.*Hi Mister* I sent after I have gone through his mesaages, it's mainly about how he needed me to entertain him. Funny his squibble manage to put a smile on my face.*Hello Missy**You kept your Prince charming waiting**Princesses are suppose to be the one waiting in a dark tower* he sent 3 messages instantly, someone is missing me, I sniffed a laugh.*Sorry* I reply as I feel unmotivated to chat, I guess am not healed like I thought.*Sorry?**That's not enough Princess* He started calling me that yesterday after I refused to call him Prince Charming. He thought calling me Princess would make me call him
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The New CEO
Everybody in the office is running halter skelter, the new C.E.O is on his way, luckily I have met my sale quota for the month."I heard he is strict" Nnedi said as she files her documents in an orderly fashion."Where did you hear it from" Timi asked, she has never been the type that put interest in gossip."A friend from Owerri branch, he said that he even fired some of the workers" she replied shaking her head."I guess we all have to find out today".It scared me what I heard about him, I hope they're all exaggerated because I don't want anymore hassle in my life. I need this job for the sake of my family, jobs like this are not easy to find especially for a girl with no background like me.      I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't talk or chat with him, right now I need him to calm my nerves. I brought out my phone from my bag to call him. We now have regular phone calls and am enjoying it. I can remember how much he laughed wh
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"Hello Witchy" "What have I done this time around" he always call me witchy when I do something bad."Nothing, I just think it's a nice name for you this afternoon also considering the meeting I just had" "Meeting? So finally you have left your parents cottage" I teased him."Seems so, so how is your day going" "Well we have finally done our presentation with the new C.E.O" I have been telling him about it and how scared I was."Am sure you made me proud" I smiled as he always have a way of making all my worries turn to pixie dust."So what was your meeting about""Nothing much, just meeting new people and signing bunch of papers" he is always vague about how his day went. I sense he is hiding his identity through that way."It won't kill you to actually be straight to me once" I said a little bit annoyed."Am straight missy, I will never turn gay" he amused changing the subject, "You're just hopeless, we
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"Now that we are done with dinner, I have some questions for you" I said as am determined to get a little bit of something out of him."Wow, I guess tonight is going to be questions and answers" he joked "Sort off, you know practically everything about me even the ones my best friend doesn't, but I know nothing about you so am feeling cheated""I suppose, then I will tell you things about me my name excluded and anything that might give you an idea of who I am" I guess that is better than nothing, I will feel a bit closer to him after tonight."So Mister, this is an interview, tell me about yourself" he chuckles."Well, I am the simplest of guy, hardly provoked and tolerate lots of things really am so easy to please. Give me good food and good drink to go along with it. I lack any sense of direction, like I can still get lost even in a neighbourhood I have walked around like ten times" I started laughing at his last statement, that sort of ma
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Feeling his absence
      I can't believe how bored today is, I didn't speak to Mysterio I have been trying his number it hasn't been reachable making me think if he took it like I instructed him to. I did all he asked me, luckily I was able to occupy my day with interracting with the customers. "What's wrong with you today?" Emeka our company driver asked me, I guess even him noticed my sad mood "Nothing, just feeling stressed" I said tiredly, I guess he took at as a sign and decided not to push the matter. Our days was spent in silence only talking about work related things. When I got back home the usual excitement that I always feel is gone, that's because I won't be talking to him tonight again.      Today again is the same thing, no way of reaching him, I just did all he asked me and wore my black undies like he instructed. Funny how he has been the one instructing me on which undies to wear, I never had such connection with josh, it
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His action irritated me so much that I slapped him, something I have never done before."Am sorry I just couldn't control myself" he pleaded but that is to deaf ears because I am already walling away, he called but I ignored him.Mysterio would b disappointed at me, I am disappointed at myself, I fly like washing my lips with iron sponge, it irritates me right now. I kept spitting even though he didn't go past my tongue.I got home so exhausted, I am hating how much his absense is affecting me he is not even my boyfriend. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, I concentrated unnecessary time on my lips, it nearly bled from too much scrubbing. I wore my singlet, the one he loves the most, I wonder how he imagines it since he hasn't seen it. I was about trying his number again when my phone rang, I was overjoyed when his name popped out."Hello, where have you been, do you think I am a fool? Someone you can leave and come back anytime you like" this is not
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